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Ryanair aircraft aborts takeoff after engine swallows seagull in Italy

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had two engine issues in quick succession, the latest caused by a seagull being ingested into an engine during take-off.

Just earlier today we reported that a Ryanair aircraft had suffered problems that resulted in an engine being shut down in flight whilst on approach to Santander in Spain, the cause of which is not yet determined. This time round, a rogue seagull, fed up with Ryanair’s rip-off hidden charges, decided to dive bomb the plane on take-off and got mashed up by the CFM56 turbofan engine.

The Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DAV, was due to fly from Cagliari to Frankfurt Hahn (No where near Frankfurt by the way) with 120 passengers on board. The airplane managed to slow down safely and returned to the terminal on one engine.

At this point you’d think the passengers would be let off the aircraft? Oh no, not with Ryanair. The oh so pleasant airline forced them to remain on board for 4 hours while repairs were looked into. Only when passengers started calling the police demanding they be “freed” did Ryanair finally allow them to get off and then admit the plane was buggered after all and they’d all have to wait for a replacement resulting in passengers arriving in Frankfurt (not actually) about 9 hours late.

Another on-time arrival with Ryanair.