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Weekly flyer for over four years and it’s got worse and worse. Customer service is non existent. Every aspect of the service is contrived to trip you up and extract money out of you. In fact, they aren’t that cheap any more and even the attraction of local airports is diminishing as they cut routes. I get the impression that Ryanair think that ‘we’ think they’re cheap and cheerful (with their stupid publicity stunts) – but people know they are cheap and very nasty and the minute some better competition comes along they’ll be off. Air travel with Ryanair is the pits – I hope they go bust!


Our Ryanair experience began when we were delayed at Bezier Airport. Initially the announcement was that the delay would be 2-3 hours but we received no other information for 6 hours when we were asked to board. We were told we could buy something from the bar at the airport but we had no euros and Ryanair did not provide us with opportunity or advice on changing money. Moreover the bar had sold out. The airport did not have enough seating so our two toddlers had to lay on the stones in the airport atrium. Eventually Ryanair announced that the problem was a ‘bird strike’ and we could board. We were not even provided with water on the flight and were told that water in the toilet was not potable. Ryanair did offer their in- flight snacks for those with money and prepared to pay their exorbitant prices. No offer of compensation was every offered nor was there any advise on how do make a complaint about such an obvious abrogation of their duty of care.


Absolute worst airline ever! My partner booked flights for us to go from Belfast to Bristol, and even though I did not have a passport I had an identity card which on the website was considered as an acceptable form of ID, and when we got there they didn’t accept it! They said it was only a drivers license or passport – even though when we checked previously they did not accept drivers licenses either! They talk complete rubbish and the customer service advisors were rude and ignorant, this is the second time I have booked with them and the second time I have encountered a problem. They are disgraceful and will never have my custom again.


The thought of our return flight with Ryanair just ruined our holiday. We were constantly thinking about the weight of our luggage and how we could get checked in online. Having checked in online, still had to queue for 2.5 hrs to check in bags, then queued to pay excess baggage, got boarding cards – then they closed the gates and wanted £100 each to fly on the next flight. Only 3 staff on check in and had 2 flights going out. Will never fly again with them, would not recommend them – will use “proper airline” that state all their costs up front.


The worst, anyone who was at Stanstead this morning from about 5.00am will know the story. Absolute chaos, drop off section had about 3-400 people in it, check in desks did not have flights on so everyone was queuing for all flights at all desks. Several times check in staff called out a flight, but no-one could hear! I went to a check in desk to say we could not hear and could they not put messages on a tannoy to be told that they were too busy, did not have a tannoy and basically to go away! Really great customer service. Several people this morning missed their flights because of the total incompetence of the management and staff. Having missed their flight one couple we spoke to had to pay a further £400 to fly again today. A relative of mine was flying to regional France, having finally booked in and going through security (security said nothing but complaints about the airline) she had to run to the gate as she was told it was closing in 2 minutes. Arrived at destination – luggage lost – what a surprise! This has got to be the worst airline in the world and no cheaper than going scheduled or try the train (to France) less hassle, nice journey and similar price.


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  1. I feckin’ loathe GobshiteAir and especially that feckin’ gobshite O’Leary. I’m going to have to fly GobshiteAir in September because they’ve got a monopoly to Valencia from East Midlands. I did look hard into flying from another airport but I’d just have ended up with EasyJet who aren’t a bunch better. I even seriously researched taking a train to Valencia but that would have taken two days extra, and it would be sad were I to deliberately lose 2 days holiday just to not fly GobshiteAir, though I was very, very tempted. If I ever go to Barcelona or Milan or some other city reachable by a sleeper I’ll definitely do that in preference to putting money in that Thatcherite gobshite coffers. The sooner GobshiteAir goes bust the happier workers (who’re treated like shite) and passengers will be.

  2. Another compelling reason for never, ever darkening the entrance of their planes: the passport booby trap. Read how about 11 months ago they wrecked a family’s holiday by rejecting the valid, but slightly damaged passport of the father. The family was treated like terrorists by Servisair, Ryanair’s check in goons at Bournemouth Airport. We know already how Ryanair often acts as an extremely nasty Immigration Office with their ridiculous Visa Check for non-Europeans and other vile tricks with passports. Real Immigration Offces had accepted it, even in the USA. See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/dorset/7695225.stm

  3. Will never fly Ryanair again and make it my personal mission to tell others about how they ruined our weekend to Galway Oyster Festival. We checked in online and only had hand luggage and got to the gate with plenty of time. They rufused boarding because we hadn’t gone through the checkin to have our visa checked. What is the point of having to go through check-in when you have checked in online! Every other airline checks visas at the gate, but they wanted us to go back through security to the check-in desk to get the stamp.. only the check in desk was not manned because the same people were manning the gate! They were totally unhelpful and ruined our weekend at significant cost to us. My advice, fly Aer Lingus who are fantastic!

  4. There has to be a warning sign on his boarding passes. ‘Fly at your own risk’ if of a cancellation you are on your own—-litterely!!!!! you have been warned.

  5. I recently used Ryanair for a weekend break to Norway with my partner. I am British and he is Australian. We did an online check-in and the website did not notify us that he needed to check-in at the airport. We were both issued boarding passes to print and the website gave us the impression that we had managed to check-in online. We later found out that his boarding pass had a visa check notice on it in fine print and not very well highlighted unlike their advert which is in bright yellow. We passed through security at Stansted airport (with his supposedly invalid boarding pass) and got to the gate. I went ahead to board but my partner was stopped and told that he had to go back through security and get his printed boarding pass stamped at the check-in desk. He wasn’t allowed to shout after me and let me know what was going on and the woman working at the gate didn’t let me know either. I noticed he wasn’t right behind me and waited then another passenger told me what had happened. I went back to the gate to ask the woman if there was anything that could be done to help us because my partner wasn’t likely to get out and back through security in time. She was completely unhelpful. I waited at the gate on the off chance that he might make it and she turned to me and said “Well, are you going to beard the plane or not?” I said I wasn’t going anywhere without my partner to which she responded “I’m not privy to your personal travel arrangements”. I was very surprised at how rude and unhelpful she was. To salvage our weekend, we were forced to pay £110 pounds each to get on the next flight to a different airport, rearrange our car rental and in the end actually pay an extra £450 pounds for what was supposed to be a cheap break. Security staff at Stansted told us that Ryanair used to stamp boarding passes for people at the gate but this was a recent policy. They were surprised that Ryanair had forced us to miss our original flight like this. The check-in clerk who stamped his boarding pass wasn’t a customs official nor was she in any way authorised to make a decision about a visas. We knew that my partner did not need a visa for entry to Norway (we had checked). There really was no good reason to refuse to let him board apart from scamming more money out of us. We will never use Ryanair again and we will tell all our friends not to use them either.

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