Ryanair threaten to throw woman and kids off flight for asking to be sat together

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, threatened to throw a woman and her two young children off a flight to Stansted this week because she asked to be seated next to them.

Sarah and her children were queuing at the rear of the aircraft ready to get on but there was a delay. Meanwhile, at the front of the aircraft, boarding had started which meant that by the time she got on there were no seats for them to sit together.

“Everyone pushed in front of us while rushing to get on the plane” she said.

“We were told we had to sit apart”.

Sarah explained to the cabin crew that her son has asthma and that her daughter was just 5 years old and therefore both had to sit with her.

The rude cabin crew told her this was not possible and stormed off to speak to the pilot. Upon returning, the disgusting example of a stewardess demanded to know if the family had cases checked in.

This was so that they could determine whether or not they could be thrown off the flight with minimal fuss and hassle for Ryanair.

Unfortunately for Lyingair and the useless cabin crew, Sarah did have bags in the hold which scuppered the immediate plan to throw her off the flight.

Someone gave up their seat eventually so that they could sit together. No thanks to Ryanair.

“I am disgusted at how rude staff were” said Sarah.

Staff here at ‘I Hate Ryanair’ have experienced very similar situations in the past with these flying bastards.

We urge anyone flying with children to seriously consider a proper airline. In fact, we’d simply urge anyone at all to not to fly with Ryanair.


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