Ryanair to cancel all flights between Bristol & Pau in 2010

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, are apparently pulling all flights between Bristol & Pau in 2010 according to a passenger who recently spoke to the no-thrills carrier through their rip-off charges customer call center.

Mr Evans, who had already booked himself a flight to Pau from Bristol next year, had returned to the Ryanair website to book a further ticket for his daughter and found that all flights during that entire month were full.

“Unless there’s some big nun pilgrimage to Lourdes, it was pretty unlikely the flights were all sold out, so I checked my on line booking (as it says) and all was fine. I checked my inbox and spam box (as it says) for a cancellation email and found nothing. I finally dug deep and called the rip off customer service line” commented Mr Evans.

“After a while I got through to an operator who informed me that ‘all flights to Bristol in 2010 are cancelled’. Well thanks a bunch for letting me know!” he added.

An IHR spokesman said “We call on Ryanair to let all passengers know that their flights from Bristol next year will not be taking place and to refund all monies due immediately.”

Mr Evans is now booked on an Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Biarritz and certainly wont be using Ryanair again.

Shame on you Mr O’Leary.


5 thoughts on “Ryanair to cancel all flights between Bristol & Pau in 2010

  1. I just had to chase Ryanair by phone for confirmation of the cancellation as they said they’d email and confirm the refund (but didn’t). During the course of the conversation, I got them to confirm that all Bristol flights, yes ALL flights (ie Bristol to/from everywhere not just Pau) are cancelled in 2010. So if you’re planning on flying budget via Bristol, you’ll have to use BMI or easyjet instead but at least you might get better service.

    Slàinte Mr O’Leary!

  2. Ryanair announce every new route with great fanfare, but pull them without any comment, usually leaving passengers – or the poor souls who bought a house somewhere on the back of cheap flights – stranded. I hope you also saw that they are increasing their baggage fee to £20 for July and August too.

  3. Wait and see how Mick will use the volcanic ash situation to rip off passengers. When will people learn to STOP using the CHAV airlines that ruin the airports.

  4. Unless I’ve been dreaming fir the last 6 months I’d say Ryanair has been flying from Bristol as normal in 2010, infact they have even started new routes and upped their based aircraft now operating 5 planes from Bristol.

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