Ryanair reduces Stansted flights

Ryanair, the world’s biggest rip off airline, has announced a significant reduction in its services at Stansted Airport.

Ryanair will reduce the number of aircraft it runs at the airport by 40% in its winter schedule, and will cut the number of flights by 30%, it said.

But it will operate only four fewer planes than it did last winter.

The company said that Stansted was one of its most expensive bases, and added that an increase in air passenger duty tax was also a factor in its decision.

The airline operated 40 aircraft from Stansted in the summer, but said this would fall to 24 this winter.

Last winter, Ryanair also cut its Stansted fleet to 28 planes from 36 in the summer.

The Irish carrier said it expected to carry 2.5 million fewer passengers between October and March as a result of the latest move.

It said it would switch the 16 aircraft it was withdrawing from Stansted to other European bases.


3 thoughts on “Ryanair reduces Stansted flights

  1. Ha! I hope the rot sets in and the firm goes bust and O’Leary is looking for a job along with his army of uncaring Nazis he employs. The man even had the gall to blame the government and Stansted. Im willing to put the boot into Gordon Brown as soon as the next man but Michael, this disaster is all yours….

    Hopefully there will be the board meeting where someone says “I just dont understand why people don’t want to fly with us anymore….” when they consider all their past sins of booking fees, credit card fees, baggage fees, checking in fees, descriminatory EU passport fees and any other fee that I cant think of to make the £5 seat suddenly £100.

    O’Leary, keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Mr O’Leary I have just one quick thing to say to you…. Please reduce all your flights from Stansted and other crappy airstrips you seem to think are major airports to zero…… Permanantly! We the honest, law abiding, tax paying, travelling fraternity are totally and utterly fed up with your rip off, illegal tactics to extract ever more unfair and misleading charges.

    Just Go!!

  3. transfer aircraft to other landing strips in europe? why not just say, we have to provide more seats to eastern europeans becose they are getting fed up with travelling by coach to victoria station in central London, another rip off opportunity in foreing land. BASTARDS

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