Victory for Marseille as Ryanair make hasty retreat

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have thrown a childish hissy-fit and decided to close their Marseille base because of a threat of legal action over staff working practices.

The French government want Ryanair’s 200 locally based staff to pay income tax and social security in France as opposed to Ireland. Fair enough you’d have thought eh?

Not for Mr O’Dreary it would seem. In a statement he whinged that he was “disappointed at the the decision by the French authorities to initiate proceedings”.

This pathetic response comes as no surprise. Ryanair have a history of throwing toys from their pram, walking away from bases and routes when the terms do not suit them.

However, more recently we have seen that the exit of Lyingair has given proper airlines the opportunity to come and fill the smelly void, offering decent routes to airports near where you were hoping to go and decent customer service with it.

Au revoir Ryanair.


7 thoughts on “Victory for Marseille as Ryanair make hasty retreat

  1. if u hate Ryanair…fly with other company..nobody would costrict u to have one more expoerience with Ryanair!!!

    Ryanair gives the possibility to all over the worl to fly in foreing countries and discover other side of uor fantastic continent…

    Try to fly with Alitalia..u would spend more and more..for???2 hours flight trip?????bah…

    And your poll??obviously all the visitors of this blog hate Ryanair..this is no a impartial result!!!!

    Good luck with your blog

    Best wishes!!

  2. “Ryanair gives the possibility to all over the worl to fly in foreing countries…”

    God, I hope not. Trans-Atlantic flying in economy is bad enough already without the “extras” that Ryanair would add to the mix.

    Fortunately, they’re on the opposite side of the Atlantic to me, so I don’t have to worry about them. Although some of their tactics have been adopted by airlines in the New World, attempts to more fully adopt the Ryanair way of doing business (eg the late unlamented Skybus) have found no favor with North American consumers.

  3. Victory for Marseille indeed with the loss of hundreds of jobs and hundres of millions of euros to the local economy.

    1. Hi Richard,

      With regards to the jobs, these were surely (as Ryanair argued) Irish jobs, not local ones? Despair not, a proper airline will fill the void and offer great routes, great customer service and no doubt hundred of jobs and cash for the local economy.


  4. Matthia: I am sure that if you really search the website of Alitalia and other real airlines, you will find many offers that are almost as cheap as Ryanair flights. Second, Ryanair does not fly world-wide, but Europe-wide. If Ryanair flew to Australia or the USA I would not use them. If a Ryanair flight from Sidney or Los Angeles to London were cancelled, Ryanair would leave you to stew and you would have to buy a last minute ticket on a real airline to go home. Imagine the cost of such a ticket! In its first years Ryanair was a decent airline and did a lot of good by forcing air fares down, but that has been cancelled out since by their tricks and booby traps which make people pay a lot of money.

  5. When will we all wake up to what is happening.
    RyanAir has all workers, irrespective of nationality or place of work, paying income tax and national insurance to Eire.
    The Eire aviation authority is responsible for ensuring all airlines registered there to comply with international rules on safety etc. etc. which RyanAir has flouted that mant times I cannot keep count. Remember the expose about crew safety training exams security etc. etc. on TV a while ago.
    So with RyanAir bringing so much cash into Eire, a country suffering very hard at these times they let him do as he wishes.
    I blame the UK CAA for not enforcing these rules, as they are mandated to, on all airlines, be they EU western or whatever using UK airspace, but when has any UK government or department insisted that anyone, apart from UK companies comply with regulations?
    O´Leary dare not stop this flow of cash to Eire as then he would not have “Friends in high places” that allow him to break so many rules and regulations others have to adhere to.

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