Ryanair urged to bring in safer boarding procedures following 3yr old girl’s fall from aircraft stairs

Ryanair, the Worlds most hated airline, have been urged to conduct a review of their procedures after a three-year-old girl fell off the top of aircraft stairs, through a bloody great big gap, onto the tarmac below.

Sasha Slater, a journalist for the Evening Standard, was carrying her 18-month-old son plus bags, up the steps of the aircraft without any assistance being offered by the cabin crew, at Stansted, in July 2009 when her daughter fell from the stairs.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch report said Ryanair should ensure assistance was available to passengers with children and with special needs.

Olga was climbing the stairs unaided when she fell through a space between the handrail and the level platform at the top of the steps. She was airlifted to hospital after receiving immediate medical help.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) report said: “The gap between the extendable handrail and the upper platform of the Boeing 737 airstairs represents a hazard to small children boarding or disembarking the aircraft.”

The modifications proposed by Ryanair after last month’s incident provided “only a limited physical protection against falling”, the AAIB added.

The AAIB recommended that Ryanair review boarding and disembarkation procedures “so that assistance is made available to passengers accompanied by children and those with special needs”.

“I Hate Ryanair” staff have travelled on Ryanair in the past with small children and we found the experience absolutely disgusting. The cabin crew were rude, arrogant and offered no assistance what so ever when it was required.

We don’t think the modifications to procedures that Ryanair are offering are enough and urge parents with children to fly with a proper airline with safer boarding procedures.


8 thoughts on “Ryanair urged to bring in safer boarding procedures following 3yr old girl’s fall from aircraft stairs

  1. Don’t whine so much about Ryanair!

    If you hate them, just don’t fly them… And stop complaining.

    Ryanair gave me the oppurtunity to fly to several (unknown) places for a few euros.

  2. They do charge every passenger a ‘whchr’ levy. Indeed, why not charge 10 euros/pounds for a ‘boarding assistance charge’? And another idea for Michael: 10 euros/pounds ‘corcage’, for food and drink brought on the plane!

  3. Perhaps you don’t understand that the step arrangement used on the Ryanair aircraft is identical to those used on all B737s and therefore, whilst the incident took place on a Ryanair service, the directive to improve the safety of the stairs was issued to the manufacturer, Boeing, NOT to Ryanair. ALL airlines who use their airstairs will need the improvement fitted, and this will include major carriers around the world. In the UK it will include Thomson(fly) and British Airways. Your comments are extremely naive.

  4. I flew with Ryan Air Yesterday with my two children 5 and 6yrs old from Ancona, Italy to Stansted, uk. Everyone pushed in front of us while rushing to get on the plane. We queued at the astairs at the back of the plane which for some reason they failed to open the door of for 10minutes. Meanwhile all the people on the other stairs at the front of the plane had borded. When we finally got on there were no seats foor us to sit together and we were told we had to sit apart. My son has severe Asthma and my daughter is 5yrs, it was a late flight and i explained this was not an option. I was told by air stewards that nothing could be done and i we have to sit apart. I told them we simply can’t fly then. The stewad spoke to the pilot and returned and said “pilot wants to know if you have luggage in the hold”, in other words if you haven’t then get off the plane! As it happened i did have two luggage in the hold so it would have been more inconvenient to ‘throw me off’ than to try and accommodate my family. Someone gave up their seat eventually. I am disgusted at how rude staff were. The flight was terrible as we flew through a storm everyone was screaming and the plane was jumping up and down. Not once did the pilot come on and tell us what was happening and we were not pre warned that we were taking off into thunder and lightening. I dread to think how awful my small children would have felt had they not been sat next to their mum.

  5. I will always avoid Ryanair if I can help it, but the problem is this dispicable airline has monopolies on certain routes, especially out of Stansted to Ireland’s smallest airports. And they know it so abuse their position. However I get great joy in getting around their ridiculous hand baggage rules (fill your pockets with all the heavy items), ensure my kids make as much mess as they can on the plane with messy crumbly food, never order anything from their trolley and now by sending on the link to this brilliant website to all my friends who are also “forced” to take Lying Air. I swear the day this air line closes there will be corks flying and a sigh of relief for all air travellers – their tactics have destroyed the enjoyment of flying as all other companies are trying to mimic them to maximise profit. When will companies wake up to the fact that customer satisfaction and recommendation is worth more than that extra pound in the quarterly results?

  6. The simplest answer to all the problems with regards to Ryanair is! Don’t by their tickets.
    I flew with them once ans swore never again. I never have and I fly a great deal but the extra cost of a regular flight is worth every penny.
    I can only repeat. To beat them – DON’T BUY THEIR TICKETS.
    If you do. You have only got yourself to blame

  7. As Cabin Crew for Lyingair I see this situation happen every single day and its extremly frustrating.Why should passengers who que early and arrive early to sit together move for other families who were more concerned at sitting at the bar then getting in the que?Why should the Crew be asked to move other people out of there seats because a family turned up at the last minute and wants seats together?The answer is, its not the crews fault,they have so many different things to do and finding seats for Jill and her kids after she waited in the airport bar for everyone else to get on is not one of them.
    If you had waited at the gate for 40min to make sure you sat with your girlfriend,wife etc would you appreciate having to move because a family turned up 2min before the gate closed?
    Dont even try and say you would because I see it every day and to be honest I dont blame people for not wanting to move!
    The reason the crew wanted to offload these people is simple; Have you every been delayed 3 hours in the summer months in Spain, because you missed your “slot”(Basically your chance to take off) because crew are desperatly trying to find seats for a family of seven who turned up at the last minute.These kind of situations happen every day!
    Dont blame the crew for being rude.We can be sacked for delaying flights…Crew do there upmost for people and all they get is grief off both you the passengers and management all for working extremly hard to facilitate everyone.But there only so much we can do and so much we can take,so next time be patient and work WITH your crew and not AGAINST your crew.At the end of the day its better for you and better for us.

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