Why hate Ryanair? – BBC Panorama investigates

As Ryanair prepares to become the first airline to eliminate check-in desks and go completely online, Panorama reporter Vivian White investigates the airline’s cost-cutting measures.

Don’t miss this…BBC One, Monday, 12 October at 8.30pm.


13 thoughts on “Why hate Ryanair? – BBC Panorama investigates

  1. Accidentally entered our surname in the space where my wifes first name should have been . Ryanair refused to insert her correct name and insisted that I but a new ticket for her. They charged me £111.00 to do this, and failed to mention that I could have done the same on line for £66.00. Double whammy . . . and I am afraid typical of this airline.

  2. Hi Micheal,

    We watched last nights Panorama expecting the BBC to have given Ryanair a right pasting. However, along with most everyone else, we were left feeling a little bemused.

    Panorama failed to dig deep enough into any of the points they raised. Far too much padding with shots of planes taking off and landing.

    Mr O’Leary did re-affirm his status as a complete twat, but we think he’ll be feeling pretty smug after last night to be honest.

    One very interesting point though was regarding the travel insurance drop down and how Ryanair have now re-engineered that part of the page. This has been done, in our opinion, because of the pressure applied by customers and the BBC alike and because Ryanair knew it was misleading and probably illegal. Good news nonetheless.

    Who else watched last night? We’d love your thoughts!


  3. Used to fly RyanAir from Milan to London. After a 20 flight in a couple of years I can say they’re never on time. RA employees must be under a great pressure cause they are quite often not very polite. They’re cheap only if you book 3 months in advance or you accept to fly at 6am.
    I converted to Easyjet and I must admit they’re much better.

  4. Wht i do not understand is WHY moan about them? you have the choice to fly anyother airlins BUT HOP no greed steps in and want cheap chaep cheap…you can not buy a Ferrari with the money of a mini…..

    @Adrian…Easy read the website..ye it’s a bit all over the shop but if you would have read it you whould have saved money….no point moaning after the horse has bolted..

    I fly ryanair a lot business, I book way in advance and I know what o am paying,…..its not that hard.

    What is it that people want..Ryanair to collapse and then we go back to BA prices. To me Ryanair as opened up Europe to businesses and families that would never have had the chance to see places..

    As monty phyton once said “Always look on the bright side of life”

  5. Yes, the program was poor.

    People like David miss the point entirely. It’s not that they’re cheap so you can’t expect better, it’s that they often AREN’T that cheap. And they lie to you.

    Check out my list of things the Panorama program forgot to tell you:

    Why Hate Ryanair

  6. David, there are more low cost airlines than Ryanair and they are much better and often cheaper. Easyjet, Air Berlin, Germanwings, Niki etc. One reason I want to see Ryanair fly too close to the sun and crash as Icarus did in the Greek myth, is that other airlines are aping Ryanairs nasty practices. Ryanair is deliberately destroying the joy and experience of flying. O’Leary wants to install modern versions of the Scavengers Daughter on his planes as seats! Ryanair started charging for hold luggage, others are following them. When will other airlines start charging for online check in as well? The mere thought that Ryanair might swallow up Aer Lingus one day makes me sick.
    Ryanair treats its workers as garbage, they have to pay lots of money for their training, they get low pay and they can be kicked out without any explanation. On Facebook – People who hate Michael O’leary – , I read an entry in which O’Leary is accused of laughing at girls from Aer Arann at Dublin Airport who had been made redundant and were crying for their lost jobs. Not just laughing at them but also giving them the two finger salute! Anyone who does such a foul thing and who has a business should become the Captain Boycott of the 21st century. And I know that O’Leary is perfectly capable of such heinous cruelty.

  7. David, you shouldn’t be so smug about a mistake that someone made while making a booking on Ryanair and was robbed for that by the self proclaimed ‘Number One Customer Service’ airline. The charge that Ryanair imposed for such a small error was simply outrageous. It all goes by computer! Do you never make mistakes? One thing is sure: part of Ryanairs business model is making passengers pay dearly for mistakes. Sooner or later you may make an error with Ryanair. Then you will be on the receiving end and pay a lot of money or even be denied boarding and loose the money you paid. I do not fly Ryanair and pay not much more more on Aer Lingus.

  8. In reply to David – Some of us dont have the luxury of numerous airlines to book with and price isnt always the most important thing. I live in Hungary and my husband works in the UK so he comes out here 6 times year. When I book his flight I have to take into account many things – the day of the flight not all fit in with his work. The airport which is the closest to his work and then the price. London airports are no good as they are a 4 hour drive away so that rules out many airlines To fly with KLM at Humberside the journey take nearly 4 hours longer as there is a change over so for us its always between Jet2 at Manchester and Ryanair at East Midlands. Jet2 at Manchester is further away but the flight times are better and they fly here on more days. Ryanair at E. Midlands is closer but then you only have Monday or Friday to fly which is difficult sometimes as they are both work days. The prices are very similar most of the time but when it comes to book I usually go for the the cheapest on that date and reluctantly that could be Ryanair. This isnt because we are greedy but because as I said before he flys here 6 times a year and sometimes the money we save with Ryanair over 2 or 3 flights almost pays for another flight. If it was a once a year holiday then I would avoid Ryanair like the plague but in our situation we cant afford principals.

  9. i used ryanair quite a lot until staff in krakow airport upset my two young children and they simply yelled at me and informed me that my ten kilo case is too big and we are not going enywhere.this was just a few minutes after another mupped checking rude woman weighed the case and checked it in.she then called the security on me and my two children and told us to leave my case there.at that poing i took it to my hands and just went to gate where surprise surprise there she was again and asked me to put my case into the measure thingy and surprise surprise it was ten kilos and she had to let us go.this is now when my five year old girl was extremely scared and upset of the whole situation. RYIANAIR staff made me SICK that night and my two little children will never ever go their plane=their saying not mine- tina

  10. People are saying i have a choice to fly on Ryanair… RUBBISH!

    I HAD a wide choice of airlines, before Ryanair started flying to my airport and now all those other airlines couldn’t compete so stopped flying there.

  11. This airline is ok. They look for people to make mistakes thats where they make there money. They are a business after all.

    There ceo is top of his game makes the flight cheap but the fine expensive. I have used ryanair over 20 times and all flights for less than a grand. Knows how to squeeze money out of stupid flyers who expect to give the sob story. If you are not capable then use bmi ba and klm etc.

    Wake up

  12. Ryanair may be cheap ok we expected delays ok not to be dumped in another country and left to swim home.
    Never again and yes they do lie still waiting for cancelled flight money to be returned as promised. 3 x
    Montreal agreement you may as well burn the paper its not worth the paper its written on. Ryanair appear to ignore this
    CAA appear powerless to impose law against them

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