Ryanair to scrap Boeings in return for auctioned off MOD fighter jets

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are rumored to be scrapping their fleet of Boeing 737-800s in return for a cut price deal on fighter jets being sold off as part of the government’s defence cuts.

The harrier jump jets, once converted for public use, will have a much smaller payload but can take-off vertically thus negating the need for traditional runways.

Ryanair would then be expected to make huge savings on traditional landing fees by ending all relationships with current airports and then simply land and take-off from small fields outside of town. Not that this would be much of a change from the current set-up mind you.

Ejector seat usage will of course incur a £5.00 charge plus credit card fees.

Plans are expected to become more detailed over the next few weeks but we have managed to get hold of an exclusive photo of a mock up of how the aircraft might look once in service.


6 thoughts on “Ryanair to scrap Boeings in return for auctioned off MOD fighter jets

  1. At least the landings would be smoother if they used Harriers.

    I swear that Flyanscare have a special training school to teach pilots how to make the hardest possible landings….

  2. Consider the irony if no-one flew ‘the World’s most hated airline’ anymore there wouldn’t be any need for this website, which is the best thing to have come out of Ryanair.

  3. I agree alan. I really wonder why you would want to put yourself through this just to save a few bucks – which you actually don’t.

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