Ryanair’s O’Leary spouts manure following cargo bomb plot

The CEO of Ryanair, the Worlds most hated airline, has been gobbing off again this week about airport security following the recent and failed plot by al-Qaeda to blow up cargo aircraft.

MoL claims that there will be “another huge lurch by the securicrats into making travel even more uncomfortable and an even more tedious ordeal for the travelling public“.

What a mighty fine hypocrite he is.

Ryanair have for the past decade done their utmost to ensure that travelling by air is the most uncomfortable experience more money than you think you are going to pay buys you.

Online booking
Ryanair’s website is loathed by millions. Firstly, it looks like it was designed by a drunken militant in a dark cave. Secondly, it attempts to extract cash out of you by sneaking extra charges such as travel insurance onto your booking that, unless you are wise to the scam, will end up being purchased by unsuspecting travellers.

The entire booking process has to be one of the most tedious ordeals anyone can possibly go through. Ryanair’s route map has even won awards for being completely useless!

Arriving in a field in the middle of nowhere and then being presented with the only option of having a 2 hour bus ride to get to where you thought you were flying to can be pretty ‘tedious’. It also adds on considerable cost to the price of the airfare that is already much higher than advertised. How MoL thinks this is making travel more comfortable we just do not know.

New security measures
The new security measures being discussed by Home Secretary Theresa May and moaned about by Ryanair are related to freight, not passenger routes. However, judging by the shockingly bad service that you get on a Ryanair flight perhaps this is why MoL is concerned?


2 thoughts on “Ryanair’s O’Leary spouts manure following cargo bomb plot


    But if you recall his interview it was even more bollocks. As he was opining that the whole alert was a nonsense because passenger aircraft were not involved at the same time BBC R4 was announcing that at least one suspected bomb had arrived at London on a passenger flight. I am normally loath to descend to vulgar abuse but, Michael, they spoilt a good mouth when they put teeth in your arse!

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