5 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-28

  1. i have never felt the need to complain about any company before but Ryanair totally takes the biscuit. that £40 fine for not printing out your boarding pass is daylight robbery. i bought my ticket through a third party website so was not alerted to the fine. it is totally disgusting and I want to know where you would recommend to make my complaint more visible online. I can so see why people don’t like ryanair and the attitude of their senior management reminds me of the other legal robbers – traffic wardens. Help me get the message across to ryanair with any suggestions…..

  2. Hello has anyone recived compensation from ryanair due to the volcano,i submitted my claim for food and accomadation a month ago tomorrow and have not heard a word,Can anyone advise me on the next step to take as i am sure i will not get any money back thanks Dean…

  3. The only airline i detest flying with but as they have forced most decent airlines out of sight I am lwft with few and fewer options and not they are talking about one of their extras being a seat for heavens sake what next the amount of air you consume while on board?


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