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Ryanair visa check scam

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are still ripping people off with their “Visa Check” scam, 3 years on from when we first highlighted the problem in the post below.

The scam, aimed at non-EU passport holders, involves catching people out by allowing them all the way through to the departure gate before informing them that they need a Visa Check stamp on their boarding pass. The unfortunate victim then has to attempt a mad rush back through security, queue up at an often unmanned desk, obtain some bullshit stamp and then try to get back to the gate before the flight departs which, of course, is highly unlikely and results in a new flight having to be booked along with all the associated costs and hassles of missing a flight.

Why do Ryanair not stamp the boarding pass at the check-in desk? Why are they not instead informed that they need to go complete this task before security?

It is all in the name of making money. And the scum at Ryanair could not give a toss about how we all feel about it.

Please avoid flying Ryanair and use a reputable airline that these days are often very competitive on cost. Try British Airways or EasyJet for your next European break, especially if you are a non-EU passport holder.

The original email we recieved about this Ryanair scam is listed below, along with many comments from people who have experienced the same dirty tricks from Ryanair.


Dear I Hate Ryanair,

There is a new scam which I think you should make your readers aware of which is the new VISA Check policy for foreign nationals.

My friend recently flew to Sardinia with an Italian friend from Stansted. She is Israeli and when she printed out her boarding pass, she didn’t notice that it had the words ‘Visa Check’ on it. Apparently now anybody without an EU passport must go to the Visa Check counter before they go through security where they stamp your boarding pass.

This also happened to an Australian friend of mine who was not even leaving the UK!. He was flying to Belfast and when he went to the Ryanair Visa Check and asked why this was necessary, he was told it was because he was leaving the UK and there are new regulations for the EU? He had to explain to the Ryanair employee that Belfast was actually in the UK!

Anyway going back to my friend going to Sardinia. Because she didn’t go to the VISA check, she went through security and proceeded to the gate. When she got to the gate, the Ryanair employee informed her that she had to go to the Visa check first. She was unable (like any normal airline) to check the visa there and then. As a result she was forced to return through security, queue up for Visa Check and then come back through security. Of course she missed the flight to the delight of Ryanair who charged her another £100 to fly the next day. Another typical Ryanair scam!


We agree Chris and thanks for your email. Please keep your stories coming and remember, the best ones will win a FREE flight with Ryanair anywhere, yes ANYWHERE in the world!!! Subject to fees outlined in a previous post.


Ryanair website booking system crashes on New Year’s day

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, suffered a massive embarrasment on New Year’s day when their online booking system failed to allow would be passengers to book flights in 2011.

The problem apparently came to light at midnight on New Year’s day when the system only showed dates in 2010 as possible selections from the drop down boxes.

Ryanair took an impressive 14 hours to fix the issue, no doubt having to wait for the blind 6 year old child who originally built the site to wake up the following morning to help out.

Ryanair must have lost out on thousands of  bookings costing them a fortune in the process. What a useless bunch of idiots!

We spoke to a traveller, Mr D. Gurton, who was looking to book flights from Stansted to a field somewhere in the middle of nowhere in order to take an expensive taxi onwards to Barcelona. He commented: “I logged on to book some flights to some place called Girona. I laughed my head off when I saw that Ryanair had cocked up in such a royal fashion by not allowing me to select dates from this year – 2011. I have booked my flights with BA instead who are actually cheaper and fly right to Barcelona, saving me a fortune in onward travel charges, allowing me to carry a checked in bag, travel at decent times, not charge me for using a credit card, not selling me all sorts of shit on the flight that I dont want and generally being nicer to me along the way.

Ryanair have cocked up before with their website. We reported back in September 2010 that the system had crashed completely: http://www.ihateryanair.org/ryanair-in-massive-crash-of-website-booking-system/


Ryanair website down

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are experiencing a few issues today with their website but have so far failed to explain to anyone what the problems are being caused by and how passengers will be affected.

Online bookings are still unavailable as is the online check-in system that passengers are forced to use in order to avoid being shafted at the airport for checking in there. How many will be charged later today or tomorrow morning?

What are this shambolic airline playing at?

This is the same Ryanair that reckon they can ditch co-pilots seeing as computers do all the flying on aircraft.

Hmmm…computers…co-pilots…computers…website…computers…landing plane…

If you are currently stuck with checking in online and worried about being screwed by Ryanair, let us know. Editor at ihateryanair.org


Ryanair in massive crash…of website booking system

The online booking and check-in system for Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, has been down for over an hour today.

Passengers hoping to check-in 5 hours before their flight today will now likely have now been stung for not checking in online and will have to pay when they arrive at the airport.

With regards to the booking system going down for what Ryanair call “essential system maintenance”, we have crudely calculated that this website crash will be costing the airline a size-able sum of cash.

Take August this year for example. 7.6 million passengers flown. That’s just over 250,000 passenger bookings per day, equating to around 10,500 per hour. Taking £50 as an estimate of revenue per passenger, this would mean Ryanair have lost over £500,000 in bookings since 12.30pm today.

What a joke Lyingair are. Having to shut down their booking system when they want to make a tiny edit to the website such as adding the fabricated passenger testimonials. We recommend going and having a read of those, they are incredibly funny and oh so obviously written by someone at Lyingair.



Ryanair the musical

Watch this fantastic ‘musical’ about Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, performed by alternative comedy stand-up group “Fascinating Aida”.

Our favourite bit…

“Then at last we reached the airport where we had to pay a fine, The fecking feckers charged us ’cause we hadn’t checked in online, And finally aboard the flight there’s an extra class (?) of tax, ‘Cause the fecking fecking feckers fecking charge to use the jacks, Cheap flights, cheap flights, I think you must agree, That only fecking gobshites think there’s flights for 50p, (Feck, shite, feck, shite, feck, shite, arse) (Feck, shite, shite, feck, feck, shite, arse)

We’re sure you’ll enjoy…