Ryanair – the £1 rip off

Ryanair, the world’s biggest rip-off airline, offer flights for just £1! Amazing huh?? But just how much would these tickets actually cost once you factor in all the rip-off fees and taxes?

Take the following example: A family of three get Ryanair £1 each way return tickets to Europe. If they were to pay on a debit card, take a suitcase each (not pre-booked) and check-in at the airport, the actual total is a shocking £396, that’s £6 return for flights and £390 for ‘added-extras’. This includes £10 return each for debit card payment (£30 total), £40 return (£120) per suitcase, and airport check-in’s £80 return (£240).

The example above, taken from MoneySupermarket.com is extreme, but the injustice isn’t about the cost, but that some charges that are practically compulsory are excluded from the advertised price.