Who else hates Ryanair?

I travel quite a bit with business and for pleasure and have developed an absolute hatred for this airline. Only a few things that are really starting to grate:Priority boarding then complete pandemonium when trying to get on the damn planeAbolished reclining seats & rubbish holders to ‘save’Nonexistent serviceScrewing you over every lasy penny – granted the flights are usually cheap but you more than make up for it when you’ve bought a £1.50 cup of water and needed 6 weeks of stress therapy.Unprofessionalism of giggling strewardesses (usually the ugliest girls you’ll ever see or some overly attentive camp fella)i could go on all day..

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26 thoughts on “Who else hates Ryanair?

  1. Just back from Milano bergamo were Ryanair made us wait for ….

    6 hours !!!!

    flight scheduled at 19:15 to Stansted left at 1 am !!!!

    They fly at least 20 destination from Milano and wait for this they do not even have a representative in the airport nor a spare airplane to cope with “technical problems” but hey we got a food voucher for our long wait.. a shitty sandwich and drink

  2. Ryanair have come up with an amazing offer yesterday. For 24 hours only, selected flights available from £0.01 including taxes and fees. Why, if my calculations serve me correct, I could book a return flight to some European hotspot for….£0.02!

    Ok so here we go, I have found the flights, entered my billing details and now my card details. Click continue and Sevilla here we come! What’s this!?!?! There is an error has occured because “there may be too many people logging onto the server”. PERHAPS YOU COULD HAVE ANTICIPATED THIS!!!!!!!
    Sort your ruddy I.T. out!

    This error has lasted over 8 hours and counting; will O’Lowry extend the terms of his generous 24 hour only offer to compensate for the actual time it has been impossible to take him up on it? I am not holding my breath.

    I hate Ryanair.

  3. My 17 year old daughter went to Luton airport to travel to Knock (Southern Ireland), she checked in as normal, her id checked and received necessary clearance to travel.

    She then travelled through security to the boarding gate, and when it had gotten to her turn to give in her boarding pass to board the plane she was ‘rudely’ told to step aside as she wouldn’t be getting on the plane!! She had valid photo identification (and as her passport – was expired by 5 months she had taken additional photo ID as a precaution, she has travelled with this particular photo ID many times before). She was then told to go away and sit down as there was no way she was getting on the plane and that she should just ring someone to to pick her up from the airport. The rude woman at the boarding gate called Jacqui then got someone to get her baggage off of the plane. My daughter rang me and told me what was going on, I spoke to this gastly flight agent, Jacqui, who proceeded to talk to me also in an unhelpful and rude manner.

    My daughter was given her case and was told to follow seme other woman, she advised that she needed assistance with her luggage due to a neck and hand injury (visible bandage on hand and wrist!). Se was at this sage deeply distraught and struggling for breath (consequence of being an Asthmatic). It was obvious that she was having breathing difficulties but the rude Jacqui folded her arms and just leered at my daughter. She was ignored and left to try and handle this on her own and follow this absolutely horrible ryanair woman at the same time.

    My daughter had an acute asthmatic attack and had to sit on the floor as she was by this time weak. She asked another woman (non-ryanair) to help, and she did, but the flight agent (Jacqui) who refused her access onto the flight stood there again arms crossed just staring at her. My daughter had to be seen and treated by an airport First Aider and eventually her asthma proceeded to calm down after her inhaler was located and given to her.

    She then asked to see a supervisor and was led off, with help from another flight agent who thankfully assisted her to carry her bags. The supervisor turned up 5 mins later and my daughter spoke to her, she looked at my daughter’s id and said “oh this is a valid photo id”, and then said ‘oh dear’ it is too late as the plane is long gone.
    This Jacqui person then directed my daughter to the aer arann desk and advised a 17 year old to go buy another ticket with another airline as there were no more ryanair flights!!!

    My daughter was collected form the airport by her father and taken home – deeply upset by the ordeal she encountered, particularly with one very ‘small minded’ and rude woman called Jacqui. She has now missed her university open day visit thanks to someone who clearly should not ne given the responsibility she has as she very obviously does not know how to use it properly. Ryanair have not heard the last from me on this one – I will take it all the way as I believe one of two heads need to roll for the disgusting way she treated a vulnerable 17 year old girl. I will be writing to the newspapers and any other media I can so that I can alert people to the shoddy service you can expect to receive

    ‘What goes around comes around’

  4. Just flew to dublin and back, no mention about us having to print our own boarding passes £60 to pay for them at airport, last time i will fly with them. There were 7 people in the queue with the same problem.

  5. I HATE ryanair.
    I am juat back from Paris and I thought it was terrible.
    My teeth were very sore because of the pressure and I couldn’t breathe.
    They didn’t even help me.
    They just ignored me.
    I am never going on Ryanair again!

  6. Tried to fly with RyanAir from Stansted to Grenoble today with my 10 month son for a few days skiing. Complete mission negotiating luggage, pushchair and a baby whose into everything but as my husband was meeting us at Grenoble airport I thought I would cope. Got to the airport and checked it at a new check-in machine (the only option available). Entered my reference number and the machine printed tickets in my married name whilst my passport is in my maiden name. I noticed this (my husband had made the booking and obviously forgotten to remember to book in my maiden name) but assumed it was ok otherwise the machine would not allow me to check-in. Anyway, went to bag drop a few minutes later where they noticed the discrepancy and told me to go to ticket sales and pay £145 for a name change. I tried arguing against this for a minute and offered other ID to show I was the same person but they refused – only a marriage certificate would do and I didn’t have it with me. So, off I go to Ticket Sales, baby and luggage in tow, queue for about 10 minutes then finally get to talk to someone re the name change, which I was pretty peeved about as I don’t see how this change justifies a whopping charge of £145, more than the flight itself. Spoke to the rudest, stupidiest woman I’ve ever met (would have got more sense talking to a brick wall) who told me there was no other way and I had to pay and then spent ages trying to change the name. I checked the time (9.50, flight was at 10.10. tight but I assumed ok as I was checked in and there was no queue through departures) and she looked up and said, oh, you’ve missed the flight as you’re not checked in. I said, I am checked in; she replied, I unchecked you to change your booking and now check in is closed and so there is nothing we can do. Then she added, we’ve charged you the admin fee though. So, they wanted me to pay an extortionate admin fee for a change of name (though same person) regardless of the fact that they had made me miss the check in for this flight by kindly “un-checking me”. Being extremely sleep deprived and fraught, I got angry then burst into tears, and the baby joined in. To no avail! Spoke to her supervisor and they refunded me the admin fee but refused to refund the price of the flight they made me miss. No other flights from Stansted to Grenoble today and we were only gpoing until Saturday so not really worth going tomorrow. Beyond furious. I will NEVER fly this horrible crappy airline again. Customer service is non-existent. They have one piurpose – to get as much money out of you as possible. The supervisor basically told me that they charge people for “making mistakes” (nice business model) I hope they go bankrupt.

  7. A friend of mine was flying in to see me from Barcelona Girona this morning. The flight was delayed the gates switched and apparently an announcement was made but nothing posted on the airport system. A number of people missed the flight. No flights the next day or that day. Ryanair’s response: GET LOST

    What’s new: You can have a choice.


  8. Michael O’leary and whoever pulls the string of that huge robbery that is Ryanair are not better than the Maddofs of this world. They sell a lie from A to Z, what they advertise and practise are two different things. Promoting a ticket for 79pence and ending up paying £100 due to enforced credit card fees, baggage fees…etc is what i would could UTTER ROBBERY. They distort language, hide and control available options and by so doing confuse and manipulate the client on their website to ensure maximum revenue per customer. It is a most blatant and underhand profit over service corporate business.

  9. I just flew from London to Berlin and was mad about the check in fee Ryan Air demanded in London Stansted when checking in. They asked for an additional 10 € surcharge on the ticket price, which had to be bought at two tiny ticket sales counters, with a queue of approximately 250 people in front of it. Arriving 2 hours prior to the flight´s departure, I had to spend 1 hr in the queue for the check in fee, spend another 30 mins in the security line and almost missed the flight. I wont ever fly Ryan Air again.

  10. I REALLY do hate Ryanair!! On the 14th February my sister and I drove 286miles to Stansted airport so that we would be able to arrive early the next day for our flight to Trieste. We stayed at the Express Holiday Inn at a cost of £140+, got up early on the 15th and made our way to the airport. When we got there, there were no check-in desks open for us to check-in. So, we attempted to use the machines to do so. The first machine failed to recognise our confirmation number (three times). The second machine said we now had to pay an additional £19 because we had not checked in online and printed our own boarding cards (which we didn’t know we were meant to do – and nor did most of the other people at Stansted airport!). OK, we were miffed, but just assumed that we could pay the £19 and then get on our flight. OH NO NO NO!!! If only! We then joined a queue where we remained for an hour and a half. It was getting closer to the time of the gate closing so i left my sister in the queue and frantically tried to get a Ryanair staff member to help me. All three which i found were totally unhelpful and basically blanked me. The long and short of it was that we missed our flight because we were queuing to pay greedy Michael O’Leary a poxy £19 and he hadn’t provided enough staff to take the money. Finally, once we got to the front of the queue (1hour after our flight had left), we were told that there were no available flights until Wednesday (presumably because they were now full of all the people who had also missed our flight) and to top it off, we would have had to pay for more tickets. So basically, my Valentine’s weekend was spent driving 572 miles (plus paying for the required petrol), paying £140 for one night at a hotel, £6.50 for a taxi back to aforementioned hotel and £5.40 to cross Severn Bridge to get home. Not to mention the disruption which had been caused at the company I was due to visit in Italy. THANK YOU MICHAEL-THIEVING-BASTARD-O’LEARY.

  11. Danielle 28th Jan,

    that story is absolutely heartbreaking and appalling all at the same time. It’s about time they got some proper coverage of the sorts of things they are putting people through.

    I feel sure Watchdog would pick this up. I think you should contact them. I was going to go skiing with Ryanair until i realised that by taking my own skis i’d be paying the same as hiring a pair for a week!! I’m driving now!

  12. Thanks for all the info! I was just about to book a ryan air ticket when I found this site!! Although I do have to say that all the people who complain about extra fees should read the fine print before they check off the little box that says “I accept these terms” because it states right there that there is an extra fee if you don’t print your tickets yourself.

  13. I hate Ryanair! My partner has just got stuck in Liverpool airport as the plane left 20 minutes early. Despite the fact that he had checked in online and arrived a good hour ahead of time, he had to join a very slow moving queue through security. After passing through, he was still 20 mins ahead of time and proceeded to the boarding gate where he was told, quite rudely, that the plane had gone. When he protested, he was informed that they were in their rights to do this if he wasn’t on the plane 15mins prior to take off. They were not concerned with the fact that it had been at least 20mins since it had taken off. No announcement was made to inform customers that the plane was leaving and no apology was made to him. This has just cost us £110 to rebook with easyjet. I have looked on Ryan airs web page to lodge a complaint and…suprise, suprise…you can’t send emails, only write letters! I think this must be a way of reducing the number of official complaints as how many actually get round to putting pen to paper, especially when you are aware that they actually do not give a stuff and it will be a waste of ink.

    I will NEVER EVER book with them again. They are robbing, rude, con-merchants and deserve to go bust.

  14. i hate ryanair. they just manage to piss me off every time i book with them. why are you trying so hard to be hated?

    they advertise cheap fly and fair to them they normally are.
    but.. the excuses they make to charge you more really wind me up!
    why? why are you doing this?
    every time i decide to fly with them is a fight to keep my temper.
    £30 per luggage? wtf?
    £20 for one credit card transaction! the excuse being we charge £5 per passenger per flight. why? are you really that retarted to charge my credit card 4 times?
    you see, i wouldn’t mind if i was paying the same amount but done in a bit more friendly manner: let’s say my tickets currently are “built” by the web site like this:

    20 x 2 (flight out)
    25 x 2 taxes
    20 x 2 (return)
    25 x 2 taxes

    30 x 2 luggage (40 with airport checking)
    20 x 1 credit car transaction.

    this really piss me off. it’s just like you are offering me a sweet and then start asking me to do your house chores before i can actually have.
    as a customer (me personally) i really don’t give a damn how you make that sum up. if it is cheaper, i’m happy. that’s it.

    just make it
    130 -> including taxes + 1 luggage per passenger
    130 -> return including taxes + 1 luggage per passenger

    it costs the same but hey! i wouldn’t get so worked out! i won’t feel like you are kicking me in the nuts every time i click next.

    also the unfriendliness of your staff! what’s going on? the people in stansted are normally allright, but your staff in Europe.. what’s wrong with you? where do you get these guys? get them to smile a little bit, teach them customer service.

    Ryanair has potential.. such a pity it’s being run like this.
    air companies out there! give me something similar with better service and goodbye ryanair.
    ryanair, if you don’t want to lose my money, then be friend to me!

  15. Aaahhh. My mum is disabled and therefore HAD to check-in. However they say that she can claim the fee back.. WRITE TO THEM!! at Dublin Airport (no Postcode)
    Done that in April 2009. No reply…..
    I have tried faxing them on 003531 8121230 or 8121213 from the UK but it wont connect!!!
    Anyone got a better number ( am i dialing the write code?)
    I’ve also tried e-mail at info@ryanair…
    I’ll post any updates.
    still no reply!!! ,,, Thanks I enjoyed that moan but its the principal!!
    PS They were very good with supplying a wheelchair at Liverpool and Rome AND someone nice to push it!! See they can be nice!! REFUND PLEASE…

  16. has anyone mistakenly bought a ryan air ticket for wrong date and had amount refunded?The system booked me a return date for march 2011 clearlyin error- and i have been told i wont get refund…as ryan air would have changed ticket if i needed it…presumably at a greater cost than the bought ticket!
    anyone any ideas..

  17. Ryanair.com are a completely legit and legal operaring company by EU and Irish Laws.

    Providing the lowest fares for millions of customers annually. Also the most on-time flights. If you have any complaints then please send them to us via http://www.ryanair.com

    Thanks and remember, Fly Ryanair.com for the lowest fares to hundreds of European destinations.

  18. What a fantasic blog! The last time I used Ryanair, and I mean the LAST time, was a year or so ago. I was going to visit my mum for a holiday and took a little guitar with me to practice for some gigs I had coming up. The guitar is tiny tiny tiny.. smaller that most of the wheely suit cases people take up as hand luggage. I get to the gate and they stop me and say “you can’t take that up with you!” They told me I should have bought an extra seat for it or checked it in (it was in a soft case and is over 50 years old). I explained that it is tiny.. smaller than most peoples hand luggage and the girl called her boss, who told her that I had to leave it or not get my flight.. her exact words were “Throw it away, leave it in the garbage, whatever, but it’s not coming onboard.” (This was all in Spanish as I was flying Gerona to East Midlands). I was treated like a F**king terrorist for having a guitar. Luckily, one of the girls at the gate was a sweet Argentinian girl and took the guitar with her and gave me her number. I got the guitar back when I came back to Spain.

    I will never in my life set foot on another Ryanair flight again. They are the epitome of bad service and I’m a happier man for having found this blog.

    Slotter :)

  19. I have written complaints today to Stephen McNamara at Ryan Air and the Office of Fair Trading. Their standard terms and conditions seem to be unfair and abusive to innocent consumers, who have virtually no choice but to pay penalties for minor infractions.

    If this apparent abuse of the consumer does not deserve a full OFT investigation, I do not know what does. If I receive any thoughtful responses, I will post again. Thanks in the meantime for the useful Ryan Air and OFT links.

  20. Ryan: you claim that people can send complaints via the Ryanair website. Everybody knows that that is not true. Complaints have to be sent to Ryanair in writing or by fax. However, complaining to Ryanair is a fruitless experience anyway. Anyone who has been stung by this hornet of a company should never board Ryanair planes for the rest of their life. I think that Ryanairs ‘complaints section’ is a Reisswolf cart in one of their offices. Reisswolf (TearingWolf) is a company that destroys archives and documents and recycles the paper.
    And last but not least: “Fly Ryanair! The airline with the lowest fares and the most and the highest ‘ancillary’ charges!”

  21. Correction:

    I haven’t flown ryan Air in years. they are in a word ….rubbish. I was in the Airport (stanstad ) flying back to Dublin with my girlfriend a few years ago, arrived 1.5 hr before flight. I was told there was a problem with the credit card booking and I couldn’t fly.
    Hmmm i thought, my girlfriend and I booked together on the same credit card. I told them this and was ignored. Now i am pretty assertive, and I kicked up a storm, but to no avail. I then figured out they had oversold the flight and the fact my last name was near the end of the alphabeth, I reckon they just bumped me.
    I told one of the ground staff i knew where Micahel o leary lived and she said and I quote ” Could you bomb his house for me” , that was one of his own staff. I just couldn’t believe it. I was going to go full on complain, but instead I never flew with them again, and I never will.

    There new scam with boarding passes was just felt by my brother girlfriend 40 euro ….she tried to print one off but it was “too soon” before flight. I had told her not to fly them. So here is my 2 cents, screw the low cost , i’ll pay a little extra and have peace of mind, and a more relaxed flight.
    And Michael i wouldn’t dream of bombing your house but i probably would piss on your garden plants….. Peace:-)

  22. I have no choise but to fly Ryan scare ? as its the only line from dinard to uk, as a elderely person , the latest hatefull flight i asked for a drink of water as soon as i was boarding the plane as i was in so much pain due to swoolen ankle caused by two fractures, i needed it at that time to take the prescibed medication !! Answer no you cant have any as wedont carry extra water !!!then rudely pushed by me. if iwasn`t so upset i would have requested a bath instead !! the passengers were horrified a gentle man insisted i should have some water .the next staff said she would help me when we were all seated. but to no avail they all ignored through out the flight, the stin”””””” hate;;;;;;; ripp off crap;;; air line!!.

  23. My wish is that some Latin American wake-up calls are applied to senior ryanair staff….or just O’Smiley.
    One bullet in the knee cap is all it would take. Then another, & however more as reqd until the message is driven home forever.

    Reason? – There is no need for treating people like dirt, & he should be punished effectively for it happening.

  24. I work at Stansted Airport and i think that Ryanair And Michael O’Leary are the biggest bunch of crooks i’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.

    My greatest wish, is for me to live long enough to see Ryanair go bankrupt and to see that O’Leary pleb be reduced to begging on the streets! Now there will be many of you out there that will argue that by wishing for the worst to happen,I’ll be effectively “shooting myself in the foot” but a life on the dole, having my rent paid for me and living on government handouts would be well worth the effort.

    Oh well! one can dream I suppose.

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