Ryanair weekend profit up in smoke as volcano causes mass cancellation of flights

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have decided to cancel all flights to/from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Northern France, Northern Germany, Poland and the Baltic States until 1300hrs on Mon 19 April.

This advice is based on the current stable weather trends which continue to blow potentially dangerous volcanic ash across the British Isles, Scandinavia and the Northern European coastline.

The eruption of the volcano in Iceland caused the biggest peacetime shutdown of airspace in Europe. Aircraft can’t fly into volcanic ash: rock particles can damage the electrical components and cause engine failure.

Even big-gob Mr O’Leary has been uncharacteristically silent. Analysts reckon Ryanair has lost about €3.5 million on Thursday alone due to canceled flights and another chunk of large change for grounded aircraft today.

Just imagine how much they will lose over the weekend. Brilliant.


15 thoughts on “Ryanair weekend profit up in smoke as volcano causes mass cancellation of flights

  1. Love your website and how finally someone is making an effort to expose ryanair as a scumbags

    Long time ago so called ’cheap airlines’ ceased to exist, so what that you pay £20 odd quid for a ticket, while once you add self checking, baggage, using the card (even the debit one) that fee rockets to £200, I mean why is watchdog allowing those scumbags to operate on such terms???????

    I know that people will be flying, but for once lets show some solidaridity and boycott those thieving scum, let give them a proper reason to have the attitude they always seem to have towards to clients who pay their salaries!!!

  2. Thank you! I have felt this way about Ryanair forever! They are crap incarnate. They seemed to inherit their service quality from the Nazi cattle wagons and I wish they could be taken to court for crimes against Humanity!

  3. Yeah Ryanair is horrible. I flown once where I was 2mins late for the last checkin, the flight to Paris was scheduled to be 1hr 40mins late and the Horribly rude flight attendant that looks like a Jail warden from a Maximum security Texan prison started brutally telling me off for being 2 mins late and refused to let me check in!

    If Ryanair started flying now straight into the Icelandic volcano, that would be great!

  4. The whole volcano thing is disrupting all airlines and many families and business but its all worth it just to see Mick lose money. Go Volcano.

  5. I am no fan of Ryan Air but unfortunately have little choice when flying from France to UK. The recent problems due to the volcanic ash can not be dropped at the door of Ryan air, however passengers who have faced disruption, now face yet another challenge, getting Ryanair to answer the phone.

    Basically the website wouldn’t allow me to change my booking on line as I had already checked in (then they had to cancel that flight) so the only alternative was to ring them on the 10p a minute number.

    First attempt 5 minutes of non talk which cost me money to tell me that they couldn’t answer my call, second attempt on the phone for 9 minutes (7 min wait according to them) when they just dropped the call, well thank you very much for charging me 90p for nothing. Third attempt 19 minutes on phone and decided to give up.

    I re-booked with another carrier for later in the week when one hopes this will have dissipated. These are unprecedented times, nobody disputes that, so why don’t RA drop the call charges and sort the phones out and the website so that people like me don’t end up even more disgruntled.

    I used to teach customer service and I have to tell you that their so called customer service is non existent. They may feel that for every customer who is fed up with them there are many waiting to hop on board. But as Airtours found to their cost, there does come a saturation point where your past customers matter.

    Wake up and smell the coffee Mr O’Leary you may well be successful now but you should be nice to those on your way up because you may well need them on your way down, especially if this crisis goes on much longer.

  6. It truly is a unfavorable period for the flight sector, yet our hopes – even if the pictures of the volcano are really outstanding – have to be with the men and women stuck very far from home.Thanks regarding your current report.

  7. Yep, they do NOT answer calls in a normal situation let alone current fiasco, so what hopes of trying to do them a favour by letting them know that an extra seat on a flight will be available because that person is stuck somewhere else. Every time you phone them it is always “SEVEN MINUTES” – more like ten minutes then the phone goes dead.

  8. I have been waiting since the 17 of April.It has been a nightmare and I am still frustrated.
    I was supposed to fly with Ryanair but I am still waiting in Frankfurt,my destination is Palma de Mallorca(where i live)
    Ryanair hasn’t been helpful at all.
    They haven’t answerd the phone,i tried to call them and I had to spend for only 2 minuts 4 euros without an answer.They don’t even have a mail!
    Then I have been waiting in an apartment which at least has cost me 150 euros all this days.
    I am going to look for a compensation from Ryanair since they haven’t help me to find a solution.
    I am also very concernd because they are going to open tomorrow Europe but I don’t know what is gonna happen with my flight on Saturday(after a week stuck in Frankfurt)
    I tried to change my flight for tomorrow but now they are charging me to change it instead of Saturday!!!
    I am very nervous and angry and I am looking forward to sue them and get my 150 euros back.
    I am watching the whole day BBC news and I am looking for this message to be hang up in your news which I would be very happy because now is the only way Ryanair can see what they have been doing to us.
    Thanks for BBC news,you have a great team.
    Thanks very much

  9. I spent almost an hour holding on this evening in a desperate attempt to re-book my flight. Ryanair customer service is a SHAMBLES!!

  10. we were meant to fly to majorca yesterday, the flight was cancelled and i was sent an email saying to rebook online for another flight today at 6pm, no problem….until they cancelled today’s flight. no email was sent this time and i have been ringing ryanair all day from 7am till they closed at 5-45, no one answered, but they keep you on hold, at a charge of 10p per minute, The holiday company that i booked through phoned me..surprise,they offered another holiday, but i need to get ryanair to say they would give 2 more dates for flights..when i asked if they could contact ryanair they said they couldnt because ryanair had blocked all calls from tour operators! i am now in limbo, it may have only been a “cheap” package holiday but it was a struggle to get even that, to say i am upset is the understatement of the year.
    i am a novice at this sort of thing, but i do know that my phone bill is going to be massive, and that i was still booked on a flight that had been cancelled,and that Ryanair do not answer the phone! I have flown with Ryanair once before and had no problems at all,now they have let me down very badly,
    lesley(not in Majorca)Jefferies

  11. I fly to Dublin every few months.

    My 5 pound each way fare carrying 20 kilos of luggage ended up costing me 376 pounds including all the extras.

    That was from Stanstead.

    City airport with Air France ended up costing me 150 pounds. I checked in 20 mins before the flight took off as its a shuttle service for the people who work in finance. They even give you drinks and a sandwich.

    They treat you well and most importantly of all CHARGES ARE HONEST AND TRANSPARENT.

  12. just to let you know if you get throught the agent in ryanair you can rebook your ticket but only for any other date within next 7 days!!! its crazy!!!! they should say it on their web so people could make their mind up before they ring and possibly try to make arrangements at work or with family. i thought i can rebook it within couple of weeks but its not possible.
    i have waited 3 times on hold yesterday for over 40 minutes each time and the operator put the phone down on me every time when i got through, so expect that to happen! or you may get an automatic message that lines are busy and to call later. finally i spoke to a human being and my landline phone died! lol how convinient!! its all one nightmare!

  13. Yes I have been waiting on the 10 pence a minute phone line with the make-believe waiting time of 7 minutes for over 30 minutes now, this is my second try – the first time the call was cut off after 10 minutes. The Ryan air web site will not permit me to rebook the cancelled flight on line – keeps giving me an error message.
    I am considering calling the £1 a minute line but I keep thinking this call may be answered soon. Don’t know what to do. Fed up!!!

  14. BC – I am getting exactly the same thing. This is pathetic! I have been stranded for days because of that bloody error message! I tried calling them, I also was cut off after 10 minutes. I tried calling again – same thing. They also have no direct complaints e-mail address I can use to report the error, and I have been stuck to this bloody computer repeatedly trying the site to see if it has been fixed yet. I have a family to get home to – what are they playing at?!

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