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Ryanair the musical

Watch this fantastic ‘musical’ about Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, performed by alternative comedy stand-up group “Fascinating Aida”.

Our favourite bit…

“Then at last we reached the airport where we had to pay a fine, The fecking feckers charged us ’cause we hadn’t checked in online, And finally aboard the flight there’s an extra class (?) of tax, ‘Cause the fecking fecking feckers fecking charge to use the jacks, Cheap flights, cheap flights, I think you must agree, That only fecking gobshites think there’s flights for 50p, (Feck, shite, feck, shite, feck, shite, arse) (Feck, shite, shite, feck, feck, shite, arse)

We’re sure you’ll enjoy…