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Ryanair facing £6million fine for labour law violation

ryanair-jet-5Ryanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, has lost its appeal against a £6million penalty that was levied against them for violating France’s labour laws.

Ryanair were previously found guilty of hiring and paying local staff from Marseille under Irish contracts to save money on taxes.

Instead of paying up to 45 per cent in social charges – the normal figure in France – Ryanair paid just 10.75 per cent in Irish charges.

Thieving bastards.

In their decision to throw out Ryanair’s case, appeal court judges agreed with a lower court’s ruling that Ryanair was guilty of ‘clear social dumping’ and that the case was ‘an issue of unfair competition against other airlines that respect national legislation.’

The decision was hailed by Jean-Victor Borel, lawyer for France’s Ursaff social security collecting agency, who said: ‘The message of the court is clear. European law is not an instrument designed to defraud the social security’.

What he meant of course was ‘Ryanair are a bunch of thieving c*nts and need to pay up’.

Ryanair’s actual fine was £167,000 but it was also ordered to pay £6.3million in damages and interest to unpaid social security agencies. The airline had profits of nearly £450million in the last financial year.

Ryanair are of course whinging like a bunch of school children about this and will likely appeal.
Our advice would be shut the fuck up and pay.

We’re back and we still hate Ryanair

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had a nice little breather from us publishing all the horrible truths about them over the last few weeks.

But, unfortunately for them, we’re back from our holiday around the world and chomping at the bit to get back in the groove!

So what have we missed?

Ryanair being taken to court over unpaid ash cloud compensation

It seems that a test case involving Ryanair has been heard in a European court, the outcome of which could change the rules regarding compensation when an airline cancels a flight.

A passenger made a compensation claim against Ryanair in the wake of the volcanic ash cloud disruption, when her flight from Faro, Portugal was cancelled and she became stranded for nine days.

According to the Irish Examiner, the airline refused to pay the €1,129 (£945) claim for expenses incurred and Denise McDonagh was forced to go to the county court.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2099327/Ryanair-Denise-McDonagh-EU-court-volcanic-ash-cloud-compensation-claim.html#ixzz1mkML9bOs

Families flying with ­Ryanair this summer will face soaring luggage charges

A family of four each with average size suitcases will have to pay £320 just to put them in the hold as the ­airline cashes in on peak season with a hike of up to 33 per cent on its baggage tariff.

Ryanair’s charge of £80 for a 20kg case is more than double summer holiday ­increases brought in by other budget carriers.

Travelsupermarket.com spokesman Bob Atkinson said: “Ryanair clearly hopes to profit from summer holidaymakers while leaving low season prices as they are.

“This will affect families in particular. And woe betide if you forget to book that bag in online.

“It’ll cost you £100.” Families of four travelling on Flybe, easyJet, BMI, ­Thomson, Jet2 and Monarch will face luggage charges from £103 to £151.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ryanair-hikes-baggage-charges-in-time-681588


Lying Ryanair caught out again by advertising watchdog

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, were yesterday ordered to remove adverts they had published because they were ‘misleading’.

Ryanair allegedly made false claims about cheap flights and produced false images. The advert featured a bikini-clad woman holding a cocktail in the sunshine which stated, ‘book to the sun now’, with flights from as little as £8. However the destinations included in this deal had maximum temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius.

Another Ryanair advertisement offered flights to Dublin for £27.99, although it was apparently impossible to book a flight for this price, due to an additional £6 online check-in fee.

This is not the first time that Ryanair have been caught out as lying bast*rds. And it won’t be the last.

Our tip? Stay well clear of this shambolic excuse of an airline and avoid being ripped off and flown to an airport no where near where you wanted to go in the process.


Ryanair spend £2.75 on new website design

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have launched a new website design that resembles a steaming pile of cat puke on the pavement.

In an effort to improve on their previous site which had been designed by a blind monkey on acid, Ryanair have quite clearly splashed the cash this time round.

We asked renowned web usability expert, Irene Von Stinkleman-Hurly, for her comments on the new offering: “Ryanair have set a new benchmark for crap design, crap usability, crap features and general crapness. They should be proud of this achievement“.

What do you think?

Someone claiming to be a representative of Ryanair, calling himself Stevo Whos-ya-father, commented “Here at Ryanair, we aim to provide the worst possible experience for you, our customer. If there is anything we can do to heap misery on your time with us, we’ll go the extra mile. Here’s hoping that our investment of £2.75 on this new website design gives you headaches, increases your blood pressure and perhaps fools you into booking a flight that you thought was going to cost £19.99 return but actually ends up costing £399 each way plus tax and to a destination miles from where you need to actually go.


Ryanair demonstration on how to publicly humiliate passengers

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are well known for their draconian behaviour when it comes to carry on luggage restrictions.

However, this often results in creative ideas by passengers intent on getting round any extra charges.

A group of young ladies were recently filmed as they were forced to unpack as much of their luggage as possible, putting on many layers of clothing just so that their bags fit in the carry-on luggage “sizing” contraption.

Whilst the video is hilarious, it does also highlight just how ridiculous Ryanair’s rules are. The same total weight is still boarding the aircraft proving that this is simply a way of generating extra revenue based on the fact that many passengers will simply cough up the cash to avoid the humiliation.


Ryanair prove they are an ass-hole in one with new golf deal

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have formed a partnership with Golf Away International to offer “discounts” for golfers on green fees.

The airline yesterday launched ‘Ryanair Golf Direct’, which offers up to 50% off green fees at some top courses.

The deal initially covers 20 Spanish resorts, but will be extended to Portugal, the Canary Islands and the UK.

What golfers save in green fees will, however, be more than swallowed up by Ryanair’s sky high prices for checking in sports equipment such as golf clubs.

“This is just another bullsh*t scheme by these lying, money grabbing a-holes” said a disgruntled golfer named Pete.

We’ve also discovered that most top Spanish golf courses covered by this wonderful deal are very well located near major airports. Places that Ryanair don’t fly to.

So if you want to play at the lovely municipal pitch and putt in La Placa Della Middla Nowhere, which is in the middle of no-where but most likely flown to by Ryanair, then this deal is for you.


Ryanair the musical

Watch this fantastic ‘musical’ about Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, performed by alternative comedy stand-up group “Fascinating Aida”.

Our favourite bit…

“Then at last we reached the airport where we had to pay a fine, The fecking feckers charged us ’cause we hadn’t checked in online, And finally aboard the flight there’s an extra class (?) of tax, ‘Cause the fecking fecking feckers fecking charge to use the jacks, Cheap flights, cheap flights, I think you must agree, That only fecking gobshites think there’s flights for 50p, (Feck, shite, feck, shite, feck, shite, arse) (Feck, shite, shite, feck, feck, shite, arse)

We’re sure you’ll enjoy…


Ryanair slammed by ASA for ‘misleading’ newspaper advertisements

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have again been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority for misleading customers with offers of low fare offers.

The excuse for an airline placed two newspaper adverts offering £10 one-way fares, but with sneaky small print explaining that the offer was subject to “restrictions”.

The ASA investigated the ads after they were tipped off by good old EasyJet. Their report highlights that the ads were indeed “likely to mislead”.

Surprisingly, Ryanair have declined to whinge and moan in reply. Silence is golden eh! They did however attempt a cheap pop at Easyjet for making the complaint. Get a life O’Leary.

The specifics of the complaint surround £10 one-way fares to Gothenburg and Dusseldorf and the extra small print that mentions that the offer is of course not an offer but a standard rip off fare. “Subject to availability and excluded fees and charges” in Ryanair speak.

The ASA agreed with Easyjets complaint and said in its report that readers were likely to believe the £10 deal was a fixed price.

The ASA said: “Because we considered that consumers would understand ‘£10 one way’ to mean that all flights to Gothenburg and Dusseldorf-Weeze were available at £10, and because we had not seen evidence to support that claim, we concluded that the ads were likely to mislead.”


Ryanair “Guarantee” to rip you off by using their own exchange rates when paying in Euros

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have discovered a fabulous new way of parting you with your hard earned cash after introducing their own currency conversion for travellers booking single flights from other countries back to the UK.

The practice, known in the trade as dynamic currency conversion (DCC), can add as much as £6-£7 to each £100 booking according to the Guardian.co.uk.

They state that British travellers who book journeys starting in Europe have long seen their fares on the Ryanair website quoted and charged in euros. As a result they have incurred the foreign exchange costs associated with buying goods abroad using a UK credit card.

However, Ryanair has quietly introduced DCC in a bid to further increase its revenues. As the buyer goes through the payment process, the price quoted is automatically recalculated into a “guaranteed” price, which the Guardian found is several pounds higher than that quoted by a leading credit card.

When Guardian Money puchased a single flight from Ancona in Italy to London Stansted, the price quoted was €65.50. They were then offered a guaranteed price of £60.92. Having declined this, they were still implored to accept it, accompanied with a warning “you will not receive a guaranteed rate from your bank”.

Some buyers would simply agree to the guarantee at this point. But the rate being offered was poor value: Nationwide were asked how much it would have charged in sterling that day to someone buying the flight at €65.50, and they replied it would cost just £57.16. Ryanair was charging £3.76 more.

It might not sound much but someone booking return flights for a family at a cost of £400 would pay an extra £24 by opting for Ryanair’s “guaranteed” exchange rate.

This latest fee comes on top of other controversial charges such as the £5 per person each way credit card charges. Ryanair recently started charging those using Visa Electron cards. Now the only way to avoid credit card charges is to use a pre-paid Mastercard. Read more here about one of them, the FairFX pre paid master card that will allow you to book your flights with no credit card charges with Ryanair.