Woman thrown off Ryanair flight ‘for skin condition’

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have thrown a woman off a flight in Spain because cabin crew feared a rash on her arm was contagious, despite assurances from a doctor on the flight that it was not.

A senior flight attendant noticed spots on the arm of Patricia Roa, a 59-year-old Spanish woman, and asked her to leave the plane before take-off at Madrid’s Barajas airport last Wednesday.

Mrs Roa, who has suffered for ten years from prurigo nodularis – an itchy skin condition that is non-contagious – tried in vain to explain the nature of the disease.

A doctor who happened to be on board confirmed the diagnosis and Mrs Roa telephoned her dermatologist who offered to fax the airline a medical certificate giving permission to fly.

But staff refused to listen and order the woman and her daughter off the flight which was bound for Trapani, in Sicily. Five officers from Spain’s civil guard boarded the aircraft to escort them off after the pair refused to go quietly.

“I was told several times that they did not care what the disease was and that as I could not prove it was not contagious I couldn’t fly,” Mrs Roa wrote in a complaint lodged with police against the airline.


4 thoughts on “Woman thrown off Ryanair flight ‘for skin condition’

  1. In the last three weeks I have taken nine flights, all to and from Ryan Air destinations where I could have flown with those cowboys. These nine occasions I flew with other ‘proper’ airlines who ended up being cheaper or the same price as ‘rip off air’ but most off all, all nine flights were totally stress free! I felt so sorry for those Cowboy Air passengers waiting to pay fines or where I observed them having to plead / argue / beg for an ounce of human dignity from the henchman of O’Learys crooked company. You’ve lost my business you crook and my sanity is restored! … everyone should try it.

  2. I agree with you guys as well.
    Ryan Air is failing because what you pay is actually more than flying with “proper” airlines nowadays.

    There is no point of arguing with people who do monkey business. It was maybe working for a while, but there are too many, I mean too many people who had such bad experience with Ryan Air. I think people started realizing that now.

    I want people to know that Ryan Air is not cheap after all. With all kinds of hidden and unknown charges, there is NO point of flying with them (one of the is a 5 EUR fee for using your credit card, and this is charged twice if you book a round-trip).

  3. I have read a story about the vicious ill treatment of a man, disabled by multiple myeloma, on a Ryanair flight between Barcelona and Rome last May. It is the lowest of the low to which Ryanair has ever plummeted in its bestial treatment of the disabled, the ill and the injured. The man wanted to take a seat in one of the front rows, but the pilot ordered him to go to row 32 in the back of the plane. He struggled his way painfully to that row. Then, for some unfathomable reason, the pilot decided to have him thrown off the plane by the Spanish police. One of three policemen, his mindset firmly stuck in the Fascist Franco era, assaulted the man and broke his right shoulder. In the end the passenger was not thrown off the flight and in Rome he was taken away by ambulance. Ryanair came up with a pack of lies, one of its claims was that de passenger had refused to sit down. Sure, a severely disabled man in pain won’t sit down. For the entire story google: ‘Multiple Myeloma Ryanair’ and you will find the full revolting story.

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