Twenty reasons never to fly Ryanair

Here are 20 things to remember next time you are led into temptation by those 1p flights Ryanair offer. Taken from

1. 1p flights are never 1p

Even if you strike it lucky and find a 1p flight you actually want to take, Ryanair charge you for the pleasure of paying for it. To the tune of £4.75. For each passenger. Each way.

And that doesn’t even include…

2. The check-in charge

If you want to book a bag into the aircraft hold you must check in at the airport, which will cost you  £4.75 per passenger, per way, if you book online and a whopping £10 per passenger, per way if you pay at the airport or over the phone. And it doesn’t matter if only one person in your party takes a bag, everyone else still has to pay to check in at the airport too.

Ryanair recently announced that airport check in will rocket to £20 per person, per way. That is a grand total of £160 for a return flight as a family of four.

All without factoring in…

3. The baggage charge

Which is an extortionate £9.50 per bag, per flight. Or £19 if you book at the airport or over the phone.

4. The sneaky weight limit

Ryanair set its weight limit for hold luggage at 15kg catching the majority of passengers off guard.

You’re not allowed to pool bags either so, even if you have a party of four sharing luggage, if the bag weighs 16kg you will be charged £14 per additional kilo. Nevermind that it makes not a jot of difference to the weight of the aeroplane.

5. Queues glorious queues

If you’re still talking to your partner following the inevitable blazing row about why you shouldn’t just pay the bloody charges listed above, you won’t be after being told to join the back of the enormous queue at the ‘payments’ desk.

6. The additional baggage charge

Probably best to wear all of your clothes at once on the flight if you are travelling somewhere for more than a couple of days (until Ryanair start charging passengers for excess body weight that is). Check more than one bag in and it will cost you another £19 per extra piece of luggage, per way.

7. The website is rubbish. On purpose.

You have no choice but to book a Ryanair flight through its website so the airline may as well make it as stressful an experience as possible. The website is ugly for starters, and it crashes. All the time.

Because you can’t easily browse for dates when cheap flights are available you have to dedicate at least five precious hours of your life to sitting in front of the screen and laboriously trying different combinations to find a good deal.

And if you don’t understand what the hell you’ve just pressed there is no one to e-mail. Because Ryanair want you to spend more money and phone its…

8. Premium rate internet helpline

Calls cost £1 a minute to speak to someone in a call centre. Be amazed if you can explain what your problem is for under a fiver.

9. You can only fly cheap mid week

To get the bargains that make the pain of Ryanair worth the gain you have to be prepared to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, which can rule out the bargain European weekend break. Kind of why you wanted to book with Ryanair in the first place.

10. You have to travel at obscene hours.

Not only are you travelling on a Tuesday you also have to be prepared to wake up at 2am to get to the airport two hours ahead of your 6.55am flight. Or, if you choose a more civilised evening departure time, arrive in your destination at midnight with no where to stay because…

11. The destination airports are in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t expect to fly to Frankfurt if you book a flight to Frankfurt, to name one of many examples. Frankfurt Hahn airport where Ryanair land is 120 km from the city centre.

12. A bottle of water on board costs £3

I know the moral of this story is to buy a drink from WH Smith before you board, but it’s still annoying.

13. Sweaty, plasticky seats

Whatever you do, don’t wear shorts or you might be stuck to your seat forever and forced to listen to…

14. The in-flight musak

Pray that your flight is not delayed before it takes off or you’ll have to put up with the bleepy, computer-game inspired musak that is played on loop as your board, over, and over.

15. The fanfare

Do we really need the shrill fanfare that sounds when/if the flight lands on time? Or does it just ruin the first three minutes of each passenger’s holiday?

16. You can’t book a seat

As if the British holiday ritual of crowding round the baggage carousel isn’t enough to warrant the use of blood-thinning medication, Ryanair invite you to partake in the extreme sport that is racing across the tarmac to get a seat next to your companion. Flip flops are a distinct disadvantage.

17. No refunds, ever

Unless you have a spare few days to waste do not even bother trying.

18. Poor compensation

A report by the UK’s Air Transport Users Council has found that the world’s airlines lost more than one million bags in 2007 and more than 42 million pieces of luggage were mishandled worldwide.

Guess who it named as the worst airline for compensation if your bag goes missing or is damaged?

19. You are always being flogged stuff

No we don’t want your ridiculously overpriced travel insurance, car hire or Ryanair tea-towels. Go away.

20. Michael O’Leary himself

Don’t tell me you can bear to make him any more smug?


24 thoughts on “Twenty reasons never to fly Ryanair

  1. Oh man. I couldn’t agree more. My wife has since declared an embargo on using Ryanair products after a truly shocking booking we made.

    We got over all the charges and thought we were ok, until we needed to change the flight dates, which it turned out, would cost TWICE what we paid in the first place. Per ticket.

    I look forward to the day that the world catches up with these thieves and gives them what they deserve. Which definitely isn’t a (now £19) card payment scheme.

  2. 0p tickets? After all taxes it gave me £150 for two tickets return.
    Don’t forget to add a £5 per ticket per person to check in online now. And if you forget the check in ticket you will pay £40. Rubish airline. I hope it goes bust.

  3. come on…those are not true reasons…

    Reason 1:
    Is not true at all.In october 2008 i traveled with ryannair from Bari-Pisa-Eindhoven and then i made the return trip…all that,haved costs to me 0.04€..0.01€ for each flight.
    And this is not the only time i paid nothing with ryannair.
    and for example the Reason 2:
    its true you pay for making check-in in the airport.but if you are in four and you have only 1 bag to check in,you can make two reservations:three of you will make the online check-in and the other one the airport check in with the bag.and that doesnt cost 160£

  4. You can sometimes get to fly for 1p, if you get everything right including the payment card.

    I have done it before, and intend to do it again, just so that the filthy money-grabbing bastards have to pay the taxes and fess for the flight. And I will make a point of saving it up and having a really big poo as well.

  5. Ok. I’m now trying to book another exciting flight with my beloved Ryanair! It is already frustrating being forced to use this bunch of retards one more time because I have a very short notice trip to make and the airport happens to be situated about 1 mile from my place of destination (amazing isn’t it?!). I’m amused of how challanging this has become since I already spent 2 hours trying to get rid of a travel insurance fee which I don’t need and I don’t want!! I used to fly with those cretins at least once a year and I found myself having to keep a track records of all the regular changes they do to their pathetic website (which is more suitable for an escort agency rather than an airline company) and as soon as I learn the tricks I have to re-train myself in order to avoid new hidden charges created for the only purpose of ripping people off! Does anyone have a clue of how to untick the travel insurance fee from the booking nowdays??

  6. @Fed: on the country drop-down list, choose “no insurance needed” or smth like that. It’s tricky and hidden in the middle of the list, but it’s there 😉

  7. If you people don’t like flying with Ryanair, then don’t fly with them!

    Before they came along it cost an arm and a leg to get from A to B anywhere in Europe (especially if you happened to live somewhere isolated, like Ireland, for example); the flag carriers could – and did – charge whatever they liked to fly you to a destination that was often less than an hour away; further flung destinations, in Eastern Europe or Sicily, to name just a couple, were completely out of the question for the average Joe, because of totally unjustified, punitive pricing policies.

    Thanks to Ryanair, now anyone with an income can travel the length and breadth of the continent without having to take out an overdraft or get a second mortgage on their house. This means that Europe has now opened up for the average citizen who can sample its delights on a shoestring if they want to, whereas previously foreign travel was a once a year outlay that had to be saved up for and paid off over the course of maybe half a year. What was once the preserve of the seriously well-off has now become – again, thanks to Ryanair – accessible to all.

    Regarding the company’s website, its pricing policies, and its overall business model: yes, it’s cheap and cheesy, yes you sometimes have to ferret around a bit to find the deal best suited to you, and no, they don’t take kindly to passengers (muppets) making changes on their bookings and generally trying to dodge the rules, but hey folks, it’s their airline!

    On the point about the airports they use often being at a greater distance from major centres than the principal hubs, what difference does it make? If you fly into Charles de Gaulle you will have to queue for an eternity to have your passport checked; you will have to walk 5 miles of airport corridors before you can get out of the place, and it will cost you the same (if not more) to get into the centre of Paris. With Ryanair, you step off the plane and 10 minutes later you’re sitting on the bus as it makes its way towards the city.

    Check out some of the statistics for timliness of flights, number of bags lost, customer satisfaction with pricing, etc., and you will see that they run a pretty slick operation.

    I think that the people who come on sites like this moaning about Ryanair are the (very) vocal minority of mean-spirited whingers who don’t know a good deal when they see one and who simply enjoy complaining anyway. Wake up and smell the kerosene folks, if it wasn’t for Ryanair and the estimable Mr O’Leary (erect a statue in his honour on O’Connell St, I say), you’d all be twiddling your thumbs and freezing to death in miserable old Blighty!!!

  8. Hello Ceannt Fort,

    Thanks very much for your detailed reply to this post and the other user replies.

    “If you people don’t like flying with Ryanair, then don’t fly with them!” – I think that is generally what you will see is happening. Most of the people commenting on this site have mentioned that they will never use Ryanair again.

    “Thanks to Ryanair, now anyone with an income can travel the length and breadth of the continent without having to take out an overdraft or get a second mortgage on their house.” – We don’t think that it is everyone’s god given right to be able to fly around the world on a budget. Certainly when you look at the environmental issues surrounding aviation, perhaps it should be something that is more restrictive through pricing?

    “Yes you sometimes have to ferret around a bit to find the deal best suited to you, and no, they don’t take kindly to passengers (muppets) making changes on their bookings and generally trying to dodge the rules” – Again, you are missing the point. It’s exactly this “ferreting” that annoys people. Why can’t Ryanair just be up front about the charges, include everything in the first price you see and let that be the only price you see throughout the booking process.

    “airports they use often being at a greater distance from major centres than the principal hubs, what difference does it make?” – It makes a HUGE difference. I myself have been stranded on multiple trips, 100s of km away from my destination with no option but to take taxi.

    “the people who come on sites like this moaning about Ryanair are the (very) vocal minority of mean-spirited whingers who don’t know a good deal when they see one and who simply enjoy complaining anyway” – Now come on, no need to be rude! We firmly believe these people are NOT in the minority either! Yes, of course there are good deals to be had, but at the risk of being scammed by a new stealth rule/charge/tax that has been introduced and not seeing it.

    General opinion here at IHR it that you are perhaps somehow affiliated with Lyingair? Come on, out of the closet and identify yourself Mick!!!

  9. i used ryanair quite a lot until staff in krakow airpor upset my two young children and they simply yelled at me and informed me that my ten kilo case is too big and we are not going enywhere.this was just a few minutes after another mupped checking rude woman weighed the case and checked it in.she then called the security on me and my two children and told us to leave my case that poing i took it to my hands and just went to gate where surprise surprise there she was again and asked me to put my case into the measure thingy and surprise surprise it was ten kilos and she had to let us go.this is now when my five year old girl was extremely scared and upset of the whole situation. RYIANAIR staff made me SICK that night and my two little children will never ever go their plane=their saying not mine- tina

  10. Isn’t the most important thing getting to your destination safe and sound? I’d worry more about the security and check up on planes instead of things like sticky seats…

  11. I find Ryanair is a complete false economy. With all the extra (hidden) charges it becomes ridiculous. Even when you get to the end of the (frustrating) process of booking a flight, they add on £10 for using any card – even a debit card. That from my point of view is just plain and simple theft and deceit. Bags are a huge extra charge, etc, etc. Any way possible to squeeze money out of you. Service is utter rubbish and you are treated like scum – like a third class citizen. The airports are in the middle of nowhere and generally overpriced and rubbish services. It costs you cash to actually get to whatever city you are travelling to. Personally, unless there is no other feasible route to where I am going, I would rather extract my own teeth without any anaesthetic than deal with the greedy lack of service nonsense of Ryanair.

  12. The name of this web site sums of exactly what I feel about these rip off merchants. I’ve flown with RypoffAir quite a few times and, in fairness, never really experienced any major problem. However, their persistence in developing more and more devious ways of lumping on hidden charges and finding legal loopholes that allow them to charge extortionate card fees, has totally alienated me.

    I’ve made a conscious commitment to NEVER RypoffAir again unless there is an extremely positive financial benefit which is pretty unlikely.

    Notwithstanding their sneaky charges, there’s also the mayhem of boarding. At 6’3″ I really do prefer to find myself an emergency exit or bulkhead seat. Before now I’ve paid the ‘priority boarding’ fee (which apparently they will sell to around 50% of the flight’s capcaity), which still doesn’t avoid the cattle call at the gate … and is made even worse when they bus you to the plane and board ‘priority’ passengers on the bus first, only to then put ‘non priority’ passengers on the same bus!

    If I knew from the outset that it was going to cost, for example, £100 to fly from A to B after I’ve paid for the flight, the check-in fee, the baggage charge, the boarding fee, the credit card fee and every other effectively unavoidable fee they can conjour up, then I’d accept it – but NOT when it starts off as something like £19 … it’s raising false expectations … well, not any more it isn’t!

    I hope, I REALLY hope that their devious, underhanded scheming will come back to bite them REALLY hard and there’s a huge backlash brought about by people boycotting them in droves.

  13. oh come on! you ppl complain about everything. why dont you complain about easyjet and the fact you will never find a ticket there for less than £ 40 -50? why dont you moan and complain about wizzair and the fact that they randomly cancel flights because there arent enough passangers to cover the costs of the flight?
    yes, ryainair does have hidden charges, but who says you have to have 2,3 huge luggage bags? if you’re flying for a trip which is a week, is it so hard to pack into your hand luggage? expensive travel insurance? sure, if you’re blind and can’t see the “no insurance” option.
    and the expensive airports? come on? just explain to me how is that ryanair’s fault? do they own the shops there? do they own the airport? and if you fly easyjet? do they land on the city square in frankfurt?
    and yes, they look tacky and ugly and whatever, but for that price? u cant even get a bus ticket for that price. it costs me more to take a train to london, then to fly to sweden, so tell me who is the expensive one?
    seriously, if you have atleast a bit of inteligence and don’t expect to be treated like royalty, you cant go wrong with them. if you dont expect too much, u dont get disapointed. and if you expect more, then take BA and be treated like scum too, if you cant pay for first class

  14. Ceannt Fort, you must work for RyanAir.

    quote: “Check out some of the statistics for timliness of flights, number of bags lost, customer satisfaction with pricing, etc., and you will see that they run a pretty slick operation.”.

    RyanAir publish all those figures themselves (in plain English, that means they make them up).

    Anyone that defends RyanAir’s underhanded tactics, deliberately designed to catch people out and fleece them for money, either works for them or DESERVES everything they get when THEY get caught out.

    It’s like defending child abuse by saying the kids should have run faster.

  15. i have just been conned to the tune of £35 by conair/ryanair, i paid for 2 cases to fuertaventura only to find on return journey last night 10 may that conair had only charged for 1 case on return journey.beware if you travel with conair check your details with a magnifing glass!

  16. I was told that the only reason Ryanair has a high on-time performance rating is because they increase the journey time of their flights, that way it’s more difficult to be late !!!

  17. Love it!! I hate Ryan Air with a passion. Just lost a £500 booking on a domestic flight because my young kids don’t have a passport. Never needed one before. Does anyone know when they introduced this rule? Was it recent? We booked back in January – do anyone knowes if they changed the rules after this date and I could take it to the small claims court to try and get my money back?

  18. Nobody seems to mention the annoying NON STOP efforts of the crew during your tight seat flight (no matter the distance), to sell you their awful food and goodies, mini drinks, earphones and lotterytickets at ridiculous prices!

    Want a fair price, no bullocks and a pleasant flight? Me and my partner discovered AirBerlin. I could recommend it to anyone.

  19. I used to fly with ryanair but when 4 of us fly and at the end they add up all the fees I just give up and fly with another airline even if they are more expensive. I think ryanair will start losing customers…

  20. What the hell is with Ryanair?
    They say that flights will be X price, the adds a couple hundred quid in fees.
    No wonder we all hate them.

    I’ve put my website as a fun tool.
    At the top there are some options.
    Enjoy experimenting.

  21. My wife is doing an audition in Stockholm today, and I was supposed to go along with her and make it a short break, we chose Ryanair, so she is in Sweden but I have had to return home…

    I am a musician, and have an audition of my own approaching, so I thought I would take my instrument with me to do a quick bit of practice while there. I always carry my instrument planes and have done so on Ryanair in the past, but I found out after booking that they have changed their rules. So I added a musical instrument to my booking (which cost £80, making it more expensive than BA overall), which seemed the most obvious thing to do having never experienced this before (normally its just Cellists who, understandably, have to do this), but alas that meant I booked a place in the hold. Apparently my instrument needs an extra seat, despite easily fitting in overhead compartments (its smaller than a violin case). I am unwilling to put it in the hold as it is worth in excess of £25000 and my insurance doesnt cover it being in the hold. I asked if I could check my hand luggage in and take it on as my hand luggage, but despite being well within width and depth restrictions, it is a few centimeters too long, so wouldnt be accepted as hand luggage, so I had no option other than to go home.

    I understand having rules and restrictions on hand luggage, and even that these are stringent. But I have no idea why a business would instruct its staff to show absolutely no discrepency or common sense. No other airline charges for an extra seat for instruments other than those that wont fit in overhead lockers. Other budget airlines are happy for them to be carried as hand luggage, some even allow them in addition to hand luggage. There will be those of you who say “well you should have read the website properly”, and you have a point, but their lack of sympathy and flexibility have means I will be boycotting them in future.

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