Ryanair routemap shortlisted for most ugly and useless infographic

Ryanair, the World’s crappiest airline with the crappiest website, was recently shortlisted in a competition to award the ugliest and most useless infographic.

The Ryanair routemap is a real opportunity for Ryanair to do something special. It is, however, a real let down and in all honesty a complete pile of crap.

Nominator Irena Hreljac commented “A click to the routes leads to this screen shot. I think no visualisation when you expect one makes a very useless visualisation (note the “Install Microsoft Silverlight” button). As for ugly, well, look at the context :) ”.

Keep up the good work Ryanair. You useless bunch of idiots.


4 thoughts on “Ryanair routemap shortlisted for most ugly and useless infographic

  1. Rubbish airline, they cancelled a flight from Edinbrugh to Marrakesh as because of the ash cloud but flight managed to leave same day from Luton, tell me they did not have enough passengers to run the flight but used the ash as an excuse, rubbish airline, the worst airline in the UK, should not be operating, before you book, remember, they dont give any refund to passengers, they will come up with any excuse not to pay your money back or they will give you a credit note, dont be a future victim, fly with any other airline.

  2. I also hate Ryanair. To the marrow of my bones.

    But when you’re looking for a flight and the Ryanair final price is cheapest, being the next one five times more expensive… damned!, what can you do? Buy the f…ing Ryanair, cross your fingers and hope for the best. :(

  3. Humilleitor,
    I think i would rather walk…. …or not go.
    I will never travel Ryanair again, even if my life depended on it!

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