Volcanic ash cloud further grounds Ryanair aircraft as share prices plummets

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have extended the cancellation of all their flights into and out of the UK until Wednesday at the earliest due to the volcanic ash cloud hovering above us resulting in a large 6.7% dip in their share price!

Ryanair Holdings PLC has led the decline in European airline stocks as the air-traffic ban that’s grounded tens of thousands of flights since last week extended into a fifth day today.

Airlines may lose as much as $300 million a day due to shutdowns, according to an estimate by the International Air Transport Association. The cancellations began after an April 14 eruption at the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland spewed dust across European airspace.

“It looks like at the minimum you are going to see an average of a week’s financial impact on the airlines,” analyst Joe Gill at Bloxham Stockbrokers in Dublin said by phone. “For highly geared airlines that’s a lot of money.”


4 thoughts on “Volcanic ash cloud further grounds Ryanair aircraft as share prices plummets

  1. I have been waiting since the 17 of April.It has been a nightmare and I am still frustrated.
    I was supposed to fly with Ryanair but I am still waiting in Frankfurt,my destination is Palma de Mallorca(where i live)
    Ryanair hasn’t been helpful at all.
    They haven’t answerd the phone,i tried to call them and I had to spend for only 2 minuts 4 euros without an answer.They don’t even have a mail!
    Then I have been waiting in an apartment which at least has cost me 150 euros all this days.
    I am going to look for a compensation from Ryanair since they haven’t help me to find a solution.
    I am also very concernd because they are going to open tomorrow Europe but I don’t know what is gonna happen with my flight on Saturday(after a week stuck in Frankfurt)
    I tried to change my flight for tomorrow but now they are charging me to change it instead of Saturday!!!
    I am very nervous and angry and I am looking forward to sue them and get my 150 euros back.
    I am watching the whole day BBC news and I am looking for this message to be hang up in your news which I would be very happy because now is the only way Ryanair can see what they have been doing to us.
    Thanks for BBC news,you have a great team.
    Thanks very much

  2. Ryanair are a total joke of an airline. Just got back from being stranded in Southern Spain for 9 days. When our first flight was cancelled on the 15th April from Malaga their rep told us to get the money back for our flight as there were no spaces on any other flights from the South of Spain for 3 weeks! We were told that Ryanair would be putting on no extra flights and had no responsibility to help it’s customers.

    After managing to book ourselves on two more Ryanair flights that week which were then both cancelled we continued to have to find our own way across Spain to another airport where we managed to get a flight with Thomson yesterday. Ryanair have still not been in touch with us at all, even though we have had friends and family constantly emailing and ringing them for over a week, but unable to get through.

    Having just looked at BBC website – Ryanair are claiming that they have cleared their backlog of passengers – more likely that everyone had to give up trying to get a Ryanair flight back and had to find other means of travelling back rather than flying with this crap company!

    Will never, ever fly with Ryanair again and will be advising evry single person I know to never even consider flying with them either!

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