Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-06

  • RT @sinead_ryan: Boarded ryanair flight an hour ago and still on tarmac. V annoying. Not even water to drink and no sign of moving. #
  • RT @Aubrey_ToC: RT @gregagentx: Ryanair is the shitest airline in the world I swear to god > ahahaha I feel ur pain #
  • RT @dbedwood: I have a new strapline for Ryanair: Hell in a tin can. #
  • RT @evz76: Ryanair is by some distance the worst airline in Europe. Never again. #

3 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-06

  1. i booked flights with them for first time to go to a friends wedding me my son my daughter and her two friends we had to fly to dublin and from there had to travel 5hours to westport so therefore booked 7.30am flights for friday6thaugust when we eventually got our boarding passes printed off wich wasnt easy they all had different flying times both going out and coming in then they had the cheeck to say they could get us on the same flights if the ones with the wrong times paid £360 each 1way

  2. i travel using easyjet or ryanair every 2 weeks #
    i find easyjet far better all i can say is you should travelwith ryanair at your own risk as is it so bad !!

  3. U can`t be a human!!! don`t make normal mistakes I maked in my surname.It cost ab 100 euro!!!!!!!!!!fuckin fuckin ludicrous.Every single thing You have to pay for them!! I guess in future have to pay for breathe… HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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