Ryanair win the TripAdviser Worst Airline award for 4th year running

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been voted exactly that in the annual TripAdviser travel awards.

TripAdvisor UK announced the results of its annual travel trends survey of more than 700 Britons, revealing that travellers are unable to predict the final cost of their flight, with nearly one-third paying unexpected additional costs at check-in.

Travellers have become more surprised by the final price of their air ticket in the past three months. As a result of ‘add-ons,’ 73 percent have been surprised by the final cost of flight, up five percent from a survey conducted in September.*

Additionally, 32 percent, up 18 percent from three months ago, have checked in at an airport and paid additional costs they were not expecting.

The favourite airline for British travellers is Virgin Atlantic. For the fourth year in a row, Ryanair is travellers’ least favourite airline by an overwhelming 41 percent, up from 30 percent last year.

It’s the 4th year in a row that Ryanair have “won” this prestigious accolade and demonstrates clearly that they are universally hated.


7 thoughts on “Ryanair win the TripAdviser Worst Airline award for 4th year running

  1. Thats bullshit, people who dont realise the extra costs are just stupid arses. ive been on well over a dozen ryanair flights this year (only went 2flights with different airlines) and have varied from 2p return to barcelona including taxes in check in to £30 return to gran canaries! if your tryin to say thts scamair thn wtf, get a new hobbie.

    £10return to croatia
    £7.50 return to magaluf
    £5 return to cagliari
    £2 return to dusseldorf
    £0.02 return to girona
    £30 return to gran canaria

    theres th facts so where’s ryanairs praise, its allowed people to travel who couldnt in the past! Who else u goina fly with, BA? lucky if u get an internal flight for under £60return not to mention they might not be around much longer!!

  2. Thank you Matt.

    How’s it working for Ryanair, replying to angry posts all day long? Man, you must be working long hours.

    Do you get any surprise charges on your pay slip as well?

    Seriously, that’s not even possible dude. Show us a screenshot of your bank account with the 2p debit. Between the credit card fees, the “airport” fees, and all the other improbable fees, it is simply impossible to have end up with a 2p only FINAL bill.

    Pls keep this website running, it feels soooo good to finally read about people who have been similarly abused by this great idea but poorly run company.

  3. oh and ur last comment “poorly run company” surely u cant be that stupid ..they are one of the worlds most efficient companies and it is widely accepted by all in the industry that they are europes best run airline

  4. Hey Ronan,

    “Widely accepted by all in the industry” eh?

    Know quite a lot about the aviation industry do you? Worked for an airline have you? Work for Ryanair do you? Aahh, we think so.

    As for your commerce degree, we checked that out and found that its aimed at aspiring corner shop keepers.

    Good luck Ronan. You’ll need it.


  5. Just back from the canaries and ripped off at the check in and the Gate. Party of two with luggage + hand luggage which complied with size requirements. At check in told we were 1 kilo over on one case despite other case being slightly under and charged 20 euro.. I was asked to show hand luggage and told it was O’K’. When I arrived at the gate they had the hand luggage size frame in position (which was not at the check in)and were asking all passengers to put their bag into it. I had packed a winter jacket into my bag which caused it to bulge and had slight diffulculty putting the bag into the frame, when I tried to open the bag to remove the jacket I was shouted at and told that I “could not open the bag in this area…you will have to pay 35 euros or you will not be allowed on board the aircraft”. I have never found myself in such a ludicrous and intimidating situation, the conduct of the staff was in my view totally unreasonable possibly criminal and tantamount to extortion. They said to me that the bag had to fit “easily into the frame” and when I tried to explain that the bag complied with the size requirements if I were allowed to retrieve my jacket I was threatened that if I did not pay the charge I would not be allowed to travel ! I was warned that if I opened the bag they would not allow me onto the aircraft. When informed that I considered their conduct to be illegal It was met by similar threats and intimidation of not being allowed to board the aircraft. Having been told that the bag would have to go in the hold the cabin staff contradicted this and said it would be alright to take it on board. I found the experience absolutely shocking and vow never to travel with them again. If you read this and book with them beware and dont say you have not been warned

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