Ryanair voted worst airline in the World

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been voted the WORST airline in the entire World in a poll of UK travellers by comparison site, Gocompare.com.

BA has been voted the best airline. Charter airlines Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways and Monarch also made the top ten best list and the highest ranked foreign airlines were Emirates and Singapore Airlines, with American Airlines in joint 10th place with Qantas.

British Airways topped the list of favourite airlines with 19.1% of the votes, followed by Virgin Atlantic in second place.

3,000 Brits were asked to vote for their best and worst airlines based on cost, service and overall comfort of their journey.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair voted worst airline in the World

  1. I agree. Having travelled by air regularly for over 40 years they are the worst I have ever encountered. Some of their staff are decent but many are rude, ignorant, stupid jobsworths, lacking in any humanity,and intent on abusing customers. I remain curious as to why they are so bad. Do they behave so appallingly because they are badly paid and under pressure or does the rot start with attitudes at the top, transferred downwards with orders on how to treat the paying public with contempt in the pursuit of money in the knowledge that there will always be plenty of mugs willing to be humiliated for a cheap fare?

  2. I totally agree…. I was beginning to think all airlines were the same, but having recently travelled with Airberlin, British Airways, Sri Lankan Airways and Easyjet, I can confirm that Ryanair are by far the worst. Don’t get me wrong, I think the majority of the flight attendants are brilliant. What I do despise is this new thing they have of trying to catch people out with their hand luggage. A good friend with a 3 month old baby was made to pay £50 this week after they made her put the baby’s changing bag, with her food, into her carry on, making it go over the limit. Where is the discretion???? Ryanair say it is so that they can keep costs down, but I recently checked flights to Italy and out of British Airways, Easyjet and Ryanair, Ryanair came out the dearest once you got to the bottom line of paying. I couldn’t believe how little stress I suffered travelling with Easyjet and British Airways….. We live just 20 minutes from Stansted, but this summer have opted to drive to Gatwick to fly to Italy, just to avoid Ryanair….. If more people did it maybe Michael O’Leary would take a step back and have a rethink….but then again I don’t think he will. I have just read that he is thinking of introducing an app for flights allowing passengers to watch sex scenes on their iPad or iPhones…..well, thats going to fun to sit next to, isn’t it???
    Easyjet, you pay less and get more baggage allowance – British Airways, the same but with much more baggage allowance, Airberlin you get to choose your seat (and you get a free newspaper or magazine, free snack and soft drink, and a sweety!)….oh, stop me now before I sink into depression….I have just remembered I have a flight booked with Ryanair next Monday :-(

  3. Always hated Ryan Air, would only chose them if absolutely (including PIA) no other airline was available. booked a recent trip, a month before the booked and paid for flight, they decide they are not going to fly. Why I ask, cos they are the worst airline in the world. last chance gone for me…twats

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