Ryanair service so bad even Hitler won’t fly them

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have such a bad reputation that even Adolf Hitler wouldn’t fly them, according to a short film we found on YouTube.

Apparently, Hitler’s first experience with the ‘airline’ involved a trip to Rome which resulted in him landing in a tiny tin hut airport 300km away near Naples. Mussolini even had to shout his cab fare to finish the remainder of the trip.  Sounds familiar.

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159 thoughts on “Ryanair service so bad even Hitler won’t fly them

  1. Ryanair have no sympathy with disabled people either.My mother has a permanently stiffened leg.Ryanair tried to force her to sit in the window seat in the second row.When I protested I was told I would be escorted from the aircraft.On writing to the boss at his home in Dublin,his reply was that perhaps I should not invite my mother to my home or use the boat in future.
    How I wish Branston would take over,at least he has a good heart. Ryanair stinks!! It is disgusting Ryanair have the monopoly. However,in history,those that become complacent end up out of business…….I cannot wait!

  2. Fitting tribute to a airline where you would not even put pig on a seat that is unfit for slaughterhouse. Congratulations Oleary you deserve it…. when will you get the Iron Cross “Services provided for ,um……£££££££££££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$”

  3. I too am Disabled and Ryanair made me pay to get on the Flight, pay to get off and the repeated these charges on my return.

    I will never use Ryanair again and make sure that none of my Friends or Business colleagues do, either.

    I was made to feel most unwelcome on the Flights and any attempt to seek assistance was met with the “what do you want” attitude.

  4. Ryanair is cheap (good), in more senses than one (bad). Technically they are fine – usually on time, don’t lose your baggage, don’t have accidents. The contemptuous way they treat the customers is scandalous, but they don’t drop bombs on your head (so far).

  5. Ryanair has been notorious for its horrible treatment of vulnerable people for years. There are lots of examples of such treatment on the Internet. Disabled, ill and injured people and families should keep well clear!

  6. This scene has been reused time and time again for diatribes about differing subjects. This one was worth it for the coin operated seats joke :)

    Oh and Ryanair, yes, all remarks here completely true.

  7. How much did you pay for the ticket? What did you expect from what you paid for? Blame yourself for being cheap. If you are wealthy enough, create your own airline and beat Ryan Air. Before that, support BA, LH, EI, AF, IB, KL…etc is the best revenge. Venting will only aggravate yourself more. Wrinkles go on your face, not the face of Ryan Air. They are, clearly, still in business, making a profit.

  8. I agree RYANAIR is the worest one can happen traveling. I don´t understand that
    they are still “alive”. I am a frequent flyer but after ONE time “enjoying” RYANAIR
    this as the first and the last time. This is a humans despising airline.
    I could convince ALL my friends, family members and business partners not to
    use this airline.

  9. Use Easy jet they were superb when we flew with them ( wife in wheelchair) it was the best transfer to and from an aircraft we have ever had, and we have travelled with most of the big airlines.

  10. never had the pleasure of ryanair, nor would i….
    but whoever compiled that clip deserves an oscar or six…. one of the best laughs i’ve had in ages, so worth it, that just had to let all and sundry know about it…. who thinks of these things – and well done whoever you are.

  11. Ryanair pay for nothing if they can, and charge for everything,and they DO.
    Grand opportunity for a new Airline.

  12. The sad thing is that O’Leary is a gobshite self publicist from the wrong side of Dublin with a massive ego and a tiny dick and he does not give a toss so long as he pumps Ryanair profits and thus his own inflated bonus. From a Frenchman’s point of view why should we care – his cattle truck airways is being slowly frozen out of France by disgruntled airport operators. Long live SNCF, the future is in cheap railways.

  13. I too hate Ryanair, but, if you are travelling on a tight budget what choice do you have? EazyJet used to be compettitive but they have fallen away in the last year!! Talk about being held by the b…s!!

  14. I flew to Spain with Ryanair about seven times with my mother who was in her 90′s and had mobility problems.
    She was always treated with utmost care and courtesy by cabin staff and we were never asked to pay more because she was disabled.
    For the last few years Ryanair always sit disabled passengers in a window seat, I suspect its so that in the event of an evacuation they dont clogg up the aisle tying to escape.

  15. Dont know what all the fuss is about. I have flown Ryanair for over 7 years back and forth to Dublin at least once every 8 weeks. NEVER been delayed, cancelled or inconvenienced.

    Its a cheap airline, you get what you pay for!!

  16. Funny…Omni Air sucks too, but only for the workers. The penny pinching owner pays their pilots (FOs) $35,000 a year to work 20 days per month (straight) flying 757 and 767s all over the world. They keep hiring guys with less and less hours so they cant leave. They are flying US troops mostly. Waiting for the crash that shuts them down. Stan Bernstein (owner) is a scum bag.

  17. I booked a flight with Ryanair to go to Barcelona in August 2010. After booking and paying for the flight I checked out the airport that Ryanair listed a Barcelona and discovered that it was about 100 miles from Barcelona with no public transport after 21:00h. My flight landed at 21:15!!!
    I had to rebook with a decent airline and Ryanair, needless to say, refused to refund my money!!
    Beware if you want to travel with this airline!!!It is a joke!!!

  18. Have always found Ryanair rather good. A few late take offs and lost baggage. Why are people complaining? Just add the extras to the price and then you know what you are paying. We are now paying less per flight to Europe than we were 30 years ago. Get a life

  19. RyanAir, Easyjet, or even B.A. for that matter, will carry on in this manner as long as, we, the public, carry on flying with them. The only way to better their dreadful standards is to boycott them totally. If we pay for garbage, we get garbage. It is as simple as that.

  20. Recommendation is one of the best ways to get new business, and I have never flown with or intend to fly with this bunch of cowboys. Listening to all the complaints, reading reviews such as those on this site, being in an adjacent queue at airports and watching whilst Ryanair passengers have to try and cram their single pathetic piece of hand luggage into a small metal box to ensure that it complies with the stated maximum dimensions allowed, and even watching whilst a female version of Hitler dressed in a Ryanair uniform stood and watched as an elderly woman barely able to complete the task, failed to offer assistance….? I would rather walk. But there again, I don’t think the boss of Ryanair will miss the profit he’d make from my trips, so why should he care?

  21. Wonderful video encapsulates Ryanair to a ‘T’ ! Poor service, poor attitude and they think they are doing you a favour when you’re paying the miserable cretans. I will never go on Ryanair again and happily pay more to another company to avoid the rugby scrum to get a seat and the smell of dirty toilets!


  22. The last time (and I mean the last time) I flew with Ryannair was to Dusseldorf….ha one and a half hours by fast train from a station that was a twenty minute bus ride away.

    My suggestion in relation to the proposed charge to use the lavatory would be for everyone to pee in the aisle, if enough people did it and everyone refused to say who did it or possibly blame the crew, O’ leary would have to re-think his cheesparing petty-minded callous attitude to those he actually earns his living from. At least Easy Jet treat their passengers with more than absolute contempt, it does make a difference and they land at proper airports. All it takes is for people to realise the old adage “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies to Ryannair flights…you put down peanuts and all you get in this case is monkey shit.

  23. I can fly with Ryanair for less that £10 return. A 50 minute flight. I am disabled and have excellent service in this department. My only gripe is that they charge £100 to change times if you miss your flight.

  24. A simple remedy for all you tightwads who ‘suffer’ at the hands of Ryanair – pay through the nose for BA, Air France orLufthansa…… You people have very short memories. Pfffffffffff

    1. The problem isn’t about tightwads, it’s about the point that frequently there are no alternatives. I fly Dublin to Birmingham regularly, and the options are Aer Lingus or Ryanair. Because I have a choice, I will always pay the extra to be treated like a human being, that then be treated as someone whose role is life is to put up with any crap while O’Leary is trying to work out how else he can screw me.

      When I lived in the UK, I regularly flew STN-AMS until Ryanair took over Air UK and shut the route down because Schipohl wouldn’t kiss his arse. Another airline opened the route, and O’Leary bought and shut that route down too. Easyjet are currently operating this route now thank you very much.

      If the issue is, “This is a budget airline. You get what you pay for. So why are you complaining”, then we would expect to see a similar volume of complaints about Easyjet, but we don’t. The issue is that this is a customer service business that runs is like a Soho “clipjoint”. I think O’Leary is probably a bit disappointed that he can’t use bouncers to give dissatisfied customers the “bums rush” as they might otherwise do in Soho.

      As far as being a tightwad is concerned, anybody that is prepared to have their personal dignity impinged upon for the sake of some dubious financial saving, deserves the O’Leary treatment.

  25. Strange,
    In October I booked a wheelchair for my wife after her recent knee replacement.
    The service is generally provided by the airport operator, not the airline , but is booked at the on-line phase.
    All went smoothly and spaces were blocked off at the rear of the aircraft immediately adjacent to door 2R where the wheelchair passengers are loaded.
    Ryanair will only take four such passengers per flight.

  26. I hate Ryan air cos they are simply shit!!!!
    The flight attandants are dog ugly and rude, not sure where Michael picked these dogs up from but im guessing that the dog shelter is missing a few.
    The beer was warm and a rip off!!! I say lynch the CEo cos he is a fat bastard whose airline is beyond crap!!!!
    They tried to get me to pay for disabled assitance for my friend and the fact that i am a lawyer and know my legal rights, however it seems that ryan air does not understand the legal ramifications of what would have happened, had they charged me the extra money.
    It is unfotunate that they do dominate the market but i can see a hostile takeover happening very soon!!!!
    BOYCOTT RYANAIR should be there slogan!!!! W**kers!!!!!

  27. Even Hitlers aides recognise that Easyjet is a worse experience! Personally I think the Cabin crew on Ryanair are every bit as good or bad as any other airline and have never had any discoutesy or inefficiency from them apart from their bloody Yellow decor and the fact their seats dont go back! to those of you who cant remember ask your parents what the fare was when there were only “national Carriers” operating cosy cartels with their competitors my recolection is B.A./Aer Lingus London Dulin £360 return 1973 average wage £25 per week Today 10 choices average about €200 average wage £700 per week I cant even calculate how much cheaper it is in real money! so stop moaning and do whatever you want with your money.

  28. Sadly I can understand what he’s really talking about, and it isn’t the chargeable bogs on Ryunfair. But I take the point. I don’t fly anyway, pending a decision to stop groping innocent travellers. But if I did fly, it wouldn’t be with a cut price airline.

  29. I had to fly to Scotland with someone two years ago and bought two tickets for a total r/t fee of 75 pounds. By the time Ryan Air got through ripping me off, the final bill was almost 1,000 pounds for a 45 minute flight. They were rude, nasty, arrogant, tried every which way to rip me off for even more money, and when I tried to complain, their ‘complaint’ department said that they were correct in billing me for this amount..EVEN THOUGH THEIR COMMENTS WERE BASED ON LIES..which they were well aware of. They also rigged the system so you can’t sue them in the UK and would have to go to Ireland to do this..and where they are the biggest employer and no doubt have the courst in their pocket. Disgusting.

    1. I don’t know where you are from, but Ryanair have been sucessfully sued more than once in the UK courts.

      However, if you pay by CC, you also have a contract with the CC company. If you sue them in the small claims court, they will engage a lawyer, and lawyers costs are not recoverable in that jurisdiction.

      You may not win your case, but once credit card companies start having to spend thousands on lawyers fees and they are getting a 2% processing fee, they are going to tell Ryanair to get it’s act together, or withdraw them as a customer. If only twenty customers went down this route, and it cost them £250 to defend each case, they would have to process £250K worth of tickets just to get this money back. The cost of issuing the claim: about £20 each.

  30. My wife Sue and I flew Ryanair from Stanstead Airport England to Nimes in France a few years ago.

    It was very uncomfortable, plus we landed 20 km from the city centre at about 10.00am.

    The worst part was that we both got off the plane. ran to the washroom, (both under pressure) and after only about 10 minutes found out that the bus for downtown Nimes had loaded up all our fellow passengers and left already.

    The one woman in charge at at this small country airport told us the next bus to Nimes was at 4:30pm that afternoon, plus there was no taxi service at this desolate airport!!

    We somehow ended up renting a small car and left the airport with a very bad taste in our mouths. (There were no restaurants or food service of any kind there either.

    Will we use Ryanair again? I DON”T THINK SO!!!

  31. The sooner that this joke of an airline is removed from the skys the better for every one. Michael O’Leary is a disgrace to the industry and should be removed from office. Lets all boycot this so called airline and bring them down.

  32. I know they are cheap but I would not use them. Perhaps I am fortunate in being able to pay for what I want.
    There is an old saying but a true one “If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it!”

  33. My experience with AirAsia is direct opposite. While wheelchair-bound a friend was able to push me to the plane. Airline drove a fork-lift to raise me to lift and roll me onto the plane. I coulld then walk to myt seat. The chair went into hold and was

  34. My experience with AirAsia is direct opposite. When I was wheelchair-bound a friend pushed me to the plane. Airline drove a fork-lift to lift me in chair and roll me onto the plane. I walked to my seat. The chair went into hold and was waiting when we disembarked – NO charge! Food good too.

  35. the worst cobbled together, cannot call it a plane, even if the nuts and bolts were even not off that plane and I think a guy with a large lump hammer was working real hard…the staff were all miserable rude and lazy, some of them needed to take care of personal showering,,…So all in all if you have ryan as the only option, go look outside as BIGGLES may be available, take it with open arms as it has to be, to miss them, and get to your destination in a great mmod….0/10

  36. Are all you Ryan air travellers daft,Ryan air tell you that they are a Basic Airline and if you require Anything including use of the toilet, you will pay, that so they say is how they keep the cost of tickets low if you expect any more dont complain, pay more for your ticket and use another airline.I personaly would not use ryan air If I was given free tickets

  37. I think Ryanair are one of the worst airlines in the country. Their attitude is disgraceful. I watch Airline Programme and am totally shocked how decent normal human beings are treated. Its disgraceful and the airline should be ashamed of their customer service. Just because its a cheap service does it follow they give us cheap service too? Obviously you pay for what you get!!!

  38. Ryanair are the cheapest, not even one star prices, so why do people expect five star treatment? If you want everything included, special treatment, whatever, go pay the price somewhere else. I fly Ryanair Cattle Class many times every year, at a price I can afford, at a quality of service I can afford. If you want better, pay more! And please, Ryanair, charge more for ‘larger’ people who take up so much more room and weight!

  39. It is a wonder any Ryanair flight gets to the correct destination. I flew with them from Stansted to Derry. While over the Isle of Man the captain announced that there was a great view of the Isle of Wight. A little later we landed in the Azores. No, only kidding………. for once!!

  40. Please be careful when ordering tickets with RyanAir. Last June2010 my wife booked a ticket for our granddaughter on Ryan Air for the last week in August 2010; Tours to Stansted . While doing this she made a mistake and the ticket was made out as my wife to be the passenger, after printing out the ticket she realised her error and telephoned Ryan Air customer service line and said I’m sorry about the mistake, could you change the name on the ticket, they said yes, but it will cost 100 Euros, my wife said the ticket only cost 82 Euro. The service person said sorry but that’s the cost. My wife then asked if she could cancel the ticket and was told yes, but you will only get back the tax element of the transaction, the Tax element was 29 Euro and the handling charge to retrieve this amount is 20 Euro. Also when my wife enquired about reclaiming the 20 Euro baggage fee that had been paid, they said there is no refund of any baggage fee paid if you cancel your ticket. Please be aware that this company are gangsters and it appears that customer service is not in their agenda. So please check your details before you press the button. You may not believe this but I will never give any more money to Mr O’Leary. By the way at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask so where’s your’s Mr O’leary? The date is now December 2010 and we have not got our 9Euros back yet.

  41. My children who are dual nationals travel always with their Portuguese identity card, dont currently have passports as they are not necessary when travelling within the EU.

    One of my sons flew Ryanair to Nottingham at the beginning of November with his National ID card, as he has many times before, but last week when he was to return to Portugal he checked in, and then at the boarding gate was turned away with 6 other people all with the current Portuguese ID card. It seems that the newer ID card in force since 2007 which is now called a citizen card is not accepted by Ryanair – even though it says in their terms and conditions that Portuguese ID card is valid travel document. After arguments, 5 people were allowed to board (despite having supposedly unacceptable ID) as they were on the return part of a return ticket, but my son and the other passenger could not as they had purchased 2 single fares – even when the incoming single flight had been with ryanair!!

    Got nowhere with Ryanair customer service who said that he would have to find another airline to fly him home – which we did at considerable cost as no other airline going from East Midlands so he had to get the train to Gatwick to fly with Easyjet. Easyjet had no problem accepting his ID card. I spoke to immigration at Faro in Portugal who were appalled and confirmed that his documents were correct. No refund from Ryan air being offered never mind compensation and so I am sending complaint to eu passenger rights complaints body citing EU regulation 261. The website is http://ec.europa.eu/transport/passengers/air/air_en.htm

    I am furious!!!

  42. Flew once with these people. Never again. I think when you’re interviewed for a job at Ryanair, they check out your ‘bastard level’ to ascertain just how much of a bastard you are. Anything below 99% fails. I hope they go out of business.

  43. I have been flying Ryanair weekly from Stanstead to my home in the South of France for the last 5 years, having now achieved over 500 Flights. I find that the people who complain the most are those who fly the least and expect First Class treatment, having paid something in the order of £50.00 for a return flight.
    The planes are always clean, well maintained and safe. The crews work very hard to keep up with tight timetables and are often abused by Passengers, yet they keep cool and smile.
    Nobody forces anyone to use Ryanair, stop moaning and get alife all you Professional Whingers.

  44. There has been so much adverse comment in the media about the airline from hell that surely anybody who uses it must expect rotten but expensive service; so for the future, you all know the answer!!!!!!!!!

  45. I hate Ryanair.
    Even worse than Easyjet.
    I pay more to go with a proper airline. Often, it’s only £20-£30 more, once you factor in Ryanair’s added charges

  46. What most people do not realize is that Ryanair are ultra budget, Airports make money by charging landing fees and for services which are included in the cost of everyone’s ticket. Ryanair strip that cost out and only charge you if you need to use a particular service. I do not fly them by choice or condone the mistreatment of disabled people but they are using a business model that has enabled many many people to travel to places they otherwise could not afford and have almost single handedly changed the “old guard” monopoly and expensive fare structure and for that they should be commended. If you play by their rules and conditions you will win, if you slip up and do not check what is included and or allowed then really who else can you blame? Most of the anger that I have seen raised against them is by people who have not taken the time to read the terms and conditions.

  47. vunderbar, what a hoot!! old o’leary sure has it coming to him, i do not use them as well!!! what a lot of tossers they are, i cannot believe peaple still use them, they must be one brick short of a full load who does use them!!!

  48. We only used Ryanair once.
    Their checking in desks are a shambles. We queued for ages, only to be told that we were at the wrong ryanair desk and the one we wanted was right down the other end of the hall. We ran all the way down there with our bagage and two kids, no ryanair desk!! We made our way back towards the original desk onlt to find the one we wanted was in the next lane to the first one, then we had to joine the back of the queue again almost missing our flight.
    Terrible attitude, scabby plane. Easyjet all the way from now on.

  49. The most significant comment in this video is the woman who says ‘ Thank god I didn’t book him on Easy Jet’.
    I haven’t had the pleasure of Ryan Air and never intend to do so,
    however, I have had the misfortune of being booked (the flight didn’t materialise) on (SL) Easy Jet from Bristol to Newcastle and have never been treated to badly.
    The staff were so rude, I ended up hiring a car from Bristol Airport to Newcastle.
    Be warned!

  50. In a recent report it was found that Ryannair is the explanation for the high emigration from the UK. It is so ghastly that the joy of getting off in the new country is so great and the dread of enduring the return trip so so deep that they do not return.

  51. I reckon the real reason Mr Sir Adolf (God bless him) wouldn’t travel is because saukraut and roll mop herrings have been taken off the Ryanair e menu!

  52. Can you believe that Ryanair actually have a Customer Services Department? Still, there was a time when I believed in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy!

  53. I don’t know who these people are but they deserve an oscar. This is totally brilliant. The best thing I have watched in years……….. and marginally better than walking just about sums up Ryan Air too.

  54. Always remember the old adage “You get what you pay for” and with Ryanair you get just that and no more.
    It is true that many people now fly to destinations they formerly could not afford because of Easy Jet and Ryanair. Many of the other airlines collude to ‘Price Fix’ the fares and have done so for many years working in their cartel system. Virgin, BA, American, et al collude and sometimes would rather fly half full in order to maintain their pricing structure.

  55. My experiences with Ryanair have left me with a permanent case of Ryanitis which I suspect is incurable. Hope you never get it!!

  56. We recently flew with ryanair and couldn’t print off our boarding passes due to and error with our computer, dont worry I assured my husband we can due this up to 4 hours before our flight, WRONG, they decided to change this little rule in very very small print, when we arrived at the airport and explained our problem with “customer services” we were informed that they could print off our passes at a small cost of £40 each we were flying with our 2 children so you do the math!!! we are very frequent flyers as we live in spain and our families are in england. Ryan air bosses are short sighted fools and I hope they will all be in the job centres soon. Ps bosses even your staff hate your rules.

  57. This is the most bizarre ‘translation’! Making a connection with a Hitler firm and a complete different text with Ryanair is absurd! It is frankly a bit tasteless…even though I agree Ryanair can be a nightmare if you don’t read the small letters of the terms and conditions (I recently had to pay 40 EUR for not having checked in online (I didn’t have a printer and thought I can do it at the airport…how wrong was I).

    Still, I think you could find a more intelligent way of showing this…after all, it is a cheap airline, what do you expect – a red carpet????

  58. I think Ryanair is an abomination! The only positive thing about them is they are realiable! But this is significantly outweighed by the negatives! The two things that really stick in my gullet are: 1) They usually load the priority boarding 30mins before the flight. Except they don’t! They let you go to the boarding gate where you are then held up in the cold on a metal stairway behind a locked door because the plane still isn’t ready for boarding. Last time this happened to us we stood for 15 mins on the stairs (nowhere to sit) and the temperature was minus 5 degrees centigrade outside – and barely over freezing on the stairwell.

    2) After taking off at 7.45am (and we have been up since 4am to get to the plane) you try and sleep – except you can’t! You are continually bombarded by overly loud announcements selling you anything from chardonnay (which tastes about as bad as any wine I have tried) to Cappuccino – which is an insult to the word! Scratch cards, the flogging off the most awful food are all part of what “TryOn Air” calls service!

    IF BA flew the route to Perugia I would fly it every time – even if the return flight was twice the price! I hate Ryanair with a passion!

  59. This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched. I have flown with ryanair on many occasions and fortunately never had a delay, prices for flights are very good, but dont ask for or expect anything else. Cabin crew however could do with personality infusions.

  60. Ryanair was started by a Chartered Accountant to get all Irish builders living in the UK, wifes getting free houses, kids getting all the free perks for schools, subsidised electricity and gas, no council tax etc… and for the men to go back to Ireland every weekend to claim benefits there and come back Monday to do cash in hand jobs in the UK. I have eveidence alongwith their National Insurance numbers if the government wants it. Did send details to the PM but they just ignored. MP’s were too busy fidling their own expenses and care two hoots about any complaints. NO wonder everyone wants to live in the UK, but on the expnese of other tax payers.

  61. I will never again fly on Ryanair.I would rather walk than be subjected to their rude indifferent service.If you knew some of the stories I knew about Ryanair direct from the Hanger you would not fly with them either.I have a real problem being in an airplane when the company ethos is about Fear.The staff are so shit scared of putting a foot wrong that they will do anything to cover up any problem.That does not seem a sensible safety based Airline to me.Bullies bullies bullies

  62. That Stuart Jones must be a comedian –

    “The planes are always clean, well maintained and safe. The crews work very hard to keep up with tight timetables and are often abused by Passengers, yet they keep cool and smile.”

    I have flown twice with this abomination of an airline and neither time were the aircraft clean as previous passengers had left their rubbish on the floor where it stayed for the next set to collect and dispose of.

    “Tight timetables” now there is a Ryanair oxymoron – the times published on the Ryanair timetables are elongated [Stuart that means the duration has been lengthened] so they can claim that they are 99% on-time or better.

    Someone earlier mentioned ‘gangsters’ – YES YES YES.

    I am not a professional whinger and I will never travel with this lot again – not even if my life depended upon it. So Stu, in the words of some backwoods man – GO AND STICK YOUR HEAD UP A DEAD BEAR’S BUM!

  63. According to the book Ryanair by Siobahan Creaton, Michael O’Leary gets 25% of Ryanairs earnings. We will never see O’Leary leave his job, nor see any change in Ryanairs costcutting.

  64. I’ve never been unfortunate enough to fly Ryan Air but it can not possibly be any worse than Thomson airways. Most awful airline I’ve ever flown with in over 30 odd years of flying. At least Ryan air is a budget airline.

  65. Travelling with Ryanair has been the most unpleasant travelling experiences I have had. I have used Ryanair when they have been the only airline going to a airport to where I wanted to travel.

  66. I think you should all thank your lucky stars that you are neither cabin crew nor pilot with this shady outfit. If you think you’re treated badly as a paying passenger just imagine how you are treated if Ryanair are paying you! They have no care whatsoever about where you live (in relation to where they then base you) and no shame in calling a pilot, who’s done a full day’s standby, at 01:00 in the morning to ask them if they’ll do an early shift the next day, which aside from being extremely poor, is not even safe. That’s among other seriously poor treatment! I wouldn’t be surprised if more and more of the crew left to join Qatar, Emirates and other such airlines! As staff, presumably they need the work and I doubt transferring is that easy but, as passengers, you can still choose who to fly with. As I say, thank your lucky stars!

  67. Guys,

    Wake up!

    Ryanair is not the cheapest – they just sell themselves to be the cheapest.

    Once you have added on everything that is not included in the 99p airfare – and I mean the compulsaory charges only – then you are still looking at the average flight being somewhere between 200 and 300 pounds!

    So you pay the same as with the other airlines -are nowhere near you wanted to get to and their attitude stinks……

    Guess which airline I never ever fly with…….

  68. Hi
    I have flown on avarage 3 to 4 times a year since ryanair started there Low Cost Flights, To hell with the Begrudgers what do you Expect for the Lowest Fare Airline ,

    I am a Person with a Disability and have to manage on a Low Income of Disability Payment which is Chopped down for the second year with Budgets,

    Ryanair have been very good to me as a Disabled Powerchair User who gets a Lift on Lift off Service and the Staff are very Understanding with my Disability,Long may the Prosper and help me to travel Europe at low Cost,

    The only Problem i come accross is the Baggage Handlers who have not got any Training on how to take a Mobility Scooter/Powerchair on board there Cargo Holds , They smash and abuse your Mobility Equipment and that is your only means of Transport after you reach your Distination,

    I suggest to them a simple means of transporting Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs is to Strap them onto a Pallet and lift Mechanically instead of Horsing them onboard. Insurance Companys should come down hard on loaders and they should be Penalized for there Handling of Mobility Equipment,

  69. My son was stuck in Spain when Gatwick was shut down because of snow. After 15 hours of being messed around, finally at about 1 a.m. he got to speak to someone from Ryanair at the desk. He asked for accomodation and transport to a hotel per EU regulations. He was refused with the statement, “We don’t give compensation.” He was then told that there would be no flights for a week and that they would refund his ticket. He foolishly accepted that, so losing all rights as he was no longer a customer.

    Colleagues who were due to fly back with Easyjet got transport to a hotel and the hotel room paid for. They flew back the next day. I got my son on a coach, because as he had accepted the refund, he would have had to buy a new ticket.

    The moral is don’t ever accept a refund of your ticket until your problem’s been sorted. (And don’t fly with Ryanair… but you knew that anyway.)

  70. Try BA first their prices are very competitive to Ryanair and mostly inclusive. We flew to south of France with Ryanair (never again) and the BA flight to Toulouse was cheaper!!!!

  71. Excellent value airline for the poor people. I wont fly them of course but Oleary gives you just what it says on the ticket so dont complain.
    he should charge customers extra to not sit next to fat people or ugly birds. I expect some people would pay extra not to have to sit next to a Catholic or a peed.

  72. Such a bunch of begrudgers. If Ryanair were not in business you’d be paying £1,000 to get to the Sun. Read their terms & conditions, stick to them and you’ll get to where you have paid to go to on time. Quit whinging. If you can’t do that don’t fly Ryanair there are plenty of folk who will and keep the rest of the over-inflated greedy Airlines honest. Be careful of what you wish for!!!!

  73. Merry Christmas to all and hope you get to your destinations in the snow!! Lets whinge about the airports and the lack of flight info!!

  74. I understand “You pays yer money, Yer takes yer chance” and normally I am happy with that where Ryanair is concerned, but this morning they cancelled our flight out of Bristol as soon as the airport closed due to snow, but gave no assistance in getting an alternative flight to France (or even Spain) and by the time we got on line all flights were full until Dec. 28th to anywhere in Northern Europe from all UK airports as far as I could see.
    I wouldn’t have minded so much if there were any Ryanair staff to be seen and spoken too but there was no one, anywhere!!
    We eventualy managed to find seats with Flybe to Brussels tomorrow, but from Southampton, so you can imagine the extra expense!!

  75. You get what you pay for in this world, its as simple as that. Want better, pay more.

    The one comment that is so true is the weight issue. A seat should be sold based on weight. If you have to pay full fare for a child, say weighting 30Kg then why can’t that child have a greater baggage allowance? we all know why – the seats are all sold on an “calculated average” but charge based on GROSS weight of passenger and baggage. I will come in time – the sooner the better !

  76. Yes I agree that they are ultra budget and you get what you pay for…..but f****** gangsters is also what they are. I flew with my family from stanstead to the south of France and everything was fine but on the return journey I was told my bag was too heavy and it would cost me €70! How the f*** can the same bag with the same clothes be over 10kg heavier on the the way back but was fine on the way out from stanstead?! As far as I’m concerned they fixed the scales and fleeced me, they wouldn’t even let me put some stuff in the kids bags as you are “not allowed to pool luggage” they told me!! And then to make it feel even worse she tried to make me feel better by saying “look as you have a young family and you weren’t aware of the weight restrictions I’ll do it for €50″!! I was aware of the weight restrictions you f***wits I just wasn’t aware that my bag had mysteriously expanded by 10kgs or that you’d fiddled your scales you bunch of thieving scumbags. Personally I hope they go the same way as the rest of the Irish economy because they give the very nice Irish population a bad name.

  77. I have flown Ryan regularly for the past 12 years and have had nothing but friendliness from airport personnel through to plane crews. I have found that people treat me the way I treat them so if you go in guns blazing you will get fired back on. Read the small print, there’s nothing hidden, and remember you get what you pay for – if you want first class pay for it. I will happily continue flying Ryanair

  78. To me the biggest scam from Ryanair is the impression they give of being much cheaper! It’s a con! By the time you add it all up you can travel on a scheduled airline for about the same price(or even less on two occasions). The difference of course is that you’re treated as a Customer by most of the other airlines most of the time rather than an annoying piece of trash that gets in the way of making even money from you.

    I’ve tried Ryanair a few times and now vowed NEVER AGAIN! It’s usually BA for me, all-in price, comfortable seat, legroom, newspaper and refreshments and most importantly, attention if any delays and attempts to look after me! Total opposite in every way to Ryanair.

  79. They screwed me over with an excess baggage charge. Two of us travelled out of Stansted with one case for a weekend – it weighed 17Kg on the way out. Not a word was said by check in staff (we were under our 10Kg (at the time) per person limit after all). When we checked in for our return we were informed that we had to pay 9Kg excess baggage (the bag now weighed a little more -19Kg) and that our allowance could not be considered together/combined. We couldn’t split the bag down as were in a middle of nowhere airport which did not sell luggage (something we could have done at Stansted if necessary rather than pay money to Ryanair for what was essentially nothing if we had been told on the outbound flight) so we had to pay about €180 excess. Raped by Ryanair and many others have too

  80. I was flying from Inverness to East Midlands.
    The airport was fogged in. We were checked, as was all other flights. We sat there for three hours listening to anouncements for other flights to go back to baggage, get there bags, and then take a bus to Aberdeen. Where the flight would pick them up, even Easyjet did this. Then after the airport was empty, Ryanair anounced…… “Dear customers, the flight is cancelled, please go to the baggage caroucel and reclaim your luggage”. That was it, it was Monday, next flight was Wednesday, and that flight was already full. We had to pay for a hire car to get home. After that, I never flew with Ryanair again, and won’t.
    Besides, BA, Lufthansa, Air France or KLM is cheaper, and if something goes wrong, they won’t leave you stranded, and then explain that they are are a budget airline so you can get stuffed

  81. I can’t believe they are still in business, Iv’e had 2 flights cancelled in 2 years and both times it took me ages to get my refund, deffo will not fly with them again, Jet 2 all the way now

  82. I couldn’t agree more – once was engough for me – many have said it ‘never again’ for me this is a promise. Goodbye Ryan Air, you’ll never get hold of my money.

  83. Sometimes it takes such horrible nasties such as Hitler and crew to show Mr O’leary just what a disgusting operation he actually runs. In the future when Ryanair implodes humanity will look back and ask, why in God’s name did people actually pay to keep this inhumane organisation alive, and why didn’t responsible governments ban them from entering their airspace. Money comes before decency at this point in human history.

  84. What I consider to be an absolute disgrace is the apparent fact that the Crew have to buy their own uniforms.
    That has to be the pits.

  85. 17th December 2010 two women flying home for Christmas from Alicante were over hand luggage allowance, trying to beat the rule put on all items from their cases onto themselves( it did look stupid but needs must as they would not pay the excess fee). The check-in woman refused them entry and would not let them on the flight, of course they were crying as they wanted to get home to their families. Another Ryanair agent felt sorry for them and let them through the barrier to board the plane only to be chased after by the first agent who made them come back and they were not allowed to fly. Alicante Ryanair agents are lethal we think they are on commission and take great pleasure in other passengers misery.

  86. I’ve never flown Ryan Air before – hope never to again –

    my opinions is that after extra baggage charge for ‘sports equipment’ – food on board flights that exceed central London prices – and mini cab home when flight landed late I could have purchased a flight from BA. And should have done. So it’s not a cheap airline.

    There’s a marketing strategy here? – of a low headline price which is then ratcheted up by additional charges – on board the service and standards fall below anything I’ve experienced (I’ve flown Garuada, and even Cambodian airlines) – is this airline is a con?

  87. My wife and I flew fom Gatwick to Edinburgh in November with B. A. for £70 that was for the both of us beat that. he service was exellent and we had 23kg hold baggage included in this price plus a snack. WELL DONE B.A.

  88. Why do I get the impression that the folks on here who are moaning about Ryanair appear to continually use them and complain ONLY when they personally have an experience that they aren’t mature enough to deal with.Even after a ‘Bad’ experience and declaring ‘Never again’,they all seem to use the airline again for one reason and one reason only,because these torn faced,self centred,egotistical control freaks are,to a man,meaner and more miserable than Scrooge.They’re the type of people who think they can roll faeces uphill with a stick and then complain at the top of the hill when all they’re left with is the stick.Grow up,all of you moaning faced individuals.This is the real world,not some glamourous Satchi & Satchi advertisement you all seem to think you’re appearing in.If you’re all so clever and as intelligent as you think you are,try reading the small print,all the information is there.You are precisely the people I neither want to sit next to on a ‘plane or,God forbid,be forced into your company whilst on holiday.

  89. I bought 2 flights Dublin to Salzberg return for € 560 ( so much for cheapest ).They charged me 560 sterling on my bank statement. You can only contact Ryanair by fax or letter, so they do not wish to handle complaints.
    Initially said they could do this as my card was of UK origin ( Santander – bunch of thieving bastards ).
    I was not going to be robbed, so after drafting help of some legal friends , consumer protection people and 3 months later , I received a refund for the difference between Euro and sterling cost. I have the cheque framed as I expect it is now a collectors item !
    I will never fly with them again. How do you think ” Honest Michael” makes his pile ?

  90. After you add up all the compulsory extras, Ryan Air is no cheaper than other airlines. What you get for your money is the feeling that you have been shafted, which you don’t get with EasyJet because it tells you the actual price up front. I don’t mind paying extra if I have normal sized luggage, if I cared about priority boarding or if I wanted travel insurance. The bit that causes problems is the extra to pay for the option of paying – try saying no to that option and see what you get.

    It’s no good saying you get what you pay for because the taxes and fees do nothing for me at all. I can’t believe RyanAir saves money by having nowhere to put your book, not even a string pocket. I can’t believe Ryan Air saves much by having the only airline seats that don’t adjust. If it weren’t for the routes (which nonone else does), there would be no place at all for Ryan Air. I look forward to Ryan Air taking over Alitalia and noticing the improvement in service.

  91. I have just watched the hitler tube which was quite amusing in parts. One thing I suggest that either the video is edited quickly and/or a sincere apology is made to easyJet who are purported to be a worse airline than Ryanair. Clip shows words to the effect “thank goodness he wasn’t booked on easyJet.

    Very Poor

  92. Going back a few comments to 20/12 “read their terms and conditionsand stick to them”. see http://www.ryanair.com/en/terms-and-conditions – they are quite long and I was referred to them when I committed the sin of “pooling my luggage” with my son. I don’t read t&cs and I was told by the groundstaff nobody ever does, and RA bank on that for a lucrative fining business. Despite being way under the baggage allowance for 2 people, 25Kgs for two of us, and it was easier to manage a child and only one suitcase, I got fined for “pooling my child’s luggage and my luggage in one suitcase”. It was a mistake but I paid the price, and their own ground staff addmitted Ryan Air make huge amounts of cash daily with passangers making this mistake. I had never even heard the term “pooling luggage”/”how to make extra cash out of customers when they are checking in and have no option but to pay” before. I paid the price. And of course if any other airline flew to some of these smaller airports I would take it, but they are the exclusive airline to many destinations. It could have been handled differently, perhaps a first warning without fine, but that would be less lucrative.

  93. I fly across Europe every other week using a combination of criteria – flight times, destination and cheapest. Over the past 12 months I have analysed my flights and the best airlines without a doubt are easyjet and airlingus….ryan air is often more expensive when you add up the charges. Always shop around and dont panic when you see the “1 seat remaining” pop up on the web site.

  94. A few years ago I flew Ryan Air from Coventry to Amsterdam. On checking my Visa bill later back home, some little shite on the desk slipped in an extra 5 GBP extra to pocket for them selves. On checking with Visa they automaticly accepted my word. No copy of my reciept needed. Makes one wonder just how much of a habit their staff have of doing that little trick.

  95. To all the people defending Ryanair with the “you get what you pay for” arguement, I totally disagree. No one expects huge legroom / complimentary drinks / snacks / hotel rooms when delayed etc etc on a budget airline (they are idiots if they do) but one thing that costs nothing to provide is good manners / politeness. I dont want to besmirch all Ryanair staff, I have not met them all. But of the ones I have met, the majority were quite rude and appeared to take some pleasure in being able to inconvenience the passengers. On one flight they left the fasten seatbelt sign on the entire journey and refused anyone permission to use the loo, bringing to tears a teenage girl, after which I heard the very camp steward telling his colleague “thats one way to have an easy flight.” This attitude is very different to my experiences with other dot com airlines and I flew all of them regularly for many years. It stems from the CEO, while Stellios actually appreciates his clients, O Leary sneers at his while taking their money and the corporate philosophy percolates down to the check in desk. And they are not cheap unless they have to be – when BA pulled out of Genoa you could hardly get a seat with Ryanair for less then EUR 400 return all of a sudden. I also know a person with a ground handling contract for Ryanair, the excess luggage charges are a scam. The agent guarantees Ryanair a fixed income and anything they can make above that is theirs, thus they Have to stiff a minimum number of people for excess luggage as they have already agreed to pay Ryanair a certain income. Thats why “no pooling luggage allowances” and all that crap has come in, to catch as many people out as possible.

  96. A lot of early comments seem to think that one Irishman who runs an airline somehow represents the entire Irish nation. Sectarian bigotry is still very alive it seems.
    When I visited England recently I sampled English cuisine. A bag of chips. It tasted just as terrible as it looked. So was the entire British nation to blame for this or just one cheap chip shop?

  97. I fly all the time, but mainly to the larger hub airports which invariably have national carriers offering competitive prices. So i A couple of years back I bought chartered tickets with XL(?) The next day they went bust! Bad luck I guess

    I have never had the privellege of flying Ryan Air before; and on the basis of these comments and this site I (hopefully) never will. So, you can chalk at least one additional future boycott up to internet power.

  98. On a return flight I checked in and was told my hand luggage was over limit. Taking out a bottle of duty free, it was still over limit, so I asked for my whole bag back and said I’d come back later to check in. I then went to BA and asked if I could just use their scales. I was within the limit. The really kind BA lady intimated that Ryanair staff often “adjust” their scales as if they can get enough people over a certain limit they hit their annual targets. She gave me a chit that stated the weright of the bag. When I went back to Ryna air (I was the last to check in after all this) my bag was suitably under the limit, even with the bottle of booze. Strange coincidence. I leave you all to draw your own conclusions.

  99. Ratner killed himself off and so will O’Leary. All you have to do is not worry about small print Companies You get what you pay for in this World with just a few exceptions, so if you must go by air and there is no alternative to RyanAir, just take care how you go about it. My bitch about air travel is leg room and that needs legislation. This problem exists in high priced Theatres in London also and shares the same reason. GREED!
    Deep veined Thrombosis is not at all pleasant and should be more important in prevention with seating in public situations.

  100. Tank de Lord I live in a country not serviced by Ryan Air. Though I did once fly from Bristol to Malaga on Sleasy Jet and was very pleasantly surprised. Only two and a half hours approx, even I can survive that long without a cup of tea. The sooner Ryan goes belly up the better. Tim Hodgson.

  101. That was exemplary service from a member of staff from BA to Mike, a Ryanair customer! Don’t the Weights and Measures people verify these scales? And if so, do they come unexpectedly, or do they let Ryanair know when they will come?


  103. Ryanair is the only airline in the world that screw you for more and more money at every turn, the staff are taught and trained to do this. People are constantly traumatised (especially elderly people) who are told they have to pay €40 for a boarding pass, because they cant use a computer, €60 for extra baggage, and if the bags dont fit in the gauge box then you are fucked. Ryanair are manipulators, scam artists, fraudulent gangsters and constantly traumatise their passengers and then dont give a shit what happens to you. I will walk swim climb drive but never fly with them again. They should be sued for damages and shut down !

  104. I use Ryanair all the time, and in queues I’ve said everything in this script and never fail to get a laugh.

    However if you are careful they are the cheapest way to fly.

    But having said that, this little film deserves an award.

    I’ve watched three times and it gets funnier.

    Only wish I spoke German, Hitler actor is so good.

  105. i have booked a ticket when it came to payment the payment page did not give me reservation number didn’t get one so i booked it again when i checked my email i find two reservation numbers and the took the money two time when i ask for one payment back the said no any one can help i don’t know what to do

  106. I am a disabled person and have used Ruinair for many years. I was landing in Birmingham about a year ago, and the pilot [???} sort of threw the aircraft at the runway in the hope it would stay there, in the event when the plane hit I was thrown forward, with Mr O Leary cutting corners as he does and in this instance the seats being so close you would need oil to slide into your seat, instead of bending at the waist and going towards the floor and soaking up the shock my head was whacked off the back of the seat in front.
    several more people had the same thing happen
    I had been rear ended at a traffic lights three years previously and my neck was severely damaged, the pain of the landing was a nightmare and totally unnecessary so needless to say I was really angry so I waited to complain to the pilot, angry as I was I told him his landing was nothing short of a f’n disgrace and he had hurt me. His response was to tell me he did not expect to be sworn at and anyway I need never worry about flying with Ruinair again because I was barred.
    I had my operation for the car accident two weeks later, and almost died on the operating table, I am sorry to disappoint the pilot but I flew twice more with Ruinair before I discovered that after all the ‘extras’ with Ruinair it only cost an extra ten Euro to fly Aer Lingus, with no baggage police, no bag kickers, no foreign louts pushing and shoving you, no threats and no abuse, and when the plane came to its destination it landed, and was not thrown at the runway as they do with Ruinair. I decided what I want for Christmas this year, I want 30 seconds alone with O Dreary to show him what discomfort and bullying is.

  107. I suppose that there are always people content to whine about any airline service.
    Living in France I find that Ryanair provide an excellent service – cheap, comfortable modern fleet, on time (although if you set a target of 90 minutes to achieve a 75 minute flight you are bound to have a good arrivals record! )
    As for the film, I have never laughed so much – brilliant !

  108. Ryanair – should be pulled before the Hague for acts agains human rights firstly they sell so called cheap tickets, then fleece you where they namely baggage, hand luggage, wearing a loud shirt, walking on the cracks in the pavement etc, their ground staff have all been trained by the hiltler youth, in the art of relieving passengers of money, they have the ability to really annoy and upset people- after all thats what you expect with the modern gereration of Rynair herr hitler youth! As for me I used them many times virtually twice a week for 2 years and found the whole service was an ordeal and am still seeking trauma councilling as a result. granted on time, maybe cheap, but be prepared to be fleeced and abused! Hence the reason we use easy jet these days they are more like a Stalin run company

  109. Apologists for UrineAir and the “you-get-what-you-pay-for” brigade are almost as bad as the bunch of lousy crooks who run the airline. What these correspondents seem unable to grasp is that sharp practice is sharp practice at any price – no excuses. Nobody pays to be treated like an illegal immigrant to a third world country. Adopting this sneering attitude smacks of arrogance and elitism.

    Clearly this Irish-run airline uses every swervy trick in the book – above and beyond decent business practice – to increase its revenue and people are rightly disgusted and incensed at such shabby treatment of its paying customers. It’s simply disingenuous to write off this number and variety of complaints as simply being the province of immature and unrealistic whingers and grudge-collectors. There is obviously something seriously amiss with how this operation is run and if the Law had any use beyond that of protecting the interests of the rich, then this criminal outfit would have already been closed down. As it is, I expect Mr O’Leery (for I bet he does) will get a knighthood for services to the banking industry whilst Maastricht legislates against calling Soya Milk “milk” because it is a “milk substitute”. That’ll help keep the world safe for Democracy, eh?

  110. Fantastic production – but it is disappointing that such trouble was taken making this sketch, then is spoiled by poor spelling/punctuation in the sub-titles – oh well…

  111. I get really annoyed with all those Ryan haters. I don’t like rum so I don’t drink it. You don’t like Ryan? Then don’t fly them. End of story. Get a life folks!

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