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Ryanair to add new £2 per passenger fee to cover cost of future scratchcard payouts

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been made to look like the bunch of idiots that they are this week with the news that 3 passengers on the SAME FLIGHT all won the top prize in the scratchcard competition.

Ryanair blamed the incident on a printing error! Ha ha.

Each of the lucky winners look set to receive a brand new car worth over £11,000.

We don’t think that any amount of scammy, rip-off fees and hidden charges on this particular flight will have covered the cost and we have heard rumours that Ryanair are looking to introduce a per passenger, per flight charge of around £2 to cover the cost of any future scratch card payouts.

Similar to the levy recently introduced to cover the cost of any potential future delays caused by a hypothetical natural disaster, this new charge is set to be just as well received by passengers already accustomed to being ripped off by Ryanair.


61% of people polled don’t believe Ryanair’s story about the man who ate his scratchcard

61% of people questioned don’t believe that the angry scratchcard winner who apparently ate his ticket when flying with Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, actually exists.

Whether or not this person is real we couldn’t care less. What we think is interesting is just how many people effectively regard Ryanair as being dishonest.

Just 9% of those who voted said that they thought the passenger was real and we are 100% sure that those votes were from individuals not connected with Ryanair in any way.

The remaining 30% of people said that they thought this passenger could possibly be real, but they’d need some proper evidence to prove he existed in order for them to feel confident in the story. That’s a lot of people who are unsure whether or not to trust Ryanair.

So was this story just another Ryanair PR exercise? Possibly. Was it successful? Probably. Do we still hate them? Of course!


Poll – Does the “angry” Ryanair scratchcard winner actually exist?

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, last week reported that a passenger ate his €10,000 winning scratch card after he was told he could not claim the money immediately.

A few days later and this passenger has still not been identified. Neither have Ryanair actually named any of the charities that they say will benefit, preferring to list them on the Ryanair website simply as:

1.      An Anger Management Charity
2.      An Eating Disorder Charity
3.      A Gamblers Charity
4.      A Disruptive Children’s Charity
5.      A Mental Health Charity

We’d like to know your thoughts. Do you believe the story? Do you think this is just another clever Ryanair PR exercise (which has been quite successful judging by the amount of coverage the story has generated)?

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