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Bride-to-be in punch-up with hen party on board Ryanair flight

Ryanair, the World’s Most Hated Airline, hosted what looked like a heavy weight boxing match on a flight to Barcelona last week.

The video shows a woman, dressed in white, throw several punches at another girl in front of stunned passengers at 30,000 feet.

A steward on board the nasty plane, which was around 40 minutes from landing, manages to separate two of the girls who can be see shouting at each other in the clip.

Passenger Tony Tickle, who recorded the video, said the crew managed to get the situation ‘under control quickly’.

‘All of a sudden I heard it all kicking off,’ he told the Manchester Evening News.

‘I could see shouting and it looked like two girls were fighting. Then I saw the bride run along and jump in.

‘She threw three or four punches. I grabbed my phone to get it on camera.’

He added: ‘It all happened so fast. It lasted about a minute in all.

‘The flight attendants rushed in and separated them and got the main protagonist out of there.’


Ryanair cabin crew instructed to steal passengers change

micky-oRyanair, the World’s most hated airline, have taken ripping off their customers to another level through avoiding giving change back to them when selling things from the trolley, according to the Daily Mail.

The filthy thieving fuckers are advising cabin crew to follow a ‘keep the change’ policy in a training document. It is suggested they mislead passengers by claiming to have ‘no change left’ when they sell food or drink.

Staff are encouraged to tell passengers to spend the money on one of the airline’s own scratchcards or an item worth the same amount as the change owed.

The advice is contained in a document called “Ryanair Sales Tips”. What a bunch of wankers Ryanair are.

Under the heading ‘Have you tried these?’ the A4 document reads: ‘Keep the change! A simple and effective method to help boost your passenger spend count.

‘If you owe someone €2.00 advise that you are short of change right now, and can return the change at the end of the service.

‘Or ask them if you would like to purchase a scratchcard, or something to the value of €2.00.
‘If it doesn’t work then don’t worry, at least you tried.’

The airline’s controversial boss Michael O’Leary is renowned for his revenue-enhancing ideas that aim to increase turnover and lower costs.

A Ryanair spokesman described the sales advice as ‘a training document used by a third party’.


Ryanair anger passengers after Italian ‘Mafia’ joke

Ryanair mafiaRyanair, the World’s most hated airline,  have pissed off Italians  after a flight attendant referred to the Italian city of Bari as a “mafia” town,  AFP reports.

“Welcome on board this Ryanair flight from Paris Beauvais to Bari, the city of mafia bosses and Saint Nicholas,” the attendant reportedly said.

As The Telegraph reports, Bari is the capital of the Puglia region, which is a center for one of Italy’s four main mafia groups, the Sacra Corona Unita, but truth was no defense for the flight attendant. Passengers wrote to the company, denouncing the crack as offensive.

“I feel terribly offended by the ridiculous way that you treat your passengers,” one woman wrote, according to the paper.

Ryanair’s Stevie WhoseYaFather said that the airline “does not agree with these comments and will certainly address the problem with the employee concerned. Ryanair apologizes for any offense it might have caused,” according to Italian news agency AGI.

Last month, Ryanair’s prat/twat CEO Micky O’Dreary ticked a bunch of people off when he called thousands of passengers “idiots” and saying they are “stupid” for not printing their boarding passes ahead of time. He likely did not make any friends when he complained about paying too much in baggage fees either.


Ryanair embroiled in OFT probe, jailing of cabin crew, base pull-out and arrest of drunken pilot

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have yet again been humiliated in the news this last week with stories about OFT investigations regarding concerns over unfair competition, cabin crew being jailed for sexual assault, its base being pulled from Marseille and a pilot being arrested for drunken and abusive behaviour.

Firstly, Reuters (http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSWLA209120110104) reported that Ryanair is to be subject to investigation by the Office of Fair Trading regarding its stake in Aer Lingus. The airline started to build its 29.8 percent in the rival carrier in 2006. Ryanair has claimed that an inquiry cannot be held within four years, but the OFT said it has been given the go-ahead. “We have considered this issue carefully and it is appropriate and fair to Ryanair to inform them, at this point, that we believe we are ‘in time’ to review the minority stake,” said Sheldon Mills, director of mergers at the OFT. Ryanair said it would appeal the decision, which could lead to a formal Competition Commission probe.

Secondly, the ‘This is Leicestershire’ (http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/news/Vicious-sex-attacker-jailed-15-years/article-3082969-detail/article.html) website reports the shocking story of a Ryanair flight attendant who has been given 15 years for a savage sex attack on woman he walked home after a night out.

Paulius Troninas was sent to a young offenders institute yesterday after being convicted of battering a 31-year-old woman and leaving her with life-threatening injuries in an alleyway in Loughborough. Passing sentence, Judge Michael Stokes QC told the 19-year-old the evidence against him was “overwhelming”.

Thirdly, following our story late last year regarding Ryanair throwing a hissy fit and threatening to leave Marseille after being accused of illegal working practices, the airline has gone ahead and buggered off. Good riddance!

Expatica.com (http://www.expatica.com/fr/news/french-news/ryanair-abandons-marseille-base-from-tuesday_122268.html) report that Ryanair will no longer leave any aircraft overnight at Marseille.

Finally, the story in the Herald.ie (http://www.herald.ie/national-news/courts/hear-the-one-about-the-ryanair-pilot-who-was-arrested-twice-for-being-drunk-and-bit-a-garda-2490337.html) that a Ryanair pilot “tried to bite a garda when he went berserk at a city station after being arrested for hurling a traffic bollard into the street”.

Patrick Taaffe (21) also threatened to “get” another officer “no matter what” after he was arrested for refusing to pay a taxi fare and making insulting remarks about the cabbie’s wife. The Ryanair pilot, who also studied law, was remanded on bail when he admitted a series of public order charges related to two drunken episodes.

We’ll be steering well clear of Ryanair and we suggest you do too. Why not try a proper airline that will actually fly you to the place you think you are flying to, won’t charge you rip-off fees for baggage, using a debit card to pay and checking-in and, furthermore, will treat you with a little respect, something that the stories above demonstrate Ryanair find difficult.

British Airways have a fantastic “Value Calculator” that clearly shows the false economy that is flying with Ryanair. Check it out at: http://www.britishairways.com/travel/value-calculator/public/en_gb


Ryanair passenger threatens to kill cabin crew with gun

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, were involved in a shocking incident this week when a German passenger threatened to kill a flight attendant, possibly because of bad service or hidden charges.

The flight, on a Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DAR from Frankfurt Hahn (somewhere far away from Frankfurt) to Osla Sandefjord (nowhere near Oslo), was enroute when the drunk German male (21) threatened to kill a flight attendant with his gun after she had intervened a number of times trying to tone him down.

The crew decided to continue the flight to it’s destination where they had called ahead to have the cops waiting.

However, the German decided to try and make a run for it, obviously distressed at his experience on the Ryanair flight, and opened the emergency exit after landing.

Unfortunately this resulted in him spending the night in jail and being fined 30.000 Norwegian Kroner (about 3800 Euros) the following day.


Ryanair accused of providing ‘slave contracts’ for Norwegian cabin crew

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have featured heavily in the Norwegian press over the last few days regarding employee conditions that one anonymous cabin crew member refers to as “slave contracts”.

Moss-Avis, a Norwegian news website, spoke with the unnamed Ryanair employee this week about the issues that staff face. He said that if Ryanair found out who he was that he would be fired.

The problems he highlighted include low wages of about 1300 Euros per month. This is so low that the Norwegian immigration authorities did not believe it was possible for someone to live on such a meagre amount.

It has also been reported that cabin crew at Ryanair will be paid only for the hours they are in the air.  Any delay or cancellation results in no pay. And then, once you’re in the air, the pressure is reportedly very high for the crew to sell as much as they can with some staff on commissions.

Read the full story on Moss-Avis at: http://www.moss-avis.no/nyheter/ikke-la-ryanair-fa-fred-1.5728125

We’ve provided a translated link too, for those that don’t speaky Norgy: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=no&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.moss-avis.no%2Fnyheter%2Fikke-la-ryanair-fa-fred-1.5728125

Other links reporting the same story:


Ryanair should replace CEO with cabin crew

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, should replace their CEO with a member of the cabin crew in an effort to cut costs, according to a pilot that flies for the shambolic airline.

The suggestion came in the form of a letter (shown below) penned by a training Captain and sent to the board of Ryanair.

We wholeheartedly agree with the proposal and hope that MOL stands aside immediately.

I would like to share with you a cost-saving suggestion I have proposed to the Ryanair board. I write in my capacity as a B737-800 line training captain assigned to Ryanair’s Marseilles, France base. My primary job responsibility involves the line training and checking of co-pilots and captains on both an initial and a recurrent basis.

As a Ryanair employee, I am aware of the company’s desire to reduce costs whenever feasible, and, in so doing, pass on these lower costs in the form of lower fares to the travelling public.

I would propose that Ryanair replace the chief executive with a probationary cabin crew member currently earning about €13,200 net a year. Ryanair would benefit by saving millions of euros in salary, benefits and stock options. Further, there will be no need to petition either Boeing or governmental aviation regulators for approval to replace the CEO with a cabin crew member; as such approval would not be required.

Finally, the position of CEO could, in fact, become a source of ancillary revenue for Ryanair. Currently, Ryanair’s contract cabin crew providers charge new recruits for the cost of their training – €3,000 in fact. Ryanair could similarly charge €3,000 for the training required to become chief executive.

Captain Morgan Fischer,

LTC, Ryanair/Marseilles,

Aix-en-Provence, France


Ryanair flight hits turbulence injuring 3 and forcing an emergency landing

An aircraft operated by Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, was involved in an incident  last night in which two passengers and a steward received medical treatment for head injuries.

The flight encountered turbulence at 20.20 yesterday evening that led to the Treviso bound aircraft having to make an emergency landing at Bologna’s Marconi airport.

There were 170 people on board the flight. According to reports, the turbulence over the Tyrranian Sea caused ‘panic’ among them.

Some passengers were injured by falling baggage from the over-head compartments.

After a two-hour wait at Bologna, all passengers were transferred to Bologna on another flight.

We wonder what the outcome could have been if some of MOL’s insane revenue generating ideas had already been in place…

How about this?

“46 standing passengers on a Ryanair flight all had their necks broken as Stewardess struggles to control 737 in turbulence after the Captain, the only pilot on board, has stroke”.


Ryanair threaten to throw woman and kids off flight for asking to be sat together

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, threatened to throw a woman and her two young children off a flight to Stansted this week because she asked to be seated next to them.

Sarah and her children were queuing at the rear of the aircraft ready to get on but there was a delay. Meanwhile, at the front of the aircraft, boarding had started which meant that by the time she got on there were no seats for them to sit together.

“Everyone pushed in front of us while rushing to get on the plane” she said.

“We were told we had to sit apart”.

Sarah explained to the cabin crew that her son has asthma and that her daughter was just 5 years old and therefore both had to sit with her.

The rude cabin crew told her this was not possible and stormed off to speak to the pilot. Upon returning, the disgusting example of a stewardess demanded to know if the family had cases checked in.

This was so that they could determine whether or not they could be thrown off the flight with minimal fuss and hassle for Ryanair.

Unfortunately for Lyingair and the useless cabin crew, Sarah did have bags in the hold which scuppered the immediate plan to throw her off the flight.

Someone gave up their seat eventually so that they could sit together. No thanks to Ryanair.

“I am disgusted at how rude staff were” said Sarah.

Staff here at ‘I Hate Ryanair’ have experienced very similar situations in the past with these flying bastards.

We urge anyone flying with children to seriously consider a proper airline. In fact, we’d simply urge anyone at all to not to fly with Ryanair.