Yup – I hate Ryanair

Have just been on a short trip to Dublin from Luton which should have been a fun and relaxing weekend but we made the mistake of flying with Ryanair. Firstly we had over a three hour delay on Friday evening with not even an apology or an offer of a coffee. Then coming back we experienced the very best of customer service Ryanair has to offer (not to mention the required hour delay) – inane check in staff stopping just short of uttering ‘computer says no’.Zero customer service, herded around like cattle from queue to check in for Tony O’ Leary to make a lousy extra three euro – the very worst kind of cancerous capitalism.
We hate Ryanair.


139 thoughts on “Yup – I hate Ryanair

  1. Just back from Poland flying Ryanair and never again. No problem outbound but that changed on the return leg. I was told I could not board because my Irish name was on my passport and the English version was on the booking. I had no problem outbound or ever before. When I queried this I was told it was for security but for 385 zloty (130euro) I could change the name and fly. Security risk sorted just like that. I refused and stayed rebooked for 9th Dec. Another disaster! The flight was cancelled and we were bussed 4 hours to another airport. Other flights were landing and leaving. We finally got to Dublin at 6:50 pm, 6 hours late. Do not fly with Ryanair!! Total lack of info and every attempt made to squeeze your money from you.

  2. What a bunch of moaning cunts you all are. If you dont like the service then dont fly. Do i come to your job and moan and bitch about it you wankers? didn’t think so. Us cabin crew have a hard anough time dealign with our own management, then you wankers come on oboard and complain about what…that our sandwiches aren’t up to you standard? go fuck yourselves moaning cunts.

  3. i hate ryanair too. worked for them as cabin crew such a joke of an airline to work for. the pay is shit and company treats ya like crap. and by the way people who give out about the airline and still fly with them (muppets) get the hint stop flying wit them.

  4. Ryanair is the shittiest airline ever. Just returned from a weekend in Biarritz and at the check in they demanded payment of 4 euro per person to board the plane, otherwise they would not hand over the boarding card. This is daylight robbery and intimidation. With every othe rairline, once you have paid for your flight that should be it but not with ryanair. How can these people be allowed to continue to operate? Surely they are breaking trade rules? And best of all: No online complaints service so no way to complain without spending a fortune on the phone!

  5. Just returned from a lovely weekend in Budapest, but will never again fly with Ryanair. Charged €100 extra for baggage by a very unhelpful and unfriendly check in attendant. Our bags weighed the same when we left Dublin airport but no mention of charges here. Priority boarding is a joke, new planes are disgusting, and so many extra charges it’s unbelievable how they still have customers. Would rather pay €100 extra to fly with a decent airline. Never again!

  6. What a crap airline Ryanair is – they just don’t care about their customers. 3 family members on 3 separate trips have all experienced the worst Ryanair can offer – flights cancelled, no attempt to be transported to destination. Their ‘shoulder shrug’ , ‘tough luck’ response is disgusting. DON’T FLY WITH RYANAIR – they don’t deserve the business. That Micky O’Leary bloke treats his customers with contempt, he thinks he’s flying cattle around. You’re a nasty, unhelpful, smug git Micky! I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

  7. Ok, I agree with the cabin crew(not the use of the “C” word though. What are you all moaning about, what do you expect for the prices you are paying, if you want top calss service with stuck up air hostesses who only like to deal with people who have alot of money then fly first class or charter your own feckin planes.

    Ryanair has opened the skies up to so many people and gives fantastic oppertunities for esomeone to fly, where they wouldnt have or couldnt have afforded to before.

    As for cabin crew, have you never had a bad bloody day at work? And think that every time you give one of them a hard time, they hav eprob hear it a million times that day, so give them a break!!

    Thank you Ryanair, for giving me a grewt few years of travel and here is to plenty more!!

  8. OMG… how can you thank Ryanair?… and how can the cabin crew guy say all this things about customers….!!! Ryanair offers a really bad service, the staff are really rude because they are not well paid , Ryanair are abusing them, the staff take it out on the customers who are on Holidays or Business Travels… Ryanair should disappear from this planet…

    Cabin crew…learn how to spell first of all and then reply with respect!!

  9. 1.1.2009 4 Ryanair flights cancelled at the TREVISO – Ryanair Airport (has nothing to do with the now nice VENICE-Airport) – informations only half an hour after schedulled departure time. 3 Hours waiting in front of 3 help desks for 400 passengers with little childern and so on. NO REFUND for the lost return-flight because booked seprately!!! So pay attention – only if you book the return flight at the same time, they refund it. The girl at the counter said: well, Ryanair is low cost and if everything wiorks fine you safe money. If you want more services and all guarantees you should choose another company – I WILL from now on!!

    REMEMBER! Only if you’re lucky (probability is 49%) everything works fine and you safe a little money – but is this worth the risk?? TIME is also money and to cure stressed nerves it takes money too!
    AND REMEMBER : NEVER NEVER travel with ryanair with LITTLE CHILDREN!

  10. The worst thing about Ryanair, the very worst in a huge list of worse things, is that it numbs the moral sense. Most often people repay like with like: they are thoughtful if treated with respect; courteous when treated with courtesy and spiteful when treated like shit.

    I fly often with many different airlines and none of them has ever made me feel grubby just for using them, until Ryanair. Easyjet is a budget airline too, but they never make families sit apart, however late they board. They ask passengers politely if they would mind moving and generally they do. Of course there are nasty, horrible passengers who won’t, and I pity the poor cabin staff that has to deal with such vile, grudging DailyMail-readers. But it isn’t common.

    On the other hand Ryanair can turn average, decent, unimaginative, run-of-the-mill people such as me into tantrum-throwing toddlers or surly, anti-social teenagers. I don’t litter, I hate litter, I always make sure that every piece of litter is binned on every airline I travel on to help the much-abused cabin staff. On every airline bar one.

    On my last, and I swear it will be my last, trip with Ryanair my friends and I were so hacked-off by our treatment that we stuffed anything we could get our hands on down the sides of the seats, just to slow down their attempts to clear up. It was petulant and infantile, but I’ve never felt so free. God love you, Ryanair, you made me an arsehole again.

  11. Just having arrived back from another rip-off journey with Ryanair I must say I had to laugh and big, good fat belly laugh too as I now know it is only a matter of time before Michael O’Leary, the smart-arsed twat that he is, will get his comeuppance. It is clear that consumers will no longer put up with his blatant strategy of stealth charging. Soon the world’s crappest airline will go bust. Times are tough and we are sick to death of being treated as second-class citizens, it is time for consumers to be more discerning. The most ridiculous thing is that you can usually get flights with proper airlines that are cheaper than Ryanair but it seems it is taking a while for the penny to drop that the advertised fare is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of cost particularly in view of the latest raft of charges that are now added – airport check-in (£9.50 pp), checked-in luggage (£19 per bag), debit card fee (£19) plus ‘taxes, fees and charges’ – whatever they are! So for return flights for two the fare component was £79.96 but the total cost was £246.24!!! If that is not a rip-off I don’t know what is. I have vowed NEVER TO FLY RYANAIR again! And the only way to ensure that Ryanair go down the tubes and fast is if we put our money where our mouths are and not use them. Flying Ryanair is total false economy. Beyond the outrageous raft of stealth charging there is also the fact that their airports are located in the back of beyond so there are extra transport costs to add to the mounting total as well.

    Across the board their staff are sullen and seemingly have no concept whatsover about what customer service is. Although I must say I am grateful to the member of staff who told me about this blog after I said that I was going to start up an I hate Ryanair site – he said, ‘too late, someone has already beat you to it.’

    The planes are dirty and they have the audacity to ask customers to ensure they don’t leave any rubbish lying around because of their tight turnaround times – tough! If the airline chooses to have such impractical timings why should we wear the brunt of it yet again. I always make a point of spreading around as much rubbish as possible! Then on yesterday’s flight after it took hours of queuing at the check-in desk and then at security (only one person manning the x-ray machine) once we were finally on board after queuing yet again to get on the bloody plane, the cabin crew were hurrying us to get settled threatening that if we weren’t quick about it that we would miss our slot – what!!!! Here’s a suggestion, employ more staff to process people onto the plane faster and then you wouldn’t have to put the onus on us after we had already endured three of the slowest moving queues in the history of man – check-in, security, boarding – and guess what, we’d all be on the plane a lot faster.

    You know what, I am just sick of talking about it… just get rid of them, they are just absolute crap with no respect whatsover for their paying customers. The solution is simple, take affirmative action: DON’T FLY RYANAIR!

  12. Have just discovered this website. Well done. Ryanair had it coming to them. The trickery they resort to in order to get a few extra quid out of you is unbelievable. More power to you – keep it up!

  13. Hey ‘Just me says’ Its not about you , its about the airline and its managment. Decent manners cost nothing and customer service is required and expected or business will cease when peole get fed up and move on to other companies.
    People will be made redundant and struggle to pay bills. SO STOP BEING SO FUCKING ARROGANT YOU STUCK UP LITTLE FUCKER! Ryanair think they are being clever ripping people off but we WILL STOP flying with you. ME – first and last trip this week for so many reasons so FUCK RYANAIR and its ARROGANT CUNT of a boss ! PS – Teach your fucking pilots to fly as well -idiot nearly put the gear through the hold !

  14. Phew! So pleased to see it’s not just me and other people feel the same way. Charges is one thing but the crap attitude of Ryan air staff just beggers belief. This is the airline that isn’t really cheap. And has to have signs everywhere saying they won’t tolerate passengers being nasty to their staff. Well why do you need to put signs like that up? Could it be that your staff are unhelpful, sarcastic, condescending imbeciles? Could it? I was once struggling to find space in the luggage compartment and one of them comes along and says “if there is no space you along with your luggage will be taken off the plane” – fucking bastards. And I’ve never been even slightly nasty to any of them, just pissed off. Just because you are underpaid doesn’t mean you and your airline should be so down right rude to customers. You must be on minimum wage at least so what’s your real problem?

    While boarding at Stanstead once I had the bloody pilot giving me dirty looks and then aggressively waving his arms telling me to hurry to board. Couldn’t believe what I saw, especially given that there were lots of people behind me and I wasn’t holding anybody up. No wonder you need to put up signs telling people not to be rude, offensive to your staff.

    This level of piss taking should not be allowed. How are these bastards getting away with it? Well done.

    “Why do we travel on Ryanair then they ask so smugly”. Well you’ve got routes awarded to you based on the understanding that you will provide an acceptable service. And this means other airlines might not have those routes to offer us. That’s why as a last resort many of us do. Well done you smug bastards. You and your signs.

    Some points to note:

    – RYANAIR are not cheap. Look for alternatives where you can. You should get much better service and decency.

    – Being charged 9 pounds for checking in luggage about 8 pounds for paying by credit card. Not allowed to open a can of beer unless you buy from them then that’s fine.

    – Being told not to press the call button above you but go to the front if you’ve got queries etc.

    – Charging extra to board first and then putting about 50 people in a coach. So you don’t get to board first. And of course no refunds. You’ve got to read the small print.

    How are they getting away with all this?

  15. I will never fly with Ryanair again. Didn’t book in online because I missed that part and was charged 60 Euros. What they are doing may be legal but it immoral. More people should vote with their feet and stop using this airline.

  16. Ryanair are the worst airline ever. They have ruined the flying experience.
    I have on occasion been left stranded, lied to, “legally” robbed and generally felt raped by this scumbag of an airline. Strong words I know but **** them

  17. Please read. Hi Guys,I work for Ryanair for over two Years. Yes You are right,if You do as little as pack an extra shampoo,it will cost You 15eu/kg more,if You show up late with 5 kids in a tow,You will not all sit together,guaranteed. If You show up with a duty free bag and Your hand luggage at the boarding gate,You will either have to put the duty free bag inside of Your hand luggage or pay 30eu for an extra bag! If we are delayed,You will not be reimbursed,even if it is hours,or even a days.And Yes If you expect us to serve You a delicious breakfast for less than 5 eu,You are mistaken. And the pilots also land really hard sometimes,or even on one gear. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO why not check the weight and the size and a weight of Your bag before you go,if You have a family,why dont You spent the extra 5 eu for an adult,who can board first and keep the seats for everyone. Why dont You carry just one piece of hand luggage as it clearly states on Your boarding pass. If we are delayed,we do have a reason!!!! None of You want to fly with a cracked window in the cockpit,leaking fuel,Yes shocking,but planes are a piece of art technology,but are pretty much reliable as a car,never know what will break next,or ever heard of a bomb threat made against an A/C or particular flight num.???? And pilots flying skills,all of the pilots have the best UK or US schools (100000pounds must be a good one,no?)and all of them are human,so if they land really hard or break hard at the end of the runway,it may simply be the weather conditions,runway conditions,too fast approach speed,which they must keep up in a strong windy conditions or just a bad landing etc. etc… So pleasse,people,stop moaning!!!!!!!!!! The info on a website is clear,and by now,also is clear to everyone,that if You dont follow the instructions stated and try to think,that we will take care of it at the airport when You arrive,YOU ARE WRONG. Travelling with us can than prove to be a very stresful experience. BUT,If you do,You have a 95%chance to have a pleasant flight. ALSO being nice helps a lot. So get on with it,if You follow all the rules(must say it is quite a few) You are going to enjoy Your cheap trip. And for moaning crew members,nobody forced You to come,no one lied to You,You were giving options,and if You dont like the job,why dont You just leave.

  18. I don’t have a problem with the aircraft staff at Rynair, have always found them friendly and welcoming. I have a problem with that arrogant knob, o’leary! And because of him and his lack of customer know how, I and all of my work colleagues, family and friends, will never fly with Ryanair again or until that idiot decides to become human. O’leary, take a leaf out of Branson’s book!

  19. Do not give that **** of a man your money in return for the worse service you can imagine. Vile, rude, disgusting staff and company. Stop using them, Mick and his cowboys will go under. You will at some point be ripped off by this company eventually. Have some self respect and travel with a proper airline or not at all.

  20. fuck em, just tried to do the online check in and print the boarding cards to be told that because it not 15 days before my flight that i cant??? would it be paranoid to think that they want you to forget this step so they can fleece us some more at the airport??? also whats with the €10 per person c/card fee for fucks sake its one card and one screen on the fucking computer aaaarggghhh fuck me wish someone else would fly from knock to east mids

  21. This disgusting no frills airline ruined my kids holiday ! excess baggage charge of £335.00 !! I know can you believe it. The check in monster never gave us a chance to distribute the luggage between the extra holdalls we had brought. We asked for the bags back which were behind the un-attractive large woman, however she said it was against company rules. If you don’t pay you don’t fly ! was her response. My 3 kids age 4, 6 and 9 were all stood crying as it was there first holiday abroad I was so upset to spoil their expectations we relented and reluctantly my wife paid the charges with the food money we saved for the holiday. The kids lived off sandwiches and cheap biscuits for the whole stay. We wrote and asked for a refund but alas the robbing b******rds did not agree. It beggars belief that a ryanair representative can do this to a family ? Please do not let go of your luggage if you want to keep your holiday money !

  22. Just read the expletive ridden comments posted by ‘cabin crew’ – you are the reason why I would never fly Ryan Air again. If you have to make a comment use the English language to your best ability and do not result to gutter speak as you just show yourself up. Have a little pride eh….

  23. ‘Cabin Crew’ is giving a living example of how bad Ryanair are.

    ‘Cabin Crew’, get some self respect and stop making a fool of yourself insulting your customers.

    Not flown with them for about 8 years after some very nasty experiences and I’ve had no problem getting anywhere for just a cheaply and with a lot less hassle. In fact, other airlines actually go to the right cities !

    The worst company I have ever dealt with in any cicumstances.

  24. today, I had to pay £40 pounds just because I didnt print my board card for way back, I did checked on-line, just didnt have card, sure all your details are in the computer, and that u paid already for your ticket!!!I had to go pay this money otherwise you can’t get on board!!!!what?!came back with receipt in my hand, everything was ok??what did i pay for? f***** bustards, didnt heard of any other company doing that!rubish s**t company!I will never ever fligh with them again!

  25. Bastards ruined our holiday. Paid for priority boarding for myself, husband & 2 yr old daughter & sat at front. When plane nearly completely boarded cabin crew told us we weren’t allowed to sit there as it would cause a weight distribution problem for take off & landing! – never been told passengers are being used as ballast with any other airline!
    Said we had to move so i said i couldn’t as needed to sit next to my daughter. Told me she would have to sit on her own in plane or we would get thrown off! She’s only 2!
    Managed to get seat sitting across aisle from her but had to strap her into seat while she screamed her head off for me. Before we had even started to taxi she took her belt off & I had to get up to do it back up. Threatened to throw me off for doing that & told me i would have to leave her loose in the plane during take off if it happened again – she’s 2 years old for christ’s sake!! If i was sat next to her it wouldn’t be a problem & i paid for priority remember!
    During flight i took the names of the 2 cabin crew involved & my husband said to one of them ‘we are going to complain. You could lose your job over this’. They replied that they would write a report to say we had delayed the flight (which was total crap) & call the POLICE!
    Sure enough the police came on board when we landed in Spain. Would not take me as i had my daughter with me though the crew wanted them to but took my husband who had only said the above!!
    Spent 3 hrs with the police at the airport & luckily they were in total support of us & couldn’t believe what bastards Ryanair are either. Husband was not going to be allowed to fly back & be banned from Ryanair for life (like we’d want to fly with them again!). After usual lack of contact numbers to ring, my mother eventually went mad at reservations staff & got them to sort it so we could fly home. BASTARDS, BASTARDS, BASTARDS – DON’T EVER FLY WITH THEM.

  26. Hey Cabin Crew: sometimes we don’t have a choice but to fly with GobshiteAir as yer man O’Leary has a feckin’ monopoly on many routes. I want to go to Valencia from the Midlands? No choice but to fly GobshiteAir unless I travel hours to another airport, or train it across Europe (a tempting prospect) taking 4 days return, because that Thatcherite Gobshite has a monopoly on the route (funny how his free enterprise capitalist spirit goes by the board when there’s a monopoly to be had).

    I knew that GobshiteAir treated cabin and airport crew like shite, and I would have solidarity with you all as fellow workers, but if attitudes like yours are common amongst crew then you can all go whistle when you want solidarity from us when the Gobshite puts you out of a job. Passengers and cabin crew should be standing together against O’Leary as we all of us get it up the arse from him.

  27. Recent Articles have been printed in the papers in Italy regarding the chaos and extra charges for not having used the online check-in systems.
    Not surpisingly passengers were extremely pissed off.

    I travel a lot, have flown with various airlines, but I’ve never detested an airline as much as Ryanair. Scumbags the lot of them. I’ve also had the misfortune of having to fly on occasion to and from Prestwick Airport…a real shithole!

    I was amazed they actually considered charging passengers to take a piss on the plane (a scheme I still think they wish to implement), but I thought it was a wind-up when they proposed flying for for free (aye right!) with no seats. No frills airline, with passengers travelling in the style of Hannibal Lecter (see Silence of the Lambs film starring Anthony Hopkins).

    I’m pleased that this site has been set up. Folks, fly with a decent airline, you’ll get much more satisfaction, even if you do have to pay that but extra. You are being misled thinking you are getting cheap flights. They are ripping you off each time to book online, check-in and then fly to and from their cesspit airports.

    Ryaniar: a bunch of thieving Gypsy bastards!

  28. Ryanair has to be the worst airline I have ever flown, probably the worst I will ever fly. Wont fly with them again ever. How the website pricing is legal is beyond me. go to hell ryanair

  29. The only way to really protest against Ryanair-or any other bad company-is to remove our custom from them. I vowed never to travel with them again some years ago and since then I have never done so. They aren’t cheap; with their hidden extras they are rarely good value and even if they are the cheapest the experience of their awful service costs far more in stress and misery.

  30. UNBELIEVABLE thieving bastards are ryanair.
    My son (on his first trip abroad on his own) gets to Girona airport to fly home after a month away, The bastards wont let him him board his flight that I paid for unless he pays 40euro for a boarding pass he should (they say) have got online . (He had no access to a computer in spain) Well he didnt have 40euro so now as we speak he is stranded in spain with no money and nowhere to go. I will have to fork out another 150quid to get him on a another flight, and i wont be using ryanair , UTTER THIEVING RIP OFF BASTARDS PUTTTING MY SON IN DISTRESS AND SOME JEPORDY HIM NOW HAVING TO SLEEP ROUGH FOR A DAY OR SO

  31. Cabin Crew you wanker;

    Only a tosser like you could get a job with such a shit airline as Lyingair.

    Just got back from Murcia it cost me £94.00 to CHECK IN , thats right £94.00.

    The grubby little bitch at the checking desk in Spain would not let us fly with out paying despite the fact we had proof we HAD paid. the ignorant cow directed us to a Ryanair window that just happens to be behind the check in queue, that as many people waiting there to pay their money over after being scammed by LyingAir.

    One guy with his wife and 2 kids had to pay 160 euros despite the fact that he had his checkin shit bit of paper, but because the bitch could not read it properly he had to pay again.The poor little Spaniard behind the scamming window just kept apologizing to us for being ripped off and said he was desperately looking for another job. The bitch must have a made a fortune in commission. (yes they get a commission for scamming you).

    Cabin Crew Tosser, one guy their had weighed his luggage and it was 13.5 KG surprise surprise at the check in it was 16KG another scam.

    With out doubt the worst fucking airline in the world, in future I will pay more (it will be less when the Ryanair scam money is taken off) to fly with another airline anyone other than Ryanair.This was my first and last time.

    Fuck off O’leary you scamming little shit, some one will take this little fucker to court and make millions out of them one day.This on-line check in scam has to be illegal.

  32. I have been working for ryanair for over 4 years and I agree totally with the (nicer) message they have left. I always do my best to help passengers who are on my flights!
    I come up against grief from moaning passengers every day. Some of the complaints are so stupid though for example £2.70 for a coffee? firstly you only paid a penny for your ticket and secondly im sure people think they will get something for nothing. However even after your constant moans and groans I will still be pleasant towards you no matter how badly you treat us!
    As for your check in staff they are not employed by ryanair so dont try complaining about them to ryanair as you will not get any where!
    You pay a penny for your flight, if you dont want to pay for this then pay £500 for BA and have your free coffee and sandwich.
    Our crew do some long days e.g 4 flights (so we also have to put up with bad landings but 4 times a day and we cant complain about it!) and sometimes can be quite tires especially if we have been up at 3 in the morning and we are still flying at 4 in the afternoon so yes some crew may become irritable wouldn’t you?
    And stop saying its illegal! If it was illegal Ryanair wouldnt be able to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I recently flew to Spain with Ryanair – never again! Shit plane, shit service I can put up with but the charges are ridiculous. Can anyone tell me why I have to check in online when it appears to make no difference to what happens to my ‘check in experience’ when I get to the airport? What about the credit card charges? Are they not meant to be commensurate with the costs incurred? If that is the case (and I stand to be corrected) then I don’t think Ryanair’s chrages are legal. I’ve also heared that Ryaniar are going to finance the ‘yes’ campaing in the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum (if there is a single reason not to use Ryanair again then this is it for me), oh well one bunch of lying corrupt cheating thieving bastards being supported by another group of lying corrupt cheating thieving bastards kind of makes sense if you think about it…..
    And they are not much cheaper than flying with a ‘proper’ airline.
    Oh and ryanair crew: i’m in the army – sometimes we have to work for six months without a break in conditions that would probably make you piss yourself, so stop whinging – if you don’t like it then go and work in Tesco.

  34. Well, i really hate Ryanair. I really really do – why cant they have a more easyjet attitude? Then i wouldnt dread the odd time i HAVE to use those feckers (e.g Dublin-Bristol). God help us if they take over Aer Lingus.

  35. Ryanair crew, the era of 500 pound flights on BA for economy flights in Europe are history. You can even fly to the US on BA for much less than 500 pounds. Please look at their website for their lowest European economy fares for November. The most expensive flight I find there is a return fligt from London to Bucharest, 253 pounds. Even many BA business class European return fares for November are below or even far below 500 pounds return, for instance Londion – Amsterdam 209 pounds. Their economy flight to Amsterdam – 83 pounds – is as expensive or even cheaper than a Ryanair flight from London to Eindhoven. Ryanair 1 p flights are never 1 p. Many people pay much more on Ryanair, so much that they should think about flying on a scheduled carrier like KLM, BA or Aer Lingus. Last, but not least, to me having to pay for online check in is obscene, one of the reasons that I keep clear of Ryanair.

  36. I’ve literally just got home from a 9 (sorry 8) day break in spain. We travelled to East Midlands and had a nightmare with the roadworks arriving at parking with 15 minutes to spare (this is confirmed on the ticket printout). The pre booked car park was full, of course this is not Ryancunts fault but BCP, I fully accept that.

    The Ryancunt issue kicks in when we and about 8 other people finally got to check in 10 mins late, it’s closed, game over. No help, not offer, apart from £100 per person to change to the next days flight. The return flight I booked were £0, fantastic, but of course with all the optional extras such as air to breath it totalled £180 for both of us.

    To then be charged £200 for us to swap is just a fucking disgrace.

    The return flight wasnt much better with queues and so many people getting shafted on the 15kg weight limit.

    I’ve also had yet more pain on the way back, basically the only memories I have are fucking hateful, I hope that o’leary cunt drops fucking dead. He treat his customers like stupid sheep and fucks us up the arese at every possible opportunity.

    My holiday has been ruined, cost me a fortune and left me with a very very bad taste in my mouth.


  37. Sorry just to clarify a couple of things, the spellings awful because I’m still borderline psychotic and that should be eight not a silly smiley face.

    The air crew and the aircraft were absolutely fine, the ground staff could use some customer service training though, I suspect the issues are corporate not individual.

    I’m also a very experienced flyer with at least 50 or 60 flights all over the world.

    I’m not just a whinger!

  38. Folks we need to get organized and shut these bastards down! I foolishly booked with lyinair to go to biarritz and I swear I’m never flying with these cunts again. As for Cabin Crew, you are a cunt, and if you can’t see why, you should commit suicide right away and instantly make this world a better place.

    If anyone fancies organizing a protest against lyinair (maybe at stanstead)….count me in!

  39. I stopped years ago after the demise of Go. I felt that people like Ryanair were purposely raising the level of travel anxiety versus the established airlines who do everything they can to do the opposite.

    Anyway wife wanted to go this year with th 5 kids – everyones ticket was ‘free’ except for baby – bargain only of course it was still 500 euro one way or another but then they charged another 30 on my card and swore blind they didnt and I had to fax all this stuff off – no reply obviously. 30 euro is nothing but I am not going to be thieved from. And it was hell of course – there were 3 hold bags well below the weight together, only was was 2 kilos over by itself – heavens above.

    So they do have alternative so wont be doing that again. Some people dont and they will have to grin and bear it but you know if you pay for something it is reasonable to expect to get what you paid for – a budget airline means not that much but this falls well below it – kind of Basil Fawlty meets Waynette Slob with jack boots on – I think that Leahey has lost it, carried away with his own success – the next Gerald Ronson

  40. Charging 40 quid to check in is nothing short of fucking outrageous. I flew to Knock for the weekend and it was one of the most expensive flights I’ve ever spent my money on. I’ve flown across the Atlantic for considerably less. And then I had to pay just to check in? Pikey cunts! Never again.

  41. In response to that horrible comment that Cabin Crew left at the top of this forum your attidute stinks and its people like you who give us hard working cabin crew in rayair a BAD name – i firstly want to appologies for his horrible attitude and illetarate comment. Yea things can go good and bad with every airline – just give a little thaught to us cabin crew – we are the face off Ryanair and that can mean passengers taking frustration out on us – on a normall day we can meet and great up to 800+ passengers/ and yes there are some crew that should not be there – they are rude and dont care about passengers me on the other hand i take pride in my job apperance while working and take every passengers needs into consideration – the charges on the other hand are pointed out on the web-site some i dont agree with but its the way it is – im basically just posting this so that you could maybe cut us Cabin Crew a bit of slack.


  43. The above post was written in a fit of total anger and frustration. I am sorry, I do not mean to offend the employees of Ryanair, I understand they are there to do a job. Nor do I mean to offend anyone who may read the above post. It was childish and stupid, just very very frustrated with this company. I hope you understand. Thanks.

  44. Well, Ryanair is not cheaper and nickels and dimes you which ends up being is very irritating and frustrating. They should be more open: everybody would be happier and they would make more money.
    I will NEVER fly again with them

  45. Cheap and nasty airline, run by a complete and utter knob head. If there was ever a company you would want to fold in a recession, ryanair would be it.

  46. Some people are forced by their employers to take the cheapest flight and sometimes that means I am forced to fly Ryanair. I would NEVER fly with this airline if it was my own choice.

    Latest con seems to be charging £1 for a text message confirming your flight details. Funny, it only costs me 10p to send a text! Most companies provide this service for free!

    Most companies don’t need you to turn up with a boarding pass – but Ryanair charges you £40 for not having one. £40 to go to the computer and print one out – for what? What exactly are you paying for? What do they need that piece of paper for? All the details are ALREADY ON THEIR COMPUTER BECAUSE YOU PUT THEM THERE! This can only be legal because nobody has yet taken them to court. I’ve got a good mind to “forget” my boarding pass next time just for the sheer joy of being able to take them to court. They are forever changing their policies and then charging unreasonable fees for travellers that are caught unawares.

    A full standard sized suitcase weighs about 19-20kG. Most airlines let you take one for free. Easyjet lets you take a 20kg case for a fee, Ryanair only allows you to take 15kg. Why 15kg? Do I get a discount for being underweight then? They charge an absolute fortune for being over 15kg so if you pay for that checked-in baggage make sure it is only half-full.

    Don’t fly to Frankfurt with Ryanair – they land at Hahn which is nearer Luxembourg! Their two Swedish airports are miles out of the city and you need to take a bus to get to them – which invariably gets stuck in heavy traffic.

    They are not that cheap. Ryanair to Milan – allegedly £10 outgoing on their website but the complete trip on their website ends up at £97 – just £10 cheaper than Alitalia (which allows you to take a 20kg case for that price). Easyjet was £70. I have seen instances where they have charged “£1″ to take you out but £150 to bring you back – although they seem to have reduced this since people were flying out on Ryanair and coming back with another airline.

    I have doubts about their safety. They are so keen to keep fuel costs down I had one experience where the pilot tried to land early – he was told to pull up at the last minute because the runway wasn’t clear in front of him! Bit of a shock when the plane suddenly reared up at full throttle.

    I have come to the conclusion that the reason Ryanair indulges in these cons is because [1] Their CEO is a lunatic [2] Because they wouldn’t actually be profitable withough them. It would be interesting to know just how much money they make every year from the various rip-offs. Every time I travel with them there is a long line of angry ripped-off passengers in front of me. It would be great if millions of ripped-off customers brought a class-action against Ryanair to reclaim the millions in exhorbitant fees they have been charged over the years.

    Ryanair are a disgrace to the business world, they give capitalism a bad name. They are a sleazy bunch of the worst kind of con-artists that make pimps seem respectable. I can only hope that they will run out of mugs willing to travel with them and they will fold, so that I will no longer be forced to take the Lyingair option.

  47. ann-noyed
    these thieving b/stards they pull a flight on you, take your money,tell you they have refunded your credit card,lying irish wanker , give me myFUCKING MONEY BACK//////


  48. Even more annoying, try having these bastards clear your checking account when you haven’t even been to the UK, $500 US thus far and from what I have seen I am sure that they will take their sweet time to clear up…. A new low they don’t care if they are stealing your money, ignoring fraud not doing checks is more BS.

  49. This year I have completed the best part of 40 flights. A couple with budget ie Easyjet and the rest with Aer Lingus, Air New Zealand and KLM. The actual price you pay compares with a proper airline.

    My problem with Ryan Air is that if everything works then everything is fine, you get a cheapish (assuming you get a special deal) flight. As soon as you put the smallest of steps wrong then they shaft you big time. This could be from no fault of your own but they will not give a toss, and its not a case of an extra £20 we are talking hundreds for a family.

    Charging for the toilet. I know this was a publicity stunt but I would not be suprised if they really did. What happens if someone needed the toilet but had no money on them?

    Charging for extra weight. If you are convinced your bags are at the correct weight and they say otherwise they will have to prove that their scales are accurate. Quote the weights and measures act. If they are wrong they could be fined thousands of pounds. Try asking them for a certificate proving they are correct or you will take them to court.

    Thankfully now I am unable to fly rubbishair. Due to the equipment I have to take with me my bags always come in at about 16kg, What a shame

  50. I fly regularly from Ireland to Eastern Europe as part of my work and after a disastrous flight to Budapest with Ryanair at the start of November I have since stuck to my guns and flown with aer lingus ….so what if I have to drive for nearly 2 hours to get home from dublin, the aer lingus staff are lovely, the flights are on time and when you compare the total cost they are MUCH CHEAPER than ryanair. Save yourself a lot of grief, stress and money and avoid Ryanair like the plague

  51. Flying from Rome to London.
    I missed online checkin by 20 min and then the flight was late 2 hours.
    I paid 80euro for two of us just to check in!
    Why can’t I check in 3 hours before the flight and if so why don’t they notify people of these ridiculous rules?
    Anyway even if I did check in online I would have still queued with everybody else in the same queue to leave my luggage. What’s the point apart from to rip us off?
    Every time I fly with ryanair I fill like being robbed.
    Hence I try to avoid them but lucky locations are still better sometimes.
    I don’t mind paying more but the cheating they regularly do really pisses me off.
    I wish the went bankrupt.

  52. Attention – all Ryanair flights from Pau to Bristol in 2010 are cancelled.

    The only reason I know this is that I today tried to book an extra flight for my daughter to fly to Pau a week later that my flight (which I booked 2 weeks ago). When I searched it said “No flights available”…odd, I thought so I then checked my flight date instead and again the computer said no. Unless there’s some big nun pilgrimage to Lourdes, it was pretty unlikely the flights were all so out, so I checked my on line booking (as it says) and all was fine. I checked my inbox and spam box (as it says) for a cancelation email and found nothing. I finally dug deep and called the rip off customer service line….after a while I got through to an operator who informed me that “all flights to Bristol in 2010 are cancelled”. Well thanks a bunch for letting me know…..(he did say that they were going to let me know but couldn’t say when (yeh right)).

    I feel sorry for the passengers that try to check in only to find the flight’s been cancelled and that alternatives are all sold out or mega bucks. Me, I’m flying easyjet from Biarritz (nearer) to Gatwick (further) instead. Vote with your feet guys. Oh, and if you are flying Ryanair anywhere in or out of Bristol in 2010, then I’d check as he did say “all flights to Bristol in 2010 are cancelled”.

  53. ok guys, let me tell u my version about the company that im working since 3 years.
    From all the comments i read from the cabin crew, i totally agree with them but i do understand the pax.
    The before and after flight are quite stressing, with all the shit around, bags, check in, bla bla bla..
    But when u r inside the plane, please stop complaining!! We cant do nothing about all this problems, we r just doing our job, if we dont do it properly, we r in big trouble, so just show ur boarding card to us, seat where the rows r not blocked, dont try to go over, if its blocked, its blocked!!! and then just kindly take a menu card and maganize to be polite. If u r hungry take something if not, just listen to ur mp3 and dont say nothing!
    we r doing our best to cara about pax, i personnaly do, its my job i perfrom everyday, sometimes im grumpy like everyone but i try not to show and when i see some pax complaining about nothing, it makes me angry!
    a big advise to all the passengers : dont complain to cabin crew for the shitty ryanair organisation, its not our fault, if u do shout to us, we ll get u off the plane!!!!

  54. On an approach to Dublin airport, one Air Traffic Controller reported a Ryanair pilot coming in too fast at 202 knots (230mph, when approach speed should be 140-160knots depending on weight) at 1 mile from the runway. At the time, preparing for take-off on the runway, was an Aer Lingus flight that had to be ushered into the air quickly to make way for the speedy Ryanair plane. The ATC requested the pilot to perform a ‘go-around’, meaning the plane should climb to 3,000ft and try another landing, but the pilot said, ‘Negative, you’ve confirmed approach’.

    Another instance involved a Ryanair pilot banking the plane at too steep an angle, because he was coming in too high to land and didn’t want to go around.

    I’ve flown with Ryanair a few times, and being experienced in aircraft I have noticed too much flaps being used at too high an altitude, full airbrakes (the slats on the wing that flip up) on approach to landing – this is incredibly dangerous because the plane can stall and drop suddenly.

    Any more risk-taking like this, and Cut-cornersair could have a disaster on their hands.

  55. The only way this low life, thieving, dishonest company will ever change is if we stop flying with them. As it stands, they are one of the Worlds most profitable airlines. We all know they achieve this by fleecing their customers left right and centre while constantly harping on about how they are the Consumers Champion, fighting for low fares. But amazingly we continue to behave like lemmings and throw our money at them in our millions. Why??? Any other company in any other industry who treats their customers like dirt simply doesnt survive. Why should Ryanair?

    Ryanair treat us like mugs simply because we allow them to. My rule is simple. If I want to travel anywhere I dont travel Ryanair. If Ryanair is the only possible option, I stay at home.

    If everyone did that then we would very soon see the back of the awful man at the top and a new person at the top grovelling in apology and pushing through improvements to win back our custom.

    As an after thought, I call the man at the top awful and I do think he is a truly horrible pathetic excuse for a human being, but you got to admit that he is a shrewd operator. He’s somehow worked out a way of making millions while simultaneously treating every one of his customers like a blithering imbecile. Perhaps thats the rub…. perhaps Ryanair customers are blithering imbeciles for letting him get away with it!!

  56. I am surprised anyone flies with Ryanair anymore. Over the years, they have become more puerile and arrogant. The attitude they adopt with their customers, flying crew, and the OFT is nothing short of a disgrace. If it wasn’t for minimum regulatory standards, their planes would pop out of the sky like dead birds. As their business model begins to fail, and they can’t replace their ageing aircraft, they probably will. Faulty fire sensor today is just the beginning….

  57. To any Immigration Officers out there. Please Please hold the staff up as long as you can at the control point .They are subject to Immigration control as well. Send them to the back of the line time and time again as you are unsatisfied with their attitude or Travel docs. You have the power! use it. Sure as fuck these bastards will use their “AIR RAGE ” powers against you if you so much as fart in thier general direction.
    These Grotty, Scruffy no hopers take their anger out on the peope who ultimately pay their shitty little wages, it makes them feel important.
    Get yourselves a proper job like a toilet attendant! oh! sorry you failed the interview and thats why you work for Complete Cunt Air.

  58. Flight has been cancelled today (Carcasonne to London). I was then told my next available flight is in one weeks time! Customer service, what customer service? They take your money then screw you up the arse with no lube! Then the government come in for sloppy seconds by taxing the fuck out of you for flying. I stupidly was under the illusion that tax entitled you to certain rights and service, how stupid of me! Brown and O’leary have one great thing in common, they extract every penny out of you that is feasible and offer nothing in return. And O’leary, don’t tell me you offer cheap ticket prices, your company is the only cheap thing. The FR prefix on Ryanair flight means Fucking Ridculous.

  59. Whilst ryanair are poor, when are you people going to wake up and smelll the reality….. You are essentially paying bugger all to fly and complaining about things you should not be. I fly every week with proper airlines such as swiss, and believe me… They are 4 times the price and you still get the same crap service. But you do get central airports etc. Ryanair are not new. If you are so stupid to not realise what to expect then you deserve everything you get. If you are stupid enough enough to book a family holiday with this lot, then turn up late with over weight bags then it is your fault. Bloody idiots.. Still agree Ryanair are shit though, just would not chose to fly then without be awae of what to expect for 100 quid… Which is less than a bloody tain to london for me in the north west….

  60. I am an experienced traveller, fly several times a year, although haven’t taken a Ryanir flight for a couple of years as I’m currently working in New Zealand. So I’m by no means a naive traveller, know all about most of the stupid rules, rip-off strategies, although I have to say they have got worse recently. I was back home in the UK over Xmas and New Year. I have family near Nimes in France so I wanted to pay a short visit there too. Turned up at Luton airport on Dec 28th, in plenty of time for my flight. One very slow person checking in bags for the whole flight (despite £5 charge for supposed online check-in and threat of £40 charge if boarding pass not printed off before arrival at the airport). Horrendous queues through security due to events on tha transatantic Delta flight on Xmas day, not all security lanes open. Me and 10 others finally arrived at the gate at 11am (flight was due to leave at 11). Plane still sitting on the tarmac 50 metres from the terminal door, doors open, steps still down, going nowhere. But Ryanair staff said nope, we couldn’t get on the plane, Ryanair rules,once they close the gate no more passengers allowed on (like robots…..computer says no?!). No consideration for the security situation in the airport at the time, despite 10 people practically begging to be allowed to just take the 30 second walk out onto the plane. They actually left our checked in bags on the plane and sent them to Nimes. After the events of Lockerbie I’m sure unaccompanied luggage in the hold is illegal. And after all that supposed enhanced slow security. All they could do to ‘help’ was charge another £100 for a flight out of Stansted at 8pm to Marseile (or wait 2 days for the next flight to Nimes). I duly paid this, plus paid for transportation to Stansted. I checked when I booked the ticket that I wouldn’t have to pay the 40 pounds fee for a new boarding pass, but was assured that at Stansted there are kiosks where check-in and printing of boarding passes can be done for free.
    At Stansted, the automated check-in kiosk I used didn’t work and didn’t print out my boarding pass; when I asked for help I was told sorry can’t help, but that I could get a new boarding pass re-issued at the ticket desk at a cost of £40; which I didn’t do BTW. After shouting at the man, even though I ‘m very calm and tolerant (that’s what Ryanair does to a person), I paid £4 at an internet point to print, couldn’t be bothered queueing again and having to argue with another of these robots!! I’m speechless at what these ‘people’ try to get away with!! I finally got to where I needed to be 9 hours late and feeling very robbed and mistreated. Ryansir staff and defenders on here can go on about how low prices mean we shouldn’t expect the service, but I paid over 300 pounds for my return ticket as it was Christmas, more than the BA flight from Gatwick to Marseille. But I wanted the ‘convenience’ of flying from and to airports nearer to where i needed to go, routes which Ryanair monopolize. I actually ended up paying around 450 pounds to get to France, I coud have gone to New York ona decent airline for that! I will NEVER fly with Ryanair again, and I really mean it. Cheating, thieving, uncaring company, deserve to be prosecuted and hung out to dry.

  61. Easy, just STOP using ryanair. You WILL at some point be left stranded or shat on . Do your homework first and book with a proper airline company. Alternative airline usually work out cheaper in the long run and even if you pay a few quid extra you are doing your bit to make ryanair go under.

  62. Are you reading this O’Leary?

    I’ve never booked with your airline and reading this page confirms why not. Last summer when we went to France you had a flight to Lourdes that was much more convenient but we went with Flybe to Toulouse instead.

    Your flights aren’t that cheap – have a look at going to Majorca in March from London. Once all your charges are added in Thomson and Bmibaby are cheaper.

    So what’s the deal? Poor service, customers who hate you but fly because they think you are cheap, suffering staff. Other airlines can manage to offer a good service for the same price.

    No thanks


  63. I’ve just booked Ryanair before I saw this website. I am flying to Palma with the family and I wanted to go with BA from City airport and miss two nights holiday to avoid them (and it was cheaper when you add in all their ridiculous charges) but my wife wanted the extra two nights and there are no alternatives.
    I will look out for all these scams!!!

  64. If anyone believes that o/leary is genuine about creating jobs in Dublin airport then they also believe that pigs can fly. He is up to his usual disruptive and malicious tricks again trying to create trouble for his compeditors and what his warped mind thinks are his enimies at the expense of unemployed technicians. He is a fraud and a troublemaker surrounded by a bunch of compliant monkeys who would wipe his arse if given half the chance

  65. I once ‘booked’, printed my ‘ticket’ and got to the airport (an eight hour journey from my home) to hear a thoroughly miserable face-like-a-slapped-arse can-barely-speak-English check-in lady tell me that I was not on the system. OK, so there’s been a technical error, entirely of Ryanair’s making, so why don’t you just let me on the plane, which isn’t full anyway, and we can forget about it? No, I have to buy another ticket at 205 pounds (originally costing about 30) and then complain to some office in Ireland, oh and you can only do it by post. That’s ridiculous, can I see a manager? Nope, there are no Ryanair employees at this airport which only has a ridiculous amount of Ryanair flights per day coming and going. Only some poor airport employee to be on the receiving end of my rage on Ryanair’s behalf and give me the same story about Irish postal complaints. I am certain O’Leary lies in bed at night sniggering and masturbating as he thinks of the fury and frustration he is responsible for every day all over Europe. Twat.

  66. Boy, am I glad that I checked this barrel of shit out before I booked a flight. My friend warned me about them and at the time I wondered what all the fuss was about – now I know! I will never use them.

  67. Ryanair are the cunt of cunts…
    It cost me and my daughter £585 to fly to Dublin for a weekend in early December – nearly £600!!! to fly to the sod!
    I’ve just booked another flight home with them (again, for me and my 9 year old daughter) and this time £20 – WTF!?!?! — oh yeah, and then the sting in the tail – a £5 admin fee – per person per flight – WTF again!
    The credit card company only charge them 1 admin fee for proccessing the payment, why do Cuntair charge you 4 seperate admin fees? – that can’t be legal – a 300% increase in the cost – for admin fees!
    I tried to book via an alternative airline, even with the intention of paying more, but unless I wanted to travel miles to another airport – I was stuck with Ryan air – I understand what people are saying about voting with your feet, and I feel, regretfully, that this will be the last time I go back to the sod for a long time – being ripped off and then treated like a piece of shit has left me well pissed off with ryan air…

  68. Booked a flight for my 15 year daughter to go home for her 16th birthday. Her 16th birthday was 3 days away. Wouldnt let her on board and wouldnt give her a refund. Cunts

  69. How can a flight costing so little STILL leave you feeling short changed ?

    Oh, for any tourists visiting the UK, try and avoid Stansted as it represents Britain at its worst (crowded, dirty, expensive and inconvenient)…

  70. RYANAIR is the real fucky and Crook company, I reserved a ticket for going to malaga in spain, but when I was in airport with a printed ticket, just they said me, they had a problem with system of reservation and they did not let me to travel, and they refused to refund my ticket or giving me another thicket. and when I was to police station, Just they give me a P.O.BOX adress in Dublin for writing them!!! but since 4 monthes I have no news from them!!!! Fuck ryanair and their impolite stuff.

  71. RYANAIR IS THE DIRTIEST AIRLINE WITH A SHITE STUFF. I traveled from frankfurt(hann) to faro in portugal and I will nerver do it with this fucky company. I bought a ticket on their website but when I was in airport they made me paid 40 euro extra for boarding card and 75 euro extra(115 euro extra) for size of my baggage!!! with 3 houres of delay for take off, without any excuse! inside the aircrafrt was very dirty.

  72. I would like to write some intelligent quip about these people. However I cannot muster the energy after my last flight.

    Thieving gypsy cunts.

  73. Please feel free to leave angry feedback on Facebook page ‘ I HATE Ryanair…. and Volcanos!!

    The rip of bastards cant do anything right!!!

  74. Leaving the by-now standard swear-words out, isn’t the point about Ryanair that they actually *enjoy* giving poor service and grabbing every penny they can by back-door means? Plenty of big companies now give atrocious service and offer no form of redress whatsoever. Many don’t even have a phone number. But Ryanair will also write to tell you just how much they despise you, in no uncertain terms.

    When I wrote to complain after being stranded at Stansted at 3 a.m (it was, most all all, frightening) they replied with “Serves you right for flying with us you mug, ha ha ha!” or words very closely to that effect.

    They do not deserve to succeed. Cheap fares are one thing; but there’s always Sleazyjet, who at least don’t treat their customers like moronic objects of fun. We have to stop giving money to the endlessly nasty Mr O’Leary. We have to cry Halt..However much we want to fly to that obscure airport in the middle of nowhere, very many transportless miles from the city after which it’s named.

  75. ..Not to mention the profound, money-clawing immorality of CHARGING kids applying for cabin crew just to have their CVs read…And then again for the training course (though they’re advertising that these are “discounted” now..Gee, wow.) and uniform.

    Really, is O’Leary sitting in his office having a good chuckle at finding out just how much he can get away with?

  76. oleary is a stupid money grabbing bastard,he is also a paraniod lunatic,that really does belive he is transporting cattle, i have spent a fortune trying to phone un helplines. i hate him

  77. I have been waiting since the 17 of April.It has been a nightmare and I am still frustrated.
    I was supposed to fly with Ryanair but I am still waiting in Frankfurt,my destination is Palma de Mallorca(where i live)
    Ryanair hasn’t been helpful at all.
    They haven’t answerd the phone,i tried to call them and I had to spend for only 2 minuts 4 euros without an answer.They don’t even have a mail!
    Then I have been waiting in an apartment which at least has cost me 150 euros all this days.
    I am going to look for a compensation from Ryanair since they haven’t help me to find a solution.
    I am also very concernd because they are going to open tomorrow Europe but I don’t know what is gonna happen with my flight on Saturday(after a week stuck in Frankfurt)
    I tried to change my flight for tomorrow but now they are charging me to change it instead of Saturday!!!
    I am very nervous and angry and I am looking forward to sue them and get my 150 euros back.
    I am watching the whole day BBC news and I am looking for this message to be hang up in your news which I would be very happy because now is the only way Ryanair can see what they have been doing to us.
    Thanks for BBC news,you have a great team.
    Thanks very much

  78. Hello everyone!
    i have a question!!!
    i have a flight for saturday and me too i have been waiting here for days!
    but now i wanna change it to tomorrow but i cant!!!they re charging me !why is this?have to wait 2 days more???
    i dnt understand anything!
    is someone in the same situation as me???
    then me too tried to called them and i spent 10 euros without an answer….is amazing…why ryanair are so bad organised or whatever???very bad company…
    am looking for an answer back

  79. What a bunch of ***** , I had a flight booked to go to Spain on the 21st which obviously is cancelled ….. now they are telling me I need to check in for the return leg of the journey? My flight to Spain was cancelled !!!!! how can I get on the flight back . Do not be trying to get out of paying me back for this !!!!!!!LIKE I KNOW YOU WILL YOU **** !!!!

    Pharmaceutical companies are the only other people who i can think of who make money out of making so many people miserable. I wish this ASH cloud had finished you fuckers off. Rot in hell Ryanair.

  80. What a brilliant website-best laugh I have had in ages. I didnt realise that so many people felt the same as I did!!!!

  81. liar ,ruined our holiday by claiming plane had a ” technical fault” fault being plane only partly full .had to make alternative arrangements by train and ferry. lost 2 days of holiday to this thieving leprechaun and will never use again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  82. OK. I just got off the phone with my wife who flew from Dublin to Cork this morning with Ryan Air. She brought a carry on bag as well as her handbang and had to pay an additional 35 euro because some bitch from Ryanair said it counted as 2 bags!!!! Get this, she gets on the plane and there’s 9 empty seats around her from Dublin to Cork and I assume more than enough space in the overhead lockers.

    Luckily her plane ticket was one way and she will have the luxury of getting the train back tomorrow.

    Ryan air? Never again.

  83. This is a wonderful place to let out steam. I have never flown Ryanair, but if I have my way will never again. Either the management team are very stupid or ingeniously greedy, but why they will callously lack any customer service sense is still unclear to me. Ryanair insists that all non EU customers must have their passports verified, even the ones not needing a visa to travel to their destination. Having had my passport and boarding pass checked at least twice en route to the boarding gate, Ryanair staff waited until about 20 minutes before departure before getting through to the three of us without the appropriate ‘Ryanair’ stamp. Instead of the staff just taking us back to get the appropriate stamp or just keep the stamp at the desk for such an occasion. They bluntly refused to use their common sense. Ryanair created a policy of their own making that stopped their clients being taken to their destination that they pay for. The staff staff were adamant that there was not enough staff to take us back the 2 -3 minutes walk back to the main counter at Luton airport.

    I felt very sorry for the two American ladies. They were going to Malta for a couple of days, so effectively lost the better part of their holiday, had to take a cab back to London, rebook the hotel and then get a cab back to Luton at about 3.am in the following morning.

    I am all for rules, but where it will cause so much disruption and inconvenience, a bit of the application of common sense would have gone a very long way. Even a fine to get the stamp would have been appropriate. Ryanair and several companies like them believe exclusively that they have the unfettered power, like the monopoly companies of the 1980’s, they know that people have limited choice.

  84. It was great to see you, you fucking ryanair cunts (especially you, O’Leary) having to pay for all the accommodation of passengers stranded due to the volcanic ash cloud related airspace closures.

    I’d have thought differently if you, O’Leary, wasn’t such an ARROGANT, THIEVING AND DISRESPECTFUL CUNT before. What? You thought you’re exempt from abiding by the EU regulations? Just who the fuck you think you are?

    AND to you, Cabin-Shitty-Crew: you’re fucking useless, you look like you haven’t taken a shower in a week with your oil and sweat soaked hair and shirts. Your manners have hit an absolute rock bottom. Your fat flight attendants are a fucking disgrace, nudging everyone with their fat asses as they pass.

    You’re asking what am I expecting when paying cheap fares? Does paying less mean I have to tolerate shitty behaviour, rude staff and unhelpful staff? If you’ve got any doubts – you’re there, because you’re not qualified to do any better job. You’re there to serve us, just as an ass is there to take a dump. Get over it.

    I FUCKING HATE YOU FOR MAKING every effort possible to make traveling suck!

    FUCK YOU CABIN CREW (except for the pilots)

  85. Unfortunately, there is only one way to express what O’Leary is doing – he is taking the piss out of us all and laughing all the way to the bank. It is just one sharp trick after another and it is time it was stopped by whatever means available to the regulatory bodies and other authorities and of course we the travelling public.
    Twice my Danish sister in law has flown from Billund and on both return flights from Stansted she was charged for baggage which she had already paid for when booking in Denmark but UK records didn’t agree so it was pay up or don’t fly. She won’t use them again.
    One certain way to wipe the smile off O’Leary’s smug face is to boycott Ryanair. My wife is shortly flying to Denmark but despite costing more is using Cimber Air (Danish) with its free newspaper, coffee and educated, pleasant staff. The other plus is that she avoids using that joke of an airport at Stansted where security and immigration is just total mayhem at busy periods.
    Finally, having read some of the comments from Ryanair staff, their spelling and use of the English language (Irish version I presume) leads me to suggest that O’Leary is employing the cheapest labour possible so no one should expect proper or courteous service from some Irish thicko lacking a basic education and ability to express themself.

  86. Just came back from Brno – pilot was all over the place, cabin crew were fucking rude, and to top it off, had the misfortune to leave something on the plane. Tried calling their 10p customer service number…what a fucking surprise… kept hanging on for ages, then the line goes dead. Tried again and the same thing happens. Then tried calling the lost luggage number… same again. What a bunch of absolute cunts!

  87. i’ve just been forced to book a flight with Ryanair as there are no other airlines flying to that destination. Ryanair is NOT a budget airline i paid £180 for a short european flight…. I hate Ryanair !! thank you for this website..

  88. Flights been cancelled because of this volcanic ash, fair enough, but when trying to contact ryan air for £1 per minute, dont fucking ring then hang us up time after time, cant get through to anyone have no idea whats happening about the flights! ALL CALL CENTRES ARE CLOSED AT WEEKENDS! SO HOW THE HELL AM I MENT TO SORT MY FLIGHTS OUT! A LITTLE COMMUNICATION WOULDNT GO A MISS, HOW ABOUT A CONTINGENCY PLAN IN SITUATIONS LIKE THIS! A KID COULD DO A BETTER JOB THAN O LEARLY! WHAT THE FUCK! SERIOUSLY! DICKHEAD

  89. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this website – I was about to book a flight on Ryan Air but now there is absolutely no way I will ever give them a penny! Hopefully thousands of people will think the same and this airline will collapse.

  90. today my friends went to Stansted airport to get his flight for Glasgow.
    He got the boarding pass and was 1 and half hour early to his flight schedule and was waiting for the gate to open but at the last 5 minute they open the gate.

    AND HERE IS THE CHEATING BEGINS… they told him to get his visa check before boarding. How can he get it checked in 5 minute which is almost other side of the flight?
    My friends ran to do visa check and get it done in 8 minute came back. But just because they were 3 minute late they did not allow him in the flight and told them to book next flight.
    They should have informed when he got his boarding pass but at the last minute they told him to visa check.
    It is clear fraud going on..
    They are cheating as ticket was of 280 pound for three person and telling him to book another.
    Please do not go for this kind of airlines which will let every one suffer one day.

  91. Been waiting since the 20th of April for a refund due to volcanic eruption applied for it on the day that Ryanair cancelled the flight ( up to 10 days for refund) . Received an email on the 6th May and applied for the refund again assuming they didn’t receive the first request for a refund, the email as follows… and still no further word to this day:
    Re: Booking Confirmation: xxxxx
    We sincerely apologise for the cancellation of your flight scheduled to depart between the 15-22 April.
    As you are aware the flight was cancelled because of the closure of European airspace following the volcanic eruption in Iceland
    It would appear that ryanair are holding onto the refunds as long as they can, the longer they wait the more money they make in interest which is totally irresponsible as thousands of people went without there holiday and still no payment,
    PS i received the full refund from the hotel within five days of cancellation,

    Totally dissapointed and will not be flying with Ryanair again

  92. Applied for refund as flight cancelled due to volcanic eruption. I have received an email from Ryanair on 22nd April 2010 confirming that my refund request has been processed back to the form of payment used to pay for my booking and the issuing back will take 5-7 working days to process this refund amount back to my account. Today it is 28th May and money still not in my account. Their customer service is non existent, u can wait as long as u wish on the line trying to call them and at the end after 40 minutes of waiting they disconnect you. The airport staff cant help u as they dont know anything. Rubbish airline. The worst ever!!!

  93. I just got off the phone to Ryanair Customer Services, I was due to fly back home from Malaga on 17 April 2010, but actually arrived back on next available flight on 25 April, After a 20 min wait on the phone i got through to someone, they assured me that i would be receiving my cheque within 5 days.

  94. And note, the flight which Jasphal discussed was an INTERNAL FLIGHT! From Stansted *GB) to Glasgow (GB)!

  95. After submitting my claim for the expenses and return flight after the volcanic ash disruption by FAX as requested I have received this reply which I think is classic even for Ryan Air:
    ….normal blurb about their apologies for flight disruption….As requested we have refunded your canceled flight. As you have requested a refund you are no longer able to claim for expenses….
    It goes without saying – we have NEVER requested a refund as our original flight was v cheap and the flight we had to book to replace it as we couldn’t get through over the phone was really expensive.
    I’ve just got off the phone to the call centre and they wouldn’t even talk to me. Saying there was no way to contact the refunds team and that as we had requested a refund we had no further claim with them.
    I can only wish them the worst and promise never to fly Ryan Air again.

  96. Hi all, same issue as above…email received that I would get refund within 7 working days (19thMay) not heard anything so just called. The agent said their records show my claim has been processed but I insisted nothing has been lodged into my account. He said to fax a copy of my bank statement to customer services +35315081702 to prove this!! its only 30euro but as its ryanair I want my money back!!lol

  97. It always amazes me that people complain about “lack of service” etc from Ryanair. What do you expect from a company that charges on average about €20-€50 per flight? I fly thousands of miles every year and I made a decision NEVER to fly with Ryanair because of the way they treat their staff. Almost none of them have a permenant contract of employment, the wages are absolute shite and working conditions could only be decribed as draconian so why would they make ANY sort of effort!? Why do I say this? I used to work for them! They are (management) by far the WORST, most dishonest shower of of people you are ever likley to come accross. The way that they treat passengers are what can only be decribed as second class citizens! Imagine how they treat their staff. Micheal O’Leary: Wanker of the highest order.

  98. I can’t wait for the day Ryanair go bust, they must be feeling it as they have still not given me back my refund for the iceland volcanic ash disruptions. It’s not been 4 months and nothing, no emails confirming or not comfirming, received the usual flight cancellation process… SURELY I mean seriously surely ryanair know who was on the flight, how much they paid and if a refund is due to that person being htat they didn’t transfer onto another flight. If they don’t know this then they are even worse than I thought they were. They are a digusting company with terrible if null customer service, the website is confusing and they purposely make it difficult for complaints to be made… No more Ryanair! I’ll fly with whoever the competitior might be and I don’t mind paying the difference. Eventually ryanair will go bust…..

  99. Ryanair is “The most miserable airline on the net!!”. On day I flew from Bergamo(Bgy) to Girona(Gro). The lady in front of me asked for a coffee. The cabin crew memeber poored the coffee and gave it to har. The lady wanted to pay for it with a 50 Euros bill. The cabin crew member said she had no change so took back the coffee and said she’d be back. At the end she was back and, since she had no change, she said she could not give her the coffee. Most miserable airline…..

  100. today my friends went to Stansted airport to get his flight for Glasgow.
    He got the boarding pass and was 1 and half hour early to his flight schedule and was waiting for the gate to open but at the last 5 minute they open the gate.

    AND HERE IS THE CHEATING BEGINS… they told him to get his visa check before boarding. How can he get it checked in 5 minute which is almost other side of the flight?
    My friends ran to do visa check and get it done in 8 minute came back. But just because they were 3 minute late they did not allow him in the flight and told them to book next flight.
    They should have informed when he got his boarding pass but at the last minute they told him to visa check.
    It is clear fraud going on..
    They are cheating as ticket was of 280 pound for three person and telling him to book another.
    Please do not go for this kind of airlines which will let every one suffer one day.

  101. How can ryanair explain charging £10 for Visa electron payment? Why do ryanair charge so much for infants? Why do ryanair not allow you to travel to multi-cities? I keep wondering. Surely there is an agenda to squeeze money out from paxs while trying to look cheap.

  102. Mugging 2:

    Fly to Gerona on Ryanair with children and friends. No problem.
    Fly back from Gerona, get charged for being overweight on the luggage. Despite having LESS baby food and consumables with us.

    A clear mugging:
    1. The desk staff waited until all the bags had dissappeared on the conveyer belt before announcing the weight problem, thus preventing disposal of unwanted items.

    2. The T’s & C’s state baggage weights cannot be pooled, so why did she send all bags down before charging us? We had no idea which couple was overweight.

    3. Practically the whole planeload of passengers were charged (about from one entrepenerial student who boarded wearing 4 coats and 5 pairs of trousers).

    4. It was reported in the press some weeks later that this was a recurrent problem at Gerona. Thats either dodgy scales, or overcomissioned checkin staff!

  103. In the case of a rare problem/complaint with ryanair how on earth do you expect rresolution when the 0871 number is in bucharest and they expect you to fax any paper work to dublin ? utterly ridiculous .AFTER ALL THAT YOU RECEIVE NO REAL EXPLANATION OF THE PROBLEM after waiting 10 to 14 days for a quite could not careless reply

  104. I agree, they have completely taken the service aspect from theoir airlines just to compete. Can’t see them going bust for a while because they have now opened air travel to people who can’t even be arsed to work. Thats right. My neighbours who have 3 kids and have never done a days work can now afford to have a holiday abroad. These people coulodnt care less about service as they are happy just to be flying. Shocking situation. Anyway, at least those of us who can afford to spend a little more on air travel still have the choice not to use them.

  105. I had a meeting in Frankfurt Airport Hotel so why no,t I booked Ryanair. Anyway arrived and said to a taxi driver please take me to Frankfurt Airport Hotel, he said “Are you sure? it’s 120km from here, this is Frankfurt Han, it’s not really Frankfurt” What amazed me Ryanair had a dedicated bus service to Frankfurt (how thoughtful) that takes two hours. Needless to say, I missed my meeting….

  106. Thomos cook are soo much more much than easyjet and ryanair, i waited along with thousands of other people for our suitcases,i waited from 8pm to 6 in the morning, some peope had been waiting for longer. Worst airline ever! Well one of them anyway

  107. so i flew with Ryan Air from London stanstead to Dublin, so the flight was okay going out. Had my business meeting and left for dublin airport, this is where the fun started!!! tried to get earlier flight, but told it would cost 200 Euro more. So i thought i would wait for my correct flight, but when i had walked to the departure lounge, my flight had been delayed!! it all started to make sence!!!. so i waited for another two hours, still no news, so i booked a flight back to city airport with BA. FLIGHT COST 125.00 euro. Once at City airport it was a taxi to liverpool street station, train to london stanstead to collect car. Arrived home at 12.30am!!! Ryan air never again, not even if it was the last flight to heaven!!!!! PS FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED FOR GOOD!!!!

  108. as the title says this you are all.
    Off course you have no special seeat for you .off coure there is no free girls on the plane wisky and food cause this what a chep low cost airlines DO:
    take from A to B with 10 euro .You want services go with private jet or pay 2000 pounds a ticket .
    Now i bet in the uk you can not convinced someone toi spit you with 10 euros so shut th efuck up ingrate bustards caiuse for 10 euros their services are the best.all low cost airlines

    1. Hi John,

      Sorry, I can’t read Martian, could you possibly translate your post into English so that I can give it proper attention?


  109. A German court recently passed a motion forbidding Ryanair from charging its passengers for payments made using payment cards. It allowed Ryanair to follow its refusal to take cash payments rule but spoke out against its card payment charges stating that the passengers were “inappropriately disadvantaged” by Ryanairs payment charges and forced Ryanair to reverse its charging scheme.
    The ruling is enforced and no appeals will be allowed.
    Berlin. 20.05.2010 BGH ruling # Az. Xa ZR 68/09

  110. I flew with Ryanair from Bristol to portugal return last week. Apart from the hour long que at baggage drop off on departure, everything was fine, we were even on time!! However on the return journey, we were one of the last people to get on board. As we were climing the stairs to enter the aircraft, i could hear one off the cabin crew getting annoyed as people kept sitting in seats that for some reason they were not allowed to. As i handed her my ticket, i asked her what seats she didnt want us to sit in, so not to make the same mistake as all the other people did. She gave me a stinking look and said an angry “Its obvious ” I couldnt believe it, how rude. As we went in search of seats i could see that the rows she didnt want us to sit on had their kit for the H and S bit they do, thats all!! We found seats and then as the last people got on the plane, she moved the kits and let then sit there!!As she walked passed i said to my husband thats her, im gonna get her name. She heard me and turned her id around so i couldnt see it. For the next 2 hours, she stomped past and bashed my husband on every chance she got.She was a lot bigger than your average cabin crew but she managed to pass everyone else without knocking them out with her giant hip!! In the end another cabin member was kind enough to call her by her name stacey!! so the id hiding was pointless!! ha ha!!

  111. After arriving back home from Alicante 16 hours late and £220 out of pocket, I do hate Ryanair. We should have flown from Alicante to East Midlands, but flight was cancelled. Options were fly to Bristol that day or fly to East Midlands 4 days later. With no assistance at all from THE CUSTOMER CARELESS COMPANY ( Ryanair !! ), we made our way late at night from Bristol to East Midlands by anyway possible, that included overnight in hotel, taxis and trains. I WILL NEVER FLY WITH THIS RUBBISH AIRLINE( thats a laugh) AGAIN.

  112. My friends and I had the great pleasure to fly with this crap Airline, however after carefully avoiding the charges, just before we boarded the plane, we encountered a cage were you put your luggage in, and if your bag doesn’t go into this cage then you have to part with an extra £90s.
    My friends and I were fine and our simple hand luggage passed through with flying colors, However what really got to me was that this old lady (frail looking and weak) could get her luggage into the cage was forced to part with £90s, or leave the luggage, the staff even wouldn’t let fellow passengers to help the poor women with her luggage.
    Mr `O` Leary if you are reading this, I hope you enjoyed dining with that £90s from that old lady, because she certainly didn’t enjoy parting with it, on top of that his Airline takes the pleasure out of fly, the staff are ugly and unfriendly, I have seen better manners from that “Hook Hand” (Abu Hamza)
    `O` Leary when you meet your maker at the end of your destination, I hope you understand the saying (What goes around, comes around) also hope you read the small print!

  113. oh dear! our flight from france was cancelled on thursday. no one from ryanair at airport. contact centre closed. ryanair offered next available flight – 6 days later. no god as have to work and wife is disabled. we were then thrown out of airport as it was closing. bus to train station. 6 hours in waiting room along with very wost of marseille society, train to paris, then calais then ferry then train to london. bus to stanstead to collect car. £500 and 24 hrs down. small claims court next.

  114. Just stumbled across this website and must say how true the comments are. Years ago we would book flights with ryanair but found out very early on that the so called cheap fares would always end up costing more than proper quality airlines. The company I worked for would book around 800 flights per month for our staff but we quickly put this business elsewhere. I have since moved jobs and now organise travel for european trade events. The very last resort is ryanair and we have even had staff refuse to fly with them or take a ferry. There is only one way to hurt Mick and that is to travel with other companies. Stop using them, we can make them go under.

  115. Why don’t people just stop paying en-masse for priority boarding to inhibit this revenue stream. We can then begin to get some revenge on this misrepresentation of a service.

    Common courtesy and good manners amongst the cabin crew would not at all go amiss and to some extent redress the indignity, but, oh no…..the staff exhibit an arrogance and indifference, which is mind-blowing!

  116. I am so annoyed at Ryanair
    it is utterly CRAP in enything they do
    I am waiting for the company and O’leary to go bust and start begging on the road…

  117. i had booked a flight with my family to go to pau
    the onward flight was ok but the return flight was cancelled due to the general strike in france
    this is acceptable however 4 hours before the flight after their main office had closed they sent a text stating that the outward flight from pau was cancelled
    they did not have the courtesy to tell us or help us whether there are any alternatives
    no contact number we could not contact anybody
    and they have now refunded the money but all the expenses of booking the hotel and the parking at the airport had to borne myself
    it is sad if they had informed us 24 hours in advance atleasst we could have explored the possibilitiy of coming back and also would have got all my refund
    this is disgrace
    i wll never fly ryan air anymore

    Ryanair you will not survive in the current market as your services are awful your staff in not qualified and your prices are too high for the CRAP you offer.
    you should go belly up as you do not deserve to exist. Utterly CRAP as I mentioned above. O’leary you are the worst CEO and owner a company could possibly have. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your airline was bad enough few years ago, but the desperation has now pushed you to adopt disgusting policies in your shortsighted and crazy little business plan. Shame on you

  119. just listening to a tv show regarding 19 passengers who were to board a flight from luton to dublin, while watching the airport monitor it stated please wait then within minutes plane was departing, bloody ryanair departed luton without the 19 passengers who then all had to pay £100 to fly back to dublin on the next flight….Ryanair you should be ashamed of yourselves

  120. I arrived at Berlin airport 2 MINS past the latest possible time I could turn up yesterday, I had travelled by train (which was delayed-causing me to be late) from the other side of Germany. I had my 6 and 2 year old with me, we were due to travel to the UK for a suprise get together for my parents 30th wedding anniversary. They refused point blank to let us in, even though I had already checked in online and had only one bag to put in, which could of come on the plane instead if necessary as it was not large. My 6 year old bless her even begged the lady to let her go and see her “mama” but still no.
    I had to turn round, get back on the train and get home. I spent 9 hours on the trains all in all with the 2 small ones. It was my first and last attempt at flying with them. They certainly haven’t heard the last of me!

  121. 260 Euro, thats the cost of flying ryanair from Barcelona to Ibiza, me and my wife, ONE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 tickets 90 E
    2 boarding cards 80 E
    1 carry on 35 E
    1 suitcase 20 kg 55 E

    The world talks about the pirats in the south sea, as right in the middle of europe we have modern pirats, protected by law.
    I wish them all the bad things, and fast/

  122. My Mother was booked to fly on the 21st of May but after she’d made the booking, she had to undergo a medical procedure (heart pacemaker) which means she was unable to fly for 6 weeks.
    she tried to change the dates but she found the cost was almost as much as the original ticket. This is outrageous. She expected to pay a reasonable admin charge but considers this to be anything but (especially when the change required is out of her hands).
    Ryan Air are rubbish

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