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Avoid Ryanair booking charges with pre paid mastercard by FairFx

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have now scrapped the Visa Electron as a free payment method and are now only accepting pre-paid Mastercards.

About 20m people took out a Visa Electron card to take advantage of the perk that allowed them to avoid the £5 fee levied per passenger per journey for bookings made with a credit or debit card. Now the scumbags have taken this perk away.

The change means two adults taking return flights will have to pay £20 in charges, even if the flights are booked on the same card in the same transaction. Only customers paying with a pre-paid MasterCard will escape the fee.

We took a look at a few providers of pre-paid cards and highly recommend the FairFx pre-paid Mastercard for it’s low fees and easy application process:

  • The FairFX Card allows UK residents to own a pre-paid currency card in Euros or US Dollars
  • Unlike most credit or debit cards issued in the UK, because the FairFX card is denominated in a foreign currency, when you use it abroad to pay for goods you won’t be charged any transaction fee
  • There is a low fee of €1.50 or $2.00 for cash withdrawals
  • Because money is stored in Euros or Dollars you won’t suffer from uncompetitive exchange rates when using the card. Card users can typically expect to save as much as 10% on Euro and US Dollar exchange rates.
  • There is no charge for purchases when you’re in the Eurozone or the USA