We’ve moved!

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting!!

For those who have been before, you might notice this all looks a bit different. Thats because we have moved the blog onto a new platform and have had to import all the old comments/postings etc.

What does this mean then?

Well, it now means that the IHR team will be a lot more active with new posts to further engage or enrage you all.

If you have any ideas for the site, please do let us know!


The IHR team


5 thoughts on “We’ve moved!

  1. right
    for a start you dont know what your on about you stupid pathetic little man.
    Soon i will be in control and i will find out who you are, and i will do something about it.

  2. Message to Mike: please can you learn to spell before posting, so we can enjoy properly your manic ranting?
    Also, was your message anything to do with Ryanair? Because until you give us all a translation, nobody is any the wiser.

  3. After a bad incidence with Ryanair, I pay extra money and fly with decent airline and have peace of mind. I was denied boarding because I put nationality European on boarding card because of their limited country name. I showed my valid passport and visas but supervisor refused to see, i think he was illiterate hired by company on cheap money. A cheap way making money by a cheap airline run by bosses whose I.Q can be judged very well by the policies.

  4. What is wrong with you people, read the T&C before you fly and you will beat Ryanair at their own game, I have never seen so many cry babies on here, grow up guys, if you don’t like Ryanair, fly with BA who go on strike, Alitalia who are rude, Air France who just don’t care, Iberia who hate all other nationalities, GET MY POINT, Happy flying, oh and just so you all know, I have booked 9 return flights various London airports to Cork for the year, by playing the game the whole lot was £78. Suckers!!!!!!

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