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Ryanair facing £6million fine for labour law violation

ryanair-jet-5Ryanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, has lost its appeal against a £6million penalty that was levied against them for violating France’s labour laws.

Ryanair were previously found guilty of hiring and paying local staff from Marseille under Irish contracts to save money on taxes.

Instead of paying up to 45 per cent in social charges – the normal figure in France – Ryanair paid just 10.75 per cent in Irish charges.

Thieving bastards.

In their decision to throw out Ryanair’s case, appeal court judges agreed with a lower court’s ruling that Ryanair was guilty of ‘clear social dumping’ and that the case was ‘an issue of unfair competition against other airlines that respect national legislation.’

The decision was hailed by Jean-Victor Borel, lawyer for France’s Ursaff social security collecting agency, who said: ‘The message of the court is clear. European law is not an instrument designed to defraud the social security’.

What he meant of course was ‘Ryanair are a bunch of thieving c*nts and need to pay up’.

Ryanair’s actual fine was £167,000 but it was also ordered to pay £6.3million in damages and interest to unpaid social security agencies. The airline had profits of nearly £450million in the last financial year.

Ryanair are of course whinging like a bunch of school children about this and will likely appeal.
Our advice would be shut the fuck up and pay.

Ryanair cabin crew instructed to steal passengers change

micky-oRyanair, the World’s most hated airline, have taken ripping off their customers to another level through avoiding giving change back to them when selling things from the trolley, according to the Daily Mail.

The filthy thieving fuckers are advising cabin crew to follow a ‘keep the change’ policy in a training document. It is suggested they mislead passengers by claiming to have ‘no change left’ when they sell food or drink.

Staff are encouraged to tell passengers to spend the money on one of the airline’s own scratchcards or an item worth the same amount as the change owed.

The advice is contained in a document called “Ryanair Sales Tips”. What a bunch of wankers Ryanair are.

Under the heading ‘Have you tried these?’ the A4 document reads: ‘Keep the change! A simple and effective method to help boost your passenger spend count.

‘If you owe someone €2.00 advise that you are short of change right now, and can return the change at the end of the service.

‘Or ask them if you would like to purchase a scratchcard, or something to the value of €2.00.
‘If it doesn’t work then don’t worry, at least you tried.’

The airline’s controversial boss Michael O’Leary is renowned for his revenue-enhancing ideas that aim to increase turnover and lower costs.

A Ryanair spokesman described the sales advice as ‘a training document used by a third party’.


Ryanair flights that leave you 30ft closer to your destination

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are leaving passengers just 30ft closer to their destination after “flights” from London North Airport, also known as Dublin East Airport.

The story, posted on Newsbiscuit.com  explains that: “A Ryanair flight which left ‘London’ at 8.16am and arrived in ‘Dublin’ at 8.18am has been condemned by the 125 passengers onboard after it left them hundreds of pounds out of pocket and ‘barely a stone’s throw’ from where they’d set off from.

‘I was livid’, claimed Mary Tumbleston, a mother from Tottenham. ‘We arrived at the new ‘London North’ airport in plenty of time, even though the terminal turned out to be closer to Birmingham. We went through a rigorous security check, browsed the duty-free sunglasses, and then they whisked us through the departure lounge and out onto the tarmac, through a door marked ‘Welcome to Dublin’. We didn’t go near an aeroplane, or get to vomit in a bag. And we could still see our car through the chicken-wire fence, where we’d paid £40 a day to park in ‘London’.’

The confusion has been blamed on Ryanair’s decision to rename ‘Birmingham International’ as both ‘London North’ and ‘Dublin East’, a move described as ‘slightly misleading’ by consumer groups. ‘We would urge travellers to check the small print carefully before booking a flight online’, said Janet Hurblet of the Consumers’ Association. ‘As well as watching out for the big print, where it says ‘Ryanair’.’

Despite spending nearly £350 on tickets for her family of four, Tumbleston still needed to spend a further three hours in a taxi and ninety minutes on a ferry, before reaching her destination half a day late. Overall, Ryanair’s ‘Sun Saver Special’ had cost nearly £1.00 an inch.

While Ryanair admits that the new ‘flight’ is largely just a walk through a shed in a field next to an airport, they are proud of the service’s low carbon footprint and absence of significant delays, and believe the marginally above-average safety record speaks for itself.

Tumbleston isn’t so convinced though. ‘We can accept that the ‘flight’ didn’t start or end quite where we’d been led to believe, and while it would have been nice to have left the ground, I suppose that’s a technicality. But what I do find harder to accept is that in our two short minutes with Ryanair, they still managed to lose most of our luggage.’”.


Ryanair visa check scam

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are still ripping people off with their “Visa Check” scam, 3 years on from when we first highlighted the problem in the post below.

The scam, aimed at non-EU passport holders, involves catching people out by allowing them all the way through to the departure gate before informing them that they need a Visa Check stamp on their boarding pass. The unfortunate victim then has to attempt a mad rush back through security, queue up at an often unmanned desk, obtain some bullshit stamp and then try to get back to the gate before the flight departs which, of course, is highly unlikely and results in a new flight having to be booked along with all the associated costs and hassles of missing a flight.

Why do Ryanair not stamp the boarding pass at the check-in desk? Why are they not instead informed that they need to go complete this task before security?

It is all in the name of making money. And the scum at Ryanair could not give a toss about how we all feel about it.

Please avoid flying Ryanair and use a reputable airline that these days are often very competitive on cost. Try British Airways or EasyJet for your next European break, especially if you are a non-EU passport holder.

The original email we recieved about this Ryanair scam is listed below, along with many comments from people who have experienced the same dirty tricks from Ryanair.


Dear I Hate Ryanair,

There is a new scam which I think you should make your readers aware of which is the new VISA Check policy for foreign nationals.

My friend recently flew to Sardinia with an Italian friend from Stansted. She is Israeli and when she printed out her boarding pass, she didn’t notice that it had the words ‘Visa Check’ on it. Apparently now anybody without an EU passport must go to the Visa Check counter before they go through security where they stamp your boarding pass.

This also happened to an Australian friend of mine who was not even leaving the UK!. He was flying to Belfast and when he went to the Ryanair Visa Check and asked why this was necessary, he was told it was because he was leaving the UK and there are new regulations for the EU? He had to explain to the Ryanair employee that Belfast was actually in the UK!

Anyway going back to my friend going to Sardinia. Because she didn’t go to the VISA check, she went through security and proceeded to the gate. When she got to the gate, the Ryanair employee informed her that she had to go to the Visa check first. She was unable (like any normal airline) to check the visa there and then. As a result she was forced to return through security, queue up for Visa Check and then come back through security. Of course she missed the flight to the delight of Ryanair who charged her another £100 to fly the next day. Another typical Ryanair scam!


We agree Chris and thanks for your email. Please keep your stories coming and remember, the best ones will win a FREE flight with Ryanair anywhere, yes ANYWHERE in the world!!! Subject to fees outlined in a previous post.


Ryanair proven useless at concealing add-ons with the launch of their charity calendar

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are famed for their hidden extras that add plenty of fat to your total fare. However, we can reveal that the sneaky scam artists have been working hard at keeping the fat off when it comes to their 2012 Ryanair calendar.

That’s right, just as a Ryanair fare of £2.99 from somewhere in the middle of nowhere to another place somewhere in the middle of nowhere can often seem too good to be true, the same can be said of the pictures of their cabin crew on their calendar.

We asked a photographic expert to examine the pictures and tell us how many hidden extras photoshop had concealed.

What became clear very quickly was the level of skill used in manipulating the images. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is “expert” and 1 is “blind as a bat”, we’d score Ryanair’s efforts in the range of a vision impared chiroptera.

Did you know that bats represent about twenty percent of all classified mammal species worldwide, with about 1,240 bat species divided into two suborders: the less specialized and largely fruit-eating megachiroptera, or flying foxes, and the more highly specialized and echolocating microchiroptera? Interesting.

Back to business. Check out these two screen grabs to see what we mean…

See the full image and links to others here: http://www.flightglobal.com/blogs/flight-international/2011/11/ryanair-unveils-new-2012-cabin.html

Great skills there O’Leary. Did you do these yourself? Come on, admit it.


Ryanair to pay airport staff for catching passengers with excess luggage

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are to pay airport staff a 50p “bonus” for every bag that they identify as being too large or over weight.

This new rip-off at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool means that handlers now have a financial reward for ruining your day.

For each bag identified as being too large, the staff member employed by handling firm Servisair will be given 50p. In order to ensure that all the handlers really really try hard to catch everyone out, the payment will only come into force if an employee reaches a target of 10 bags a week.

So, Servisair workers can earn an extra fiver every day, while offending passengers are scammed with a baggage fine of £40.

One Servisair puppet, who works at the airport, said: “They brought in this new rule a few weeks ago. We’re pleased to be honest. It means we can earn a few extra quid.

“If I now see a bag that could be on the borderline I say, let’s have a look if that’s too big for the overhead lockers.

“Whereas previously we might have let borderline baggage through, now we’ll be more stringent.”

Yet another method of extracting cash from you. Steer well clear of Ryanair and their cowboy tactics. Fly with a proper airline to a destination that is actually where you were hoping to arrive at.


Ryanair moaned about RAF planes sharing same airport during Libyan bombing campaign

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been moaning and whinging like pathetic little wimps because of “disruption” apparently caused by RAF warplanes using an Italian airport during the Libyan bombing campaign.

That’s right. Lyingair didn’t like the fact that our beloved RAF were getting in the way of their lower than budget services that share the same airport in Trapani.

Trapani? Where the fuck is Trapani?

In the middle of nowhere is where. But hey! What do you expect from the scumbags at Ryanair? “Just get the 2 hour coach ride to your destination from the airfield, what’s the problem?” said a source at Lyingair.

Ryanair’s complaint about the RAF was passed to Italy’s government in Rome, which asked the Ministry of Defence to move its aircraft to alternative Italian military bases.

The RAF were apparently just hours away from moving 100’s of personnel, equipment and aircraft that would have cost the British tax payer tens of thousands of pounds but were saved when the end of operations was announced.

What an absolute disgrace Ryanair are. O’Leary should be ashamed of himself.

Last year, we reported that Ryanair were in discussions with the Ministry of Defence to buy a number of retired Harrier Jump Jets in order to take advantage of their vertical take off and landing ability thus negating the need for expensive runways and airports.


Lying Ryanair caught out again by advertising watchdog

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, were yesterday ordered to remove adverts they had published because they were ‘misleading’.

Ryanair allegedly made false claims about cheap flights and produced false images. The advert featured a bikini-clad woman holding a cocktail in the sunshine which stated, ‘book to the sun now’, with flights from as little as £8. However the destinations included in this deal had maximum temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius.

Another Ryanair advertisement offered flights to Dublin for £27.99, although it was apparently impossible to book a flight for this price, due to an additional £6 online check-in fee.

This is not the first time that Ryanair have been caught out as lying bast*rds. And it won’t be the last.

Our tip? Stay well clear of this shambolic excuse of an airline and avoid being ripped off and flown to an airport no where near where you wanted to go in the process.


Ryanair in yet another childish moan at realisation of truth

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are whinging once again in the High Court over comments by the judge that Ryanair and the truth are “uncomfortable bedfellows”.

Funny how the truth hurts eh O’Leary?! You makes your bed, you lie in it!

In a motion before the judge today, Ryanair asked Mr Justice Kelly to discharge himself from determining a dispute involving the airline and a UK-based firm, Terravision London Finance Ltd, which provides bus services from airports where Ryanair operates.

Ryanair claims that the Terravision is in breach of a contract that the parties entered into. However Terravision has denied the airline’s claims and is opposing Ryanair’s motion.

Read more:


Ryanair embroiled in OFT probe, jailing of cabin crew, base pull-out and arrest of drunken pilot

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have yet again been humiliated in the news this last week with stories about OFT investigations regarding concerns over unfair competition, cabin crew being jailed for sexual assault, its base being pulled from Marseille and a pilot being arrested for drunken and abusive behaviour.

Firstly, Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSWLA209120110104) reported that Ryanair is to be subject to investigation by the Office of Fair Trading regarding its stake in Aer Lingus. The airline started to build its 29.8 percent in the rival carrier in 2006. Ryanair has claimed that an inquiry cannot be held within four years, but the OFT said it has been given the go-ahead. “We have considered this issue carefully and it is appropriate and fair to Ryanair to inform them, at this point, that we believe we are ‘in time’ to review the minority stake,” said Sheldon Mills, director of mergers at the OFT. Ryanair said it would appeal the decision, which could lead to a formal Competition Commission probe.

Secondly, the ‘This is Leicestershire’ (http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/news/Vicious-sex-attacker-jailed-15-years/article-3082969-detail/article.html) website reports the shocking story of a Ryanair flight attendant who has been given 15 years for a savage sex attack on woman he walked home after a night out.

Paulius Troninas was sent to a young offenders institute yesterday after being convicted of battering a 31-year-old woman and leaving her with life-threatening injuries in an alleyway in Loughborough. Passing sentence, Judge Michael Stokes QC told the 19-year-old the evidence against him was “overwhelming”.

Thirdly, following our story late last year regarding Ryanair throwing a hissy fit and threatening to leave Marseille after being accused of illegal working practices, the airline has gone ahead and buggered off. Good riddance!

Expatica.com (http://www.expatica.com/fr/news/french-news/ryanair-abandons-marseille-base-from-tuesday_122268.html) report that Ryanair will no longer leave any aircraft overnight at Marseille.

Finally, the story in the Herald.ie (http://www.herald.ie/national-news/courts/hear-the-one-about-the-ryanair-pilot-who-was-arrested-twice-for-being-drunk-and-bit-a-garda-2490337.html) that a Ryanair pilot “tried to bite a garda when he went berserk at a city station after being arrested for hurling a traffic bollard into the street”.

Patrick Taaffe (21) also threatened to “get” another officer “no matter what” after he was arrested for refusing to pay a taxi fare and making insulting remarks about the cabbie’s wife. The Ryanair pilot, who also studied law, was remanded on bail when he admitted a series of public order charges related to two drunken episodes.

We’ll be steering well clear of Ryanair and we suggest you do too. Why not try a proper airline that will actually fly you to the place you think you are flying to, won’t charge you rip-off fees for baggage, using a debit card to pay and checking-in and, furthermore, will treat you with a little respect, something that the stories above demonstrate Ryanair find difficult.

British Airways have a fantastic “Value Calculator” that clearly shows the false economy that is flying with Ryanair. Check it out at: http://www.britishairways.com/travel/value-calculator/public/en_gb