Ryanair voted least favourite airline in TripAdvisor survey

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been voted the “LEAST FAVOURITE AIRLINE” in a UK based survey proving that the Irish carrier are completely deluded in their opinions of themselves.

Virgin Atlantic topped the poll leaving British Airways trailing in second place.

The TripAdvisor survey polled 2,868 Europeans about their flying habits, and found that competing carriers Virgin and BA were the most-loved airlines, while Ryanair, unsurprisingly, was the least loved.

Singapore Airlines was the third most-popular airline, followed by Dubai-based Emirates and Thomson Airways in the survey of 936 UK travellers by the TripAdvisor company.

The survey also revealed:

* Passengers who recline seats in a rough manner were the biggest in-flight annoyance followed by badly-behaved children;

* 69% felt overweight passengers should have to pay for two airline seats;

* 84% were opposed to mobile phones on planes;

* 80% backed the introduction of full-body scanners at UK airports;

* 3% have joined the “mile-high club”, with 30% admitting they would like to but 67% saying they would not even consider it.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair voted least favourite airline in TripAdvisor survey

  1. I think that Ryanair don’t really care what such surveys say unless they are favourable to them. What I have noticed in recent times is the clamp down on cabin baggage weight and dimension restrictions. Unfortunately there seems to be no continuity at all airports for their policies. Liverpool seem to stick rigidly to the 10k and making women put their handbags into their cases, most French airports just check the weight and ignore the handbags it really is pot luck. On a recent visit to France relatives had to pay an extra 35 squid because the handbag push the hand luggage over the size limit. Get a grip Ryanair you either have a strict policy or you don’t it shouldn’t be down to the whim of staff or airport you use. That’s unfair, a technical term that Ryanair should be more than familiar with now. As I have said before remember those on you way up you may need them on your way down.

  2. I have been waiting since the 17 of April.It has been a nightmare and I am still frustrated.
    I was supposed to fly with Ryanair but I am still waiting in Frankfurt,my destination is Palma de Mallorca(where i live)
    Ryanair hasn’t been helpful at all.
    They haven’t answerd the phone,i tried to call them and I had to spend for only 2 minuts 4 euros without an answer.They don’t even have a mail!
    Then I have been waiting in an apartment which at least has cost me 150 euros all this days.
    I am going to look for a compensation from Ryanair since they haven’t help me to find a solution.
    I am also very concernd because they are going to open tomorrow Europe but I don’t know what is gonna happen with my flight on Saturday(after a week stuck in Frankfurt)
    I tried to change my flight for tomorrow but now they are charging me to change it instead of Saturday!!!
    I am very nervous and angry and I am looking forward to sue them and get my 150 euros back.
    I am watching the whole day BBC news and I am looking for this message to be hang up in your news which I would be very happy because now is the only way Ryanair can see what they have been doing to us.
    Thanks for BBC news,you have a great team.
    Thanks very much

  3. Question. Does a menage a uno count as being in the mile high club?

    Ive just got back from Spain 8 days late, I could fill your whole page with gripes , in fact I will later , I just need to go get a couple of hours sleep.

    I love your site by the way. Nothing like someone else doing your ranting for you ,keep up the good work

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