Ryanair profits down 78%

Ryanair, the world’s most hated airline, has just announced it’s latest results that show profits down 78%.

The figures show that the struggling airline has made a net profit in this year of just €105m, compared to €481m last year.

The blame has to lie firmly at the feet of Mr O’Leary who, having completely messed up the hedging of fuel prices for the year, has cost the airline a whopping 59% increase in fuel charges to €1.57m.

That’s 45% of their total costs!!!

Ryanair made a net loss after tax of €169m when a write-down of its investment in Aer Lingus is included in its full-year results to March 2009.

The budget carrier has written down €247m on the value of its 29% stake in Aer Lingus.

Keep a look out for crafty accounting and PR wizardry from the folks at Ryanair in an effort to cover this one up over the coming days!


10 thoughts on “Ryanair profits down 78%

  1. Hooray!!!! Another joyous day and another step closer to the worlds most hated company (in any business) going bust… keep up the good work O’Leary !

  2. My checkcard was frauded (from the United States). The charges were with Ryanair. My bank fraud dept is taking care of it but interesting that Ryanair “conveniently” offers no means of contact from teh US, has no email for contact (other than an online baggage dispute) and provides little way of any other means to communicate with them other than the notorious “fax machine”. Yea, I want to submit my fraud complaint to their fax machine and if I got a reply, it would likely ask me to fax again my private information so they can “investigate”. Hope this company goes under for its dirty dealings. No doubt they are a favorite set up for this type of business (fraud) because they do their best to be evasive to disputes. That way they can look the other way while lots of fraudulent tickets get run up in their name.

  3. If Ryanscare were our favourite airline, you would think they would have a customer services telephone number or even a contact number full stop.
    O’Leary probabbly does even not have a customer services department as customers are a complete inconvenience and are only tolerated as they can be ripped off by massive hidden charges (even Brown would be envious of these) Keep it up O’Leary and hopefully you will go bust and we can get back to a proper airline running from Stanstead giving us a ticket price that we know we can believe in.

  4. Useless website!! Ryan Air’s website sucks and it takes for ever to get through to their customer service. Whats more some crook used my credit card number to purchase Ryan Air tickets and actually flew abroad on this ticket. DONT THESE PEOPLE VERIFY the identity of the card holder?

  5. Hooray!!!! Another joyous day and another step closer to the worlds most hated company (in any business) going bust… keep up the good work O’Leary !

  6. I was just socked with a fraudulent charge from RyanAir out of Ireland on my visa card. I contacted my bank and closed the card, but my bank was able to determine that someone had my card # and used it to buy a flight to Ireland on 1/7/2011, and took the flight on 1/8/2011 and even gave me the last names used on the flight. Apparently they dont check to see if the cards match the names of the boarding person. I am not sure how my card # got lifted and they had my address as well to input online when ordering the ticket. Hoping my bank reverses the charge asap as they have $700.00 of MY MONEY! Bastards.
    I also purchased a calling card for 10.00 which gave me 75 minutes of calling time to Ireland. I called RYANAIR and got through almost immediately to an Irish Las who was able to track down the flight and said she reported the info to RYANAIRS fraud dept and that she could give me no more information. Go figure..I am the one who gets screwed, and they cant tell me a thing..in fact, my bank told me more than they did…

  7. As an indication of the contempt that Ryan Air holds it’s Customers (victims) I would refer you to the recent Which article regards opting out of the Insurance. Apparently (I stooped flying with Ryan Air after my first experience) the opt out is selected under the Country of origin drop down, next to Latvia. Why do people continue to support a business that operates in this manner. Ryan Air clearly have no respect for anything other than it’s own profits, even where the pursuit of such is by devious means, clearly taking advantage of those suffering from a lack of common sense.

  8. F%^k Ryanair!! I have just spent $30 calling their phone which charges you extra like some chat line to dispute a $700+ charge on my credit card. Of course like I read from everyone earlier they were absolutly no help. I have had 3 heated calls asking to speak to a manager, fraud department, or their bank. I believe that whoever lifted our CC #s is in with the people at RA. They suck and should have told me that the tickets were being canceled immediatly.

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