Ryanair to charge for checking in online

Ryanair is to start charging customers to check in online. The no-frills airline said that check-in for all its flights booked after May 20 would be by website only and that passengers must pay £5 to do so.

Passengers without a printer must find access to one or pay a £40 charge for arriving at the airport without a boarding pass.

The charges come as the carrier scraps airport check-in desks and moves to 100 per cent web check-in.

“It’s no different from turning up at the airport without your passport,” a spokesman said. “We just want to encourage passengers to travel with the right documents.”

The airline is also pushing ahead with measures to deter passengers from travelling with checked luggage by making it prohibitively expensive. Under the current rules, a passenger travelling with three bags now pays up to £120 in baggage charges on a return flight.

The first checked bag costs £10 per bag/per each-way flight if booked in advance (£20/€20 per bag/per each-way flight if you pay at the airport or book via a call centre). Previously the charge was £5 per bag, raised to £10 per bag earlier this year. After that, a second bag costs £20/€20 per bag/per flight and the cost is the same for a third bag, Ryanair also said that it would not accept bookings for unaccompanied minors from May 20.

Separately, Ryanair claims to have reformed its online booking sites following demands from the European Commission to make booking tickets online cheaper and less confusing.

European Commission officials are expected to announce today that more than 50 airlines have improved, or will shortly improve, their websites after the Commission threatened to name them.

The reforms are designed to stamp out fares being displayed so that taxes and additional changes were only added to the bill at the end of the booking process. There have also been concerns over the use of pre-ticked boxes, which can fool customers into taking extras such as insurance.

The EU investigation of airline ticket selling practices was kicked off in September 2007, when research showed that one in three people buying flights online were being misled.

Ryanair said it had changed its website at the start of last month. Easyjet said it will begin reforming its site this summer.


4 thoughts on “Ryanair to charge for checking in online

  1. Paying for checking in online is outrageous and is unavoidable, of course. Ryanair claims that passengers can avoid the extra charges, one of their many lies. Ryanair passengers take work off their hands and have to pay for the privilege! And the workers at the check-in desks will be thrown out like trash without redundancy payment. That is the vile and ugly face of neoliberalism. And when will Ryanair increase that charge to 10 euros/pounds per flight? Really, I hope that with this stunt Ryanair is going to fly too close to the sun like a modern day Icarus. No one with self respect should fly Ryanair. The worst thing is that other airlines may follow their nasty example. Ryanair is a definite no-no for families. O’Leary once called his customers ‘the great unwashed’; showing his utter contempt for them. People should not just look for the cheapest fare, but for value for money. There are enough decent low cost airlines. I say NO to Ryanair and fly Aer Lingus!

  2. If you HAVE to check in online and HAVE pay to do that… then that is in fact an increase in the cost of the flight rather than a charge for something ‘extra’. Why not just put that in the original price instead of pretending that 1p flights are a bargain.

    Aer Lingus isn’t much better as Ryanair owns a good chunk of them too.

  3. I hope that Aer Lingus will get rid of the Ryanair Troyan horse (about 30% of its shares) within its walls and that it will never, ever fall into the clutches of Ryanair entirely. Aer Lingus planes are comfortable, their cabin staff is pleasant en what they sell onboard is reasonably priced. I have flown many times with Aer Lingus and not one cancellation. A few years ago I had a 3 hour delay at Amsterdam of an AL flight to Dublin, but that was caused by a summer storm and only one runway was open. Many other flights were delayed and there was a number of cancellations. I am certain that Ryanair would have cancelled that flight. A cancellation by Aer Lingus is far preferable to a cancellation by Ryanair.

  4. Reasons to always avoid Ryanair!

    Click here to see this cost-comparison spreadsheet and see how much Ryanair rips you off:

    The first tab is comparison of costs you cannot avoid
    The second tab is a comparison of costs of extras and services.

    And remember: the only thing that Ryanair give away for free in spades is abuse and stress!

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