Ryanair prove they are an ass-hole in one with new golf deal

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have formed a partnership with Golf Away International to offer “discounts” for golfers on green fees.

The airline yesterday launched ‘Ryanair Golf Direct’, which offers up to 50% off green fees at some top courses.

The deal initially covers 20 Spanish resorts, but will be extended to Portugal, the Canary Islands and the UK.

What golfers save in green fees will, however, be more than swallowed up by Ryanair’s sky high prices for checking in sports equipment such as golf clubs.

“This is just another bullsh*t scheme by these lying, money grabbing a-holes” said a disgruntled golfer named Pete.

We’ve also discovered that most top Spanish golf courses covered by this wonderful deal are very well located near major airports. Places that Ryanair don’t fly to.

So if you want to play at the lovely municipal pitch and putt in La Placa Della Middla Nowhere, which is in the middle of no-where but most likely flown to by Ryanair, then this deal is for you.


6 thoughts on “Ryanair prove they are an ass-hole in one with new golf deal

  1. Ryan Air is better known i Sweden by the namn “Cry In Air” due to the lack of service and high prices while you’re onboard.

  2. Hey, I just checked out the Ryanair extra charges that would fall for a couple flying within Europe with 2 suitcases and 2 sport pieces (Max 15kg). Check in at airport – TOTAL BAGGAGE CHARGE RYANAIR
    = 840 Euros. YES 840 !!!
    To compare: Lufthansa European special 99 Euros each, inkl. 2 pieces of baggage (23kg(Economy)No Charge) AND 2 pieces of hand baggage (Max 8kg No Charge) AND sport equipment (Max 15kg) TOTAL CHARGE LH = 140 Euros.
    Difference for baggage only = 700 Euros.
    I can only say a big… WOW !!!

  3. If you hate them that much never fly with them again…;. I hate chicken it makes me sick but I dont start up a friggen website…..
    You are just a moaning a hole …. Ryan air is a no frills basic airline that is competetive on costs and enables pax to travel at a reduced price…. do you know how much aircrft fuel is …. mate you are getting a bargain…. low wages yes they are but people have a choice to work somewhere else and its the same around all airlines ….

    Get real or just fcuk off to easy jet

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