Ryanair – the £1 rip off

Ryanair, the world’s biggest rip-off airline, offer flights for just £1! Amazing huh?? But just how much would these tickets actually cost once you factor in all the rip-off fees and taxes?

Take the following example: A family of three get Ryanair £1 each way return tickets to Europe. If they were to pay on a debit card, take a suitcase each (not pre-booked) and check-in at the airport, the actual total is a shocking £396, that’s £6 return for flights and £390 for ‘added-extras’. This includes £10 return each for debit card payment (£30 total), £40 return (£120) per suitcase, and airport check-in’s £80 return (£240).

The example above, taken from MoneySupermarket.com is extreme, but the injustice isn’t about the cost, but that some charges that are practically compulsory are excluded from the advertised price.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair – the £1 rip off

  1. The bottom line seems never to be the advertised price when it comes to the travel industry, but it’s nice to know this before you turn up at the counter. The entire industry is fraught with ‘creative’ advertising, or what we outsiders might call deceit. Also, wouldn’t there be a single transaction and therefore one debit card fee?

  2. The main problem is – who else flies from one of the ‘London’ airports in England to Bari or Brindisi ALL YEAR ROUND?

    If only BA were far sighted enough, they could start making a profit on the London to Bari/Brindisi route from all the folk who can’t stand flying with ryanair but who have no alternative. COME ON British Airways take the initiative!!!! and then we wont have to put up with being treated like £signs by ryanair.

  3. Booked 2 tickets to Girona 28 june return 2 august cost return 435 euro. Ryanair advertised just a week a go there were only 3 tickets left at this price.

    Checked Ryanair tonight 17th May return now 314 euro. checked to see if there were any seats available put down 24 seats and they were available.

    My advise is that don’t trust this company, trust them at your peril Ryanair, last time I take their word and book in advance. so beware of the rip off.

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