Ryanair – uncharitable bastards

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, has announced the launch of it’s search for a 2010 charity partner.

Charities are invited to apply to be the official partner of next year’s cabin crew calendar and will benefit from 100,000 euros that will be raised from the sales.

How very sneaky and ever so tight you are Mr O’Leary.

The generated PR will of course insinuate that Ryanair are “donating” this money. But it’s you and I that will be the givers here, not Ryanair.

Any ethical company would match the money donated by it’s customers and raise the amount given to 200,000 euros.

Yet another example of disgusting behaviour by the world’s most hated airline.

Charities, do yourself a favour and avoid any association with this repugnant criminal organisation.


2 thoughts on “Ryanair – uncharitable bastards

  1. This is as disgraceful and crafty as being urged at 11:30 at night after being harrassed before and throughout the whole flight ‘experience’ to donate any spare cash or buy a Scumair scratchcard which benefits ‘childrens charities around the world’. This pleading is in a condescending, insincere irish lilt and is the same idiot promoting ‘Bullseyes baggies’ or stating that ‘safety is our priority’(yeah right…how about adding ‘sanity’ as well?). You want to to know why they never state which charity? Its because it goes straight onto the Scumair profit line (either that or the childrens ‘charity’ concerned is the Scumair Air board members one for their own children!)

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