Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-14

  • RT @matthavenhand: If you want to know just how appalling Ryanair is just read the wiki page: #
  • RT @david_din: No client service: After two days of not flying out of Porto in Portugal, Ryanair has only 2 check-in counters open. #ryanair #
  • RT @lorcan: So are all airlines systematically blaming the volcano for delays that are their fault, or is it just #ryanair #
  • RT @mckelvaney: Ryanair, your website is shit and I hate that I have to fly with you. #

2 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-14

  1. Get a life! Ryanair have opened up the chance to visit wonderful destinations like Treviso, Lubeck, Trapani, etc. If you can read a map who cares if they are not one mile from the main destination!!?
    O’Leary rocks!!

  2. We were left stranded in Gran canaria after two cancelled flight. No assistance was offered under EU Reg 261/2004. Since arriving home I have sent Ryanair loads of letters and faxes but they refuse to pay our accomodation costs. I have complained to my MP, the AUC, EU Ombudsman but I dont understand why no organisation will take Ryanair to task over this.
    Ryanair make it as difficult as possible for you to discuss a claim with them and they seem to set themselves up as Judge and jury.
    I am about to issue a small claims proceedings against Ryan Air Holdings PLC in Dublin and would appreciate an e-mail from anyone who has already done this

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