3 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-24

  1. my wife attended for a flight from fuerteventura at 17.30 hrs .22/09/2010 for take off time of 19.00hrsthey eventually sat on plane approx 22.30
    at midnight the plane had not moved and all luggage taken off, then all passengers ,with no explanation .told to return next morning at 07.00.the flight eventually took off at 14.30 hrs . NEVER AGAIN will i use this joke of an airline

  2. I’ve recently discovered this blog and now I feel a bit less alone. I take about 15-20 flights a year for work, so it’s not me who choose the company of every flight. I always take hands to my head when I’m told to flight with Ryanfair.
    The first impression came in the first flight with them. The check-in employee asked me “Are you sure that anybody but you handled your baggage?” – as I thought -”As sure you can be that your car hasn’t been crashed by another one in the parking”. It was the first and only time I heard this stupid question.
    About an hour later, inside the plane, I set out to sleep during the flight as I use to do with other companies. Now I know that sleeping in a 1 hour Ryanfair travel is IMPOSSIBLE!!! They need the whole 60 minutes to try to sell all the shit they carry somewhere in the plane, and don’t stop talking by the speakers!
    All this, added to some practices I’ve seen with other passengers, and the fact that I have to pray to god for the good operation of my printer & router to get my ticket, turns me angry for a complete day.
    Thanks for your comprehension!

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