Ryanair’s volcanic level of flight cancellations continues due to ash cloud

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have cancelled all flights between the UK and Ireland until 1300 GMT on Friday to allow the airline to clear any backlog of stranded passengers in mainland Europe.

Ryanair have also extended the cancellation of all Northern Europe flights from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

The cancellations are hitting Ryanair where it hurts. Ryanair reported today that it expects the disruption to flights caused by volcanic ash clouds over Europe will be about EUR42 million in fiscal 2011, as long as it can start flying normally by Friday.

The disliked carrier also said it expects net profit for the year ending March 31, 2011, to be impacted by about EUR6 million per day over seven days of disruption. The airline said normal flight operations will resume from about 1300 GMT Friday, according to its “current best estimate.”


4 thoughts on “Ryanair’s volcanic level of flight cancellations continues due to ash cloud

  1. Ryanair are truly dreadful. We were scheduled to fly back with them on Friday 16th April from Slovakia. We received no notification from Ryanair regarding their intention to cancel the flight. I understand that under the circumstances this decision was for the best. However, Ryanair offered no support in terms of accommodation, food or drink or even any support or advise to find alternative methods of transport. Their attitude was very much we can fly you home in a week take it or leave and sort yourself out in the meantime!

    The circumstances are unfortunate but so is Ryanairs attitude to their customers, totally unacceptable. I heard on the video clip that they were moaning about passengers wanting them to pay for hotel bills when they had only paid €30 for the flight, so what, that is what they charged. In my opinion they have a committment to honour the contract between passenger and the airline and that is to get the customer from A to B. The easy way out for Ryanair is to just give a refund but I want to be reimbursed for the travel expenses i have incurred to get home.

    Everyone has acted too slowly in sorting out alternative methods for passengers to be repatriated back to the UK. It goes without saying that when the airline, in this case Ryanair break their contract with the passenger with no customer service to generate goodwill in the interim that they should be liable to pay the alternate travel expenses given that they did not organise any alternatives in a timely manner or any contingency plans for customers whilst they waited for flights to resume – unlike Easyjet, who is also a low cost airline but obviously one that values their customers!!

  2. I have been waiting since the 17 of April.It has been a nightmare and I am still frustrated.
    I was supposed to fly with Ryanair but I am still waiting in Frankfurt,my destination is Palma de Mallorca(where i live)
    Ryanair hasn’t been helpful at all.
    They haven’t answerd the phone,i tried to call them and I had to spend for only 2 minuts 4 euros without an answer.They don’t even have a mail!
    Then I have been waiting in an apartment which at least has cost me 150 euros all this days.
    I am going to look for a compensation from Ryanair since they haven’t help me to find a solution.
    I am also very concernd because they are going to open tomorrow Europe but I don’t know what is gonna happen with my flight on Saturday(after a week stuck in Frankfurt)
    I tried to change my flight for tomorrow but now they are charging me to change it instead of Saturday!!!
    I am very nervous and angry and I am looking forward to sue them and get my 150 euros back.
    I am watching the whole day BBC news and I am looking for this message to be hang up in your news which I would be very happy because now is the only way Ryanair can see what they have been doing to us.
    Thanks for BBC news,you have a great team.
    Thanks very much

  3. Ryan Airs conduct over the volcanic ash and flight restrictions situation was appalling. In a cynical attempt to avoid having to pay for food and accomodation for passengers left stranded they simply cancelled flights and then it was impossible to contact them. Their only response was ‘take a refund or re-book’. I understand they are a business and their motive is profit, but their response to this unprecendented crisis summed up their ethos that customers are just an inconvenience to be tolerated in order to make money.

  4. My claim is now outstanding for nearly a year. After a number of delays they offered to pay something last year but the money never arrived! I have read that many other people have had the same experience. Most folk gave up before the action started, ’cause Ryanair initially refused to accept any claims, then devised an awkward and changing process for those submitting claims, and compounded by huge wait times.
    However you look at it, they are acting unlawfully and owe me around £1,700. They even made a profit from me because the day before we decided to ditch waiting and use our own money to get home, I gave back my return flights. My claim is for some food and accomodation whilst I was stuck with my family, and a refund on the return flights. NOT the cost of me getting my family home.
    My MP is now involved and has written to O’Leary and the Commissioner for Aviation Regulation in Ireland. I think Ryanair should receive a huge fine – perhaps £50M or something to cause other major companies to work within the law.
    They are a crooked company and O’Leary deserves to go to prison. Any smaller company owner would have received much different treatment.

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