Ryanair spend £2.75 on new website design

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have launched a new website design that resembles a steaming pile of cat puke on the pavement.

In an effort to improve on their previous site which had been designed by a blind monkey on acid, Ryanair have quite clearly splashed the cash this time round.

We asked renowned web usability expert, Irene Von Stinkleman-Hurly, for her comments on the new offering: “Ryanair have set a new benchmark for crap design, crap usability, crap features and general crapness. They should be proud of this achievement“.

What do you think?

Someone claiming to be a representative of Ryanair, calling himself Stevo Whos-ya-father, commented “Here at Ryanair, we aim to provide the worst possible experience for you, our customer. If there is anything we can do to heap misery on your time with us, we’ll go the extra mile. Here’s hoping that our investment of £2.75 on this new website design gives you headaches, increases your blood pressure and perhaps fools you into booking a flight that you thought was going to cost £19.99 return but actually ends up costing £399 each way plus tax and to a destination miles from where you need to actually go.