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Ryanair facing £6million fine for labour law violation

ryanair-jet-5Ryanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, has lost its appeal against a £6million penalty that was levied against them for violating France’s labour laws.

Ryanair were previously found guilty of hiring and paying local staff from Marseille under Irish contracts to save money on taxes.

Instead of paying up to 45 per cent in social charges – the normal figure in France – Ryanair paid just 10.75 per cent in Irish charges.

Thieving bastards.

In their decision to throw out Ryanair’s case, appeal court judges agreed with a lower court’s ruling that Ryanair was guilty of ‘clear social dumping’ and that the case was ‘an issue of unfair competition against other airlines that respect national legislation.’

The decision was hailed by Jean-Victor Borel, lawyer for France’s Ursaff social security collecting agency, who said: ‘The message of the court is clear. European law is not an instrument designed to defraud the social security’.

What he meant of course was ‘Ryanair are a bunch of thieving c*nts and need to pay up’.

Ryanair’s actual fine was £167,000 but it was also ordered to pay £6.3million in damages and interest to unpaid social security agencies. The airline had profits of nearly £450million in the last financial year.

Ryanair are of course whinging like a bunch of school children about this and will likely appeal.
Our advice would be shut the fuck up and pay.

Ryanair in bid to shut down pilots’ Twitter and Facebook accounts

viajes-fuerteventura-ryanair-2010Ryanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, have swooped to have a number of Facebook and Twitter accounts shut down after claiming they infringe the airline’s rights.

The move, as reported in the Irish Independant, has also led to allegations that the airline is attempting to silence a group that claims to represent about half of Ryanair’s 2,500 pilots – the Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG).

Ryanair confirmed to the Irish Independent that it has contacted both social networking giants in the past few weeks.

“We are currently applying to obtain all ‘Ryanair’ pages on all relevant social media outlets in order to prevent internet trolls masquerading as Ryanair,” said a spokesman.

The Ryanair Pilot Group’s Facebook page was shut down just over a week ago. That was on foot of a complaint made to Facebook that the site infringed Ryanair’s intellectual property.

No prior notice was given to the RPG, according to the pilot group.

“It can only be assumed from these two exceptional events that there seems to be an orchestrated and deliberate attempt to silence the public voice of the Ryanair pilots,” said Evert van Zwol, chairman of the RPG Interim Council. “Attempts to suppress social communications are not acceptable in 21st century Europe,” he said. “Freedom of association and freedom of speech are basic human rights that nobody should have to seek from scratch or assert through the media or the courts.”

He said pilots wouldn’t be dissuaded from organising themselves due to “crude and out-dated attempts to curtail personal, social and media interaction”.

But the RPG quickly moved to establish a new Facebook page. It’s understood that the site is unlikely to fall foul of any intellectual property infringements.

RPG’s Twitter account was suspended on Wednesday. Twitter declined to comment, but in a surprise twist, the RPG Twitter account was reactivated yesterday afternoon. The Twitter account contained a new disclaimer: “We are not affiliated with Ryanair Limited or any of its affiliated companies.”

The Ryanair spokesman said the airline is evaluating the potential to establish its own social media presence.

Ryanair does not recognise unions and does not recognise the RPG either, which itself does not have union status.

“We don’t comment on the Non-Ryanair Pilots Group which is a PR front for the pilot unions of competitor airlines,” said a Ryanair spokesman.

Last month, the RPG formed its first council, which includes serving Ryanair pilot John Goss, who has been involved in previous efforts to negotiate with the carrier.

Ryanair will face a PR battle this Monday when Channel 4 airs a documentary it calls ‘Secrets from the Cockpit’. The ‘Dispatches’ documentary claims to have uncovered “growing concerns about Ryanair’s fuel policy and working practices”.


Ryanair Customers to be Mugged at Check-In

ryanair-muggingRyanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, have ordered staff to “mug” all passengers at check-in to boost revenue, according to a report on the Daily Squib.

“We already mug them when they book their flights with excessive charges but we have been ordered to go a step further by mugging the bastards physically by nicking their hand luggage or going into their pockets to steal their gadgets,” Elaine O’Riordan, a Ryanair worker told the BBC.

Passengers have already complained about the muggings, but were simply told to ‘shut it, or we’ll throw you off the fu**ing plane” by bully Ryanair workers.

Doreen Elsingham, from Watford was travelling to Benidorm on a two week package holiday last week, and when she went to the flight check-in she was told to hand over her i-pod, i-pad, smartphone and a box of Swiss chocolate she was taking to her 90-year-old grandmother or get a smack in the face.

Read the full article here: http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/world/4255-ryanair-customers-to-be-mugged-at-check-in.html



Ryanair stewardess falls from aircraft

A stewardess from Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, was injured on Tuesday after falling from the rear door of the aircraft onto the floor some 3 meters below.

It is yet unknown whether she fell accidently, jumped or was pushed by a disgrunted passenger.

Apparently, the Ryanair aircraft was running late and the flight was supposed to have left at 10.15am. But when passengers were finally allowed to start boarding the plane around 11am, the atmosphere was one of stress and staff was rushing around, according to passengers.

“It was very confusing and unprofessional. It was almost like a state of panic when everything had to be done really quickly,” one passenger told daily Expressen.

Surely just a description of a normal flight on Ryanair?

The vehicle which carried the stairs by which the passengers access the plane had backed away and seconds later the hostess had tumbled out the door.

The woman sustained injuries to her head and was bleeding when the ambulance came to pick her up, according to the passenger. According to Nyberg, she was able to answer questions asked by the medical staff but had no further information about her status.

IHR wish the poor girl a speedy recovery.


Ryanair forced to pay €45,000 in compensation to ex-employee injured while at work

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been ordered to shell out €45,000 to an ex-employee who injured his back while he was manoeuvring aircraft stairs at Dublin Airport.

Mr Damien Warcaba (25), from Poland and a former baggage handler, took action against Ryanair following the accident in July, 2008. Ryanair have always denied the claims. Typical.

While he was moving the stairs, he felt something go in his back and was taken in an ambulance to Beaumont Hospital.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton, giving judgment, said that during training, Mr Warcaba was told at least two people had to effect the manoeuvre of aircraft stairs.

However, other staff members believed the reality on the ground was different.

Mr Justice Charleton said he was satisfied that nothing in the Ryanair rostering records indicated there was an abundance of or even sufficient workers to effect the task.

He would have years of discomfort, said the judge.

Just as we would recommend not flying with this shoddy airline, we would also recommend not working for them either.


Ryanair embroiled in OFT probe, jailing of cabin crew, base pull-out and arrest of drunken pilot

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have yet again been humiliated in the news this last week with stories about OFT investigations regarding concerns over unfair competition, cabin crew being jailed for sexual assault, its base being pulled from Marseille and a pilot being arrested for drunken and abusive behaviour.

Firstly, Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSWLA209120110104) reported that Ryanair is to be subject to investigation by the Office of Fair Trading regarding its stake in Aer Lingus. The airline started to build its 29.8 percent in the rival carrier in 2006. Ryanair has claimed that an inquiry cannot be held within four years, but the OFT said it has been given the go-ahead. “We have considered this issue carefully and it is appropriate and fair to Ryanair to inform them, at this point, that we believe we are ‘in time’ to review the minority stake,” said Sheldon Mills, director of mergers at the OFT. Ryanair said it would appeal the decision, which could lead to a formal Competition Commission probe.

Secondly, the ‘This is Leicestershire’ (http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/news/Vicious-sex-attacker-jailed-15-years/article-3082969-detail/article.html) website reports the shocking story of a Ryanair flight attendant who has been given 15 years for a savage sex attack on woman he walked home after a night out.

Paulius Troninas was sent to a young offenders institute yesterday after being convicted of battering a 31-year-old woman and leaving her with life-threatening injuries in an alleyway in Loughborough. Passing sentence, Judge Michael Stokes QC told the 19-year-old the evidence against him was “overwhelming”.

Thirdly, following our story late last year regarding Ryanair throwing a hissy fit and threatening to leave Marseille after being accused of illegal working practices, the airline has gone ahead and buggered off. Good riddance!

Expatica.com (http://www.expatica.com/fr/news/french-news/ryanair-abandons-marseille-base-from-tuesday_122268.html) report that Ryanair will no longer leave any aircraft overnight at Marseille.

Finally, the story in the Herald.ie (http://www.herald.ie/national-news/courts/hear-the-one-about-the-ryanair-pilot-who-was-arrested-twice-for-being-drunk-and-bit-a-garda-2490337.html) that a Ryanair pilot “tried to bite a garda when he went berserk at a city station after being arrested for hurling a traffic bollard into the street”.

Patrick Taaffe (21) also threatened to “get” another officer “no matter what” after he was arrested for refusing to pay a taxi fare and making insulting remarks about the cabbie’s wife. The Ryanair pilot, who also studied law, was remanded on bail when he admitted a series of public order charges related to two drunken episodes.

We’ll be steering well clear of Ryanair and we suggest you do too. Why not try a proper airline that will actually fly you to the place you think you are flying to, won’t charge you rip-off fees for baggage, using a debit card to pay and checking-in and, furthermore, will treat you with a little respect, something that the stories above demonstrate Ryanair find difficult.

British Airways have a fantastic “Value Calculator” that clearly shows the false economy that is flying with Ryanair. Check it out at: http://www.britishairways.com/travel/value-calculator/public/en_gb


Merry Fekking Christmas O’Leary

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are now hated by 1000 extra people who have had their Christmas plans wrecked by O’Leary and his band of scrooges after cancelling a number of its flights from Dublin Airport today, it has been announced.

The airline reckon many of its staff have reached the limit on the number of hours they can work. Well done Ryanair, you’ve screwed up again. How can you get such basic operations so horribly wrong?

In somewhat a confused statement, we’ve heard that O’Leary is trying to blame the problem on a lack of de-icing fluid: “We have four aircraft now stuck in Cork and Shannon because our handling agents have run out of de-icing fluid.”

“So we are cancelling at the moment a total of eight flights today out of the 92 flights we’ve scheduled to run from Dublin, which means unfortunately there’s going to be probably about 1,000 passengers delayed, have their flight cancelled, we won’t be able to get them home for Christmas, for which I sincerely apologise.”

We bet you’ll be thinking of them on Xmas day while you are toasting your tootsies in front of your log fire eh Micky!?!

Ryanair charged by French prosecutors for illegal working practices

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been charged by French prosecutors with illegal working practices after the Irish budget airline declared 120 employees in France as working in Ireland, a justice source said on Tuesday.

The charges, brought on Monday, relate to several labour laws including those banning concealed employment, preventing workplace councils from operating and preventing access to unions, the source said.

Employees living in France should be declared in France, say the unions who lodged the legal complaint. Ryanair has its French hub in the Mediterranean city of Marseille, with four aircraft.

Ryanair was not immediately available to comment on the court case, although the airline’s boss Michael O’Leary threatened in May to pull out of Marseille if his company was brought before French courts.

He said at the time that Ryanair’s 120 employees in Marseille pay their taxes, social security and pension payments in Ireland “in conformity with European law.”

A French court in 2007 dismissed a complaint by Ryanair against a law saying that employees of foreign airlines living in France have to come under French social security and tax law.


Ryanair freaks out at blogger

Hi all,

I stumbled upon this article at econsultancy.com regarding a post on a blog from a web developer who was commenting on the usability, or lack of, of the Ryanair website.

Firstly, I agree wholeheartedly that the entire user experience is a shocker and therefore the suggestions made are good ones. However, it was the reaction of the Ryanair staff who had obviously read his post and seemed to disagree that I found most amusing…do have a read: http://econsultancy.com/blog/3346-ryanair-freaks-out-at-blogger-disses-wordpress-shoots-foot