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  • RT @JoCaird: My lord, how expensive will Ryanair get? What happened to the lowcost thing? #
  • RT @airscoop: : Ryanair to charge €100 for 2 bags #
  • RT @airscoop: : Low cost airline myths exposed”Ryanair and other no-frills airlines are more expensive on some short…. #

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6 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-11

  1. Having just been ripped off my Ryanair, I was thinking of setting up a blog with this name. I googled ‘I hate Ryanair’ out of interest and found it had already been done! Well done! I’m not surprised. I’m wondering if a group of people could get togther to sue them?

    Here is what happened to me. Feel free to reproduce it as a separate post so that people see it. I’ve also pasted on a petition I found when I googled ‘boycott Ryanair’.

    I booked a return flight online to Alghero, Sardinia because it was fairly cheap, (I had been there before so it was not my first choice): £159.30, including checked in bag, web check-in and insurance. A page came up saying my booking was complete and there was a link to print this. I thought this was sufficient- it always had been in the past.

    I arrived at Stanstead airport an hour early- unusual for me, and queued to put my luggage on. But on reaching the front of the queue I was told that I needed a boarding pass and ‘Can’t you read?’ the info to Ryanair passengers on the screen? My print-out was not enough and I needed to check in with the machines that had been installed there, (one wonders at what expense) and get a boarding pass. ‘I’ll have to queue again then’, I said. ‘That’s right’ she said, unsympathetically.

    So I typed in my details and discovered that I’d have to pay another £40. I refused to do this and queued up at the ticket desk to enquire. There I was asked, ‘Didn’t you read the ‘Very Important Information?’ ‘on my print-out. It said you needed a boarding pass, but I said, I thought this WAS a boarding pass. She said,’No, it’s confirmation’. I said it always used to be sufficient. ‘Well, things have changed’ she replied. I said that it didn’t tell me to do anything else and there was no link on the page to print out the pass, so she said, ‘You should have gone on the website’. ‘But I didn’t know’, I said. ‘It’s in the terms and conditions’ she said. I asked, couldn’t she print one out for me as I had already paid to check-in.’ No, we don’t have the facilities here’. Well, it’s funny that they have the facilities to change your flight and print other information. I asked, couldn’t they give me £40 so I could do this on the machine? ‘No’.

    Of course, I got angry and upset, to which the woman at the desk asked, ‘Have you considered having anger management’. I said that she was sitting there smugly and no doubt enjoyed this sense of power. Meanwhile, another passenger was getting upset for similar reasons and had the added disadvantage of struggling with English.

    It seems that the philosophy of Ryanair is, the customer is always wrong – it’s always the customers fault but staff are allowed, maybe even encouraged, to give misleading and incomplete information.

    I then reluctantly went back to the machine and paid my extra £40. It seems that this boarding pass issue is a scam designed to catch customers out as it does not save any time other than to those who don’t put their luggage in the hold.

    I then queued again. I rely on my mobile phone for the time but it was in my bag, and I was exhausted, distressed and not thinking straight. By the time I got to the front of the queue I was told that it was too late to put my luggage on, but that as I didn’t have much, I might be able to take it on with me. So I went through to security and tried to decide what liquids to throw out, (you’re only allowed a small amount) and they then threw away my new bottle of suncream.

    I managed to get through security but had a long walk to the gates. There were no announcements or calls but on the screen it indicated that they were boarding. Alas, by the time I got there, the gates were closed but the aeroplane was still there. I told the man at the gates what had happened and asked him to talk to the airline staff but he stood there helplessly saying there was nothing he could do. This is ridiculous. Other airlines call their passengers. Someone said that had they got my luggage on, they may have waited….I’m not so sure…..

    So I’d got rid of my suncream for nothing!

    Meanwhile, a Sardinian couple had also missed their flight. They told me that they were called but this didn’t make any difference.

    My options were to forget my holiday and loose the £216 I’d now paid, (including taxi to Stratford and National Express coach), or pay more to get another flight. Ryanair charges £100 to change flights and the next one to Sardinia was the next morning. I did not want to pay for another return coach fare and even less, wanted to loose another night’s sleep as it’s unhealthy, so I asked if I could go somewhere else, now. I was told it had to be Italy – Rome or Pescara. I chose the latter as I’ve been to Rome.

    Just as I was getting to the gates I suddenly realised that I’d not asked about my return, (of course, the man who sold me the ticket didn’t mention it). The lady at the gates told me to look on the website where it says, ‘Manage my account’ and it should be on there…..

    When I eventually got internet access, I saw that my return flight was still from Sardinia. Did they really expect me to get a train to the West coast of Italy (to Rome, I think- I was on the Adriatic side), a ferry to the East coast of Sardinia, and then a bus or two or three to Alghero, (North West coast)? Of course, thinking doesn’t come into it – this was a computer. There didn’t seem to be a way of changing it online so the next day, I had the added expense of telephoning Ryanair. It is expensive enough without phoning from a mobile, over seas. Lo and behold, the Ryanair employee told me there was nothing she could do and I’d have to pay another £100 for my return flight. The fact that I’d not been told was irrelevant, as usual. I could not be sure that going to Sardinia would have been cheaper, (probably not if I flew and I doubt there would have been a direct flight) and it would certainly have wasted a day of my holiday getting there – the ferry probably takes at least 10 hours. In any case, by the time I’d found out, I may have lost this flight and would have had to ring Ryanair again. As it was, I couldn’t go back the day I’d intended to and chose the next day as I didn’t want to shorten my holiday.

    So what had started as a £160 flight was now £400, for which I could have had luxury accommodation, or flown to Thailand, India, etc……Rest assured that I will be writing to Ryanair for a refund and compensation and if it doesn’t work, (which it probably won’t), I will write to Trading Standards and consider taking legal action, maybe with others. There could be a way round it – the 1997 unfair contracts law.

    Let’s hope that Ryanair will eventually go out of business.

    Deborah Fink

    “Why it’s time to boycott Ryanair”

    hosted on the web by our free online petition service, at:

  2. Deborah, whilst I agree that Ryanair do seem to be underhand and unfriendly, I do think ultimately you cocked up! Their service is appalling but the thing with Ryanair is to just make sure you jump through their hoops and don’t make mistakes. As soon as you do, you will be punished.

    I have had many “issues” with Ryanair staff; closing check-in early meaning my girlfriend nearly missed her flight-cue a rant from me at the culprit which acheived the desired result of getting her on the plane. Only yesterday for some reason they decided to close one single row of seats over the wing just for the hell of it, cramming everyone together. This was not for “balance” reasons as it was one row on the right hand side in the middle of the plane! The rude staff then simply “told” me where to sit; no chance of a “please” from Ryanair cabin crew!

    Also as a result of them having such stupid charges for checked-in baggage, has anyone else noticed how overhead lockers are filling up so much more, even when flights are nowhere near full? I and a couple of my friends had the misfortune to board last (we didn’t want to queue like cattle for almost an hour at the boarding gate like the majority) and ended up being told to put our bags under the seat in front, making the already tiny leg-room even smaller!

  3. OI!….moderator….why remove any comments not highly critical of Ryanair?
    you are not balanced and need to get out more….this site is great with all you losers hoping Ryanair go bust… a guess most of you work in post rooms and rely on ryanair for your annual 2 day break; so what will you do if you cant fly cheaply to marbella……i guess it will be back to a long weekend in Scarborough in your caravan……

  4. Hello Micheal,

    Thanks for your constructive comments.

    We publish all comments, good or bad, so long as the are not offensive.

    If you would like to make a positive comment about Ryanair, please go ahead. I am sure everyone would be interested in seeing something along those lines. However, making baseless comments on where/what we do for a living doesn’t really help prove much other than that it is likely you are the one that gets a few days at Butlins to look forward to.


  5. where does it end with ryanair,all the passengers sitting on the floor,watching the panorama program now,they dont even provide water for the pilots,thank god i dont have to use them.

  6. Hi, we travel with Ryanair all the time and think they are absolutely brilliant. We can get to Europe for 8p from Northern Ireland. 8 pence!!!!! What on earth is wrong with everyone, complaining about all the additional costs. All you do is get an Electron card and make sure you’re not paying the additional credit card fees, don’t take extra baggage unless essential, buy your own annual insurance and if you’re really stingy, don’t buy the sandwiches inflight. So far, we’ve travelled with Ryanair six times in the last year, once on a flight with Thomas Cook and once by boat. Guess what, six times out of eight, we arrived early and all of the six times were with Ryanair. We had a horrific time with Thomas Cook and the boat journey.

    To top it all, Michael O’Leary is an absolute hoot. He completely put an end to the whinging attitude on the Panorama programme tonight. I mean, what else can people expect for 8p. If you pay £200 on Ryanair, that’s your fault for not getting in quick when the cheap flights are being offered and to be honest, it’s pretty often.

    To get from Northern Ireland to Europe so easily is fantastic as anyone who travels from this end of the world knows, it’s an absolute fortune with all the other airlines. I got a quote from Belfast to Milan for £1600 with one of the other airlines but with Ryanair, it’s 8p. It seems to me that ‘what you get for nothing, you appreciate for nothing’ and that’s the attitude that some people are giving out. For us, we couldn’t get a better, quicker, or more efficient and easy service than we get from Ryanair – come on, it’s a bus service in the air. We couldn’t even go 10 miles in Northern Ireland without it costing an arm and a leg.

    Come on folks, get your happy heads on and take advantage of a brilliant offer. Be smart when you’re using the web site. The one thing we don’t want to do is ruin a good thing by negativity.

    Why not change the name of this web site to ‘I love Ryanair’!

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