Ryanair ripped off 8% fewer passengers in November this year

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have reported an 8% drop in the number of people being ripped off by their hidden charges.

The airline stated that they had ripped off 4.68 million passengers in November, down from just over 5 million that they scammed at the same time last year.

Ryanair have however admitted they the reduction in rip-offs is actually due to them grounding a number of their aircraft for the winter and that the drop in annoyed passenger numbers does not reflect a positive change to their nasty working ethics.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair ripped off 8% fewer passengers in November this year

  1. Hello, you didn’t write anything about what happened in Seville last summer.
    16th June 2011
    Flight Seville-Pisa FR9342
    2 hours delay with passengers in plane and no air conditioning.
    No water, no assistance and people suffering heat and lack of fresh air.
    An italian passenger grabs the emergency handle and opens a hatch triggering the emergency chute. Everyone gets freedom at last.
    Then legal troubles follow etc etc.
    The italian guy will be banned for life from FR flights.
    You can find other details over the internet.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Had a nice bit of revenge on the oversized hand luggage crate at the departure gate at Fuertuventura last Sunday. The man in front got his bag caught in the device. I rushed forward and tour the thing appart much to the annoyance of the Ryanair gestarpo. The asked me to pay for the damage. No chance!

  3. 3rf of Feb: flight Stansted to Pescara (ITA). The information banner at the airport states “failing”. We all thought that comment was in relation to the gate not the flight.
    Finally the take off.
    After circling around Pescara for a while, knowing in advance that the airport was closed due to snow, the captain decides to head towards Rome.
    We finally land but…No shuttle, no bus waiting to take us to Pescara (250km west) no hotel room let alone compensation. We had to wait for 2 long hours to collect our luggage. The crew disembarked quickly and left us stranded!

    Today 10th of Feb, Pescara’s airport is still closed yet the flight to that destination still shows that it will land there. IN reality the flight is going to be diverted again to Rome without informing its passengers.

    When will these scumbags be fined for real?

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