Ryanair to pay airport staff for catching passengers with excess luggage

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, are to pay airport staff a 50p “bonus” for every bag that they identify as being too large or over weight.

This new rip-off at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool means that handlers now have a financial reward for ruining your day.

For each bag identified as being too large, the staff member employed by handling firm Servisair will be given 50p. In order to ensure that all the handlers really really try hard to catch everyone out, the payment will only come into force if an employee reaches a target of 10 bags a week.

So, Servisair workers can earn an extra fiver every day, while offending passengers are scammed with a baggage fine of £40.

One Servisair puppet, who works at the airport, said: “They brought in this new rule a few weeks ago. We’re pleased to be honest. It means we can earn a few extra quid.

“If I now see a bag that could be on the borderline I say, let’s have a look if that’s too big for the overhead lockers.

“Whereas previously we might have let borderline baggage through, now we’ll be more stringent.”

Yet another method of extracting cash from you. Steer well clear of Ryanair and their cowboy tactics. Fly with a proper airline to a destination that is actually where you were hoping to arrive at.


7 thoughts on “Ryanair to pay airport staff for catching passengers with excess luggage

  1. Hi I just want to tell you that You have a new fan.

    I’ve travelled with ryanair since 2000 and at beginning i was satisfied but lately they are really bad.

    Today i realised the last trick they use to steal money….. I don’t know other words to describe it.

    I will travel on 21st of December from London stanstead to Pescara and i have an italian credit card.
    So I paid the amount in GBP required and i thought that was it.
    I received the confirmation letter and they charged me (because i have an italian card) in euro using their exchange rate 1.25 which is more than the actual one. So they stole me 20 Euro using their system and they don’t even inform you while you’re processing the payment.

  2. They tried to get me with the oversized luggage this week but luckily i got away!!! I thought they had the crew on commission the way the sneaky member of staff systematically took the bag-test thing down the line and made everyone put their bag in it. Instantly i googled to see if my suspicions were true – and yes, they are on commission. But i’m amazed they stand for 50p commission (only payable after 10 bags per week!??!!) – Ryanair gets £40 a bag and the staff member gets 50p. Its cringey that the staff fall for it. Shame on you Ryanair & no, i wont be seeing you again.

  3. How exactly are they screwing you if you knew the rules and packed a suitcase full of lead? Morons. I suppose you blame the women for being rape victims as well? Fly. Another. Airline.

    1. I would love to use another airline. Whenever possible, I do – main airlines end up much cheaper anyway. Unfortunately, Ryanair happens to be the ONLY airline flying to some places, so no choice. (I don’t fancy hitchhiking)

      Why are they “screwing” passengers? Because you can have a bag that fits perfectly in the cage – or whatever it is called – at checking, but that is later refused at the gate. That is only 1 example.
      I would rather pay more for my tickets, but deal with a reasonable company that does not try to add up charges and fees all the way.

  4. Ryanair v easyJet: Hand Luggage Dimensions

    Ryanair 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (21.6″ x 15.7″ x 7.8″). This is below the industry standard.
    easyJet 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22″ x 17.7″ x 9.8″). This is the industry standard.

  5. I don’t agree with hidden charges but passengers are fully aware of hand baggage rules…it’s all online.

    Can I just say – as a crew member for another airline – how irritating it is when people bring on massive bulky pieces of hand luggage that are clearly exceeding regulations. It causes such a headache on top of everything else that has to be done before take off – redistributing mini suitcases, trying to find suitable space on board. It’s like playing tetris in the overhead lockers…not to mention the delay it can cause if surplus baggage needs to be placed in the hold – delays for which WE as crew are penalised. Passengers need to adhere to the rules, and should pay the price if they don’t – as a deterrent more than profit making scheme. Before boarding a flight they should check online for baggage regulations…and if they do not, it’s their own fault if they get charged. It’s just such a pity my airline doesn’t charge!

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