Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-25

  • RT @steellegs: On plane still. Take off now in 50mins! Ryanair are cheap but completely shite. #
  • RT @DiogoSnows: hates the way #Ryanair works! Everything has a second meaning and they get money from not informing people properly! #
  • 11 days to go until Ryanair start charging for Electron card payments. Avoid the new fees, sign up here quick #
  • RT @AirObserver: Snow grounds Ryanair flight as thirsty passengers forced to ‘lick ice to drink’ – Telegraph: #
  • RT @Carrie_Latitude: For the 4th year in a row,Ryanair is travellers least favourite airline by an amazing 41% #
  • Ryanair crash, all passengers safe. Cabin crew selling bus tickets back to terminal. #
  • RT @ryanairmobile:Ryanair suspends Italian domestic flights from 23rd January over row with Italian Aviation Authority. #

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2 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-25

  1. As standard they will try to charge you for bags you have already paid for. So make sure you have the receipt that shows you have already paid. This has happened to me on two sep occassions, I didn’t print out the receipt on one occassion and ended up paying twice…. but the other time I had the receipt and they backed down. I call it theft.

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