Ryanair to add new £2 per passenger fee to cover cost of future scratchcard payouts

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have been made to look like the bunch of idiots that they are this week with the news that 3 passengers on the SAME FLIGHT all won the top prize in the scratchcard competition.

Ryanair blamed the incident on a printing error! Ha ha.

Each of the lucky winners look set to receive a brand new car worth over £11,000.

We don’t think that any amount of scammy, rip-off fees and hidden charges on this particular flight will have covered the cost and we have heard rumours that Ryanair are looking to introduce a per passenger, per flight charge of around £2 to cover the cost of any future scratch card payouts.

Similar to the levy recently introduced to cover the cost of any potential future delays caused by a hypothetical natural disaster, this new charge is set to be just as well received by passengers already accustomed to being ripped off by Ryanair.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair to add new £2 per passenger fee to cover cost of future scratchcard payouts

  1. why o why does the baa tolerate the standards set by ryanair why not just revoke there licence and be done with it there standards of service are absolutly appalling
    i reckon o’leary would charge his grandmother to put her false teeth in a glass of water

    he should start by being honest about all fees they are going to charge for the service stop advertising flights for a £1 that would help ppl to make a proper comparsion against other airlines and see what ryanair are all about they would then stop getting passengers because they are more expensive that other airlines

  2. News in this morning that Ryanair are once again rubbing everyone’s face in it by announcing how they have had to revised their profit forecasy upwards due to the ‘success’of ticket price increases !

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