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Ryanair named second WORST brand in the World

micky-oRyanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, have been named as the second WORST brand in the entire World. This fabulous news surely cements the commonly held belief that Ryanair are indeed the Worst Airline in existence.

This latest embarrassment, hot on the heels of seeing pictures of two of their aircraft crashing into each other at Dublin airport the other day,  sees Ryanair second only to insurance company AXA.

Despite recent efforts to transform its reputation, the shoddy excuse for an airline was one of the worst-performing brands overall in Siegel+Gale’s 2014 simplicity index.

In a survey of over 12,000 customers in eight countries, Ryanair was named the second worst-ranked brand, based on ease of customer use of a company’s products, services, interactions and communications.

What a bunch of lying, thieving bastards Ryanair are.
Please, oh please, go fly with a proper airline like British Airways.

Ryanair voted worst airline in the World

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been voted the WORST airline in the entire World in a poll of UK travellers by comparison site, Gocompare.com.

BA has been voted the best airline. Charter airlines Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways and Monarch also made the top ten best list and the highest ranked foreign airlines were Emirates and Singapore Airlines, with American Airlines in joint 10th place with Qantas.

British Airways topped the list of favourite airlines with 19.1% of the votes, followed by Virgin Atlantic in second place.

3,000 Brits were asked to vote for their best and worst airlines based on cost, service and overall comfort of their journey.


Poll – Does the “angry” Ryanair scratchcard winner actually exist?

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, last week reported that a passenger ate his €10,000 winning scratch card after he was told he could not claim the money immediately.

A few days later and this passenger has still not been identified. Neither have Ryanair actually named any of the charities that they say will benefit, preferring to list them on the Ryanair website simply as:

1.      An Anger Management Charity
2.      An Eating Disorder Charity
3.      A Gamblers Charity
4.      A Disruptive Children’s Charity
5.      A Mental Health Charity

We’d like to know your thoughts. Do you believe the story? Do you think this is just another clever Ryanair PR exercise (which has been quite successful judging by the amount of coverage the story has generated)?

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