Ryanair praise – what a crock of shit

This evening I took the time to visit the Ryanair website. In particular, I had a little browse of the “feedback” page that they offer located at http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/about.php?sec=feedback.

I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. This drivel is so obviously written by some poor, ass whipped Ryanair administrative assistant!! What an absolute pile of crap. In fact I am laughing, but it almost makes me angry that they have the nerve to publish this shit.

I wont bore you with my comments on each and every “letter” written by “happy” customers, but here is a snap shot.

First up is the comment dated 7th January 2009: “Your Chief Cabin Steward on that flight, Joao, welcomed me on-board BY NAME when I boarded the aircraft. I have flown all over the world for many years, and this is the first time ever that I have been greeted so personally.

Go and read this “letter”. What is there to suggest that there is any way possible that a cabin steward is going to know what your name is as you walk up the steps on the aircraft? This is preposterous claim. Unless of course he read it off the boarding card as he checked it. Wow, that’s customer service for you.

Second up is: “The courtesy and assistance extended to me at both Dublin Airport and Ciampino Airport was excellent. I have travelled to many destinations on various airlines but was very pleasantly surprised with Ryanair.

What are you wittering on about? Provide us with some evidence. An example of how the courtesy and assistance was excellent. Why were you “pleasantly surprised” with Ryanair?

Third up is: “The main reason for the letter is to acknowledge the great service I recieved from one girl on the above flight….she was;
Pleasant (even at this time of the morning)
Always smiling
Very helpful

Hang on a minute…so a cabin crew does her job and this merits a letter of praise? What I think this highlights is just how bad people’s expectations are of service on Ryanair. This wasn’t anything over and above what she gets paid for. Why the praise? Perhaps we should all be back slapping the pilot for taxiing the aircraft in a straight line? Writing in letters of thanks when the check in assistant gives you a hint of smile?

Finally, for now: “May we just make the following positive comments?

  1. Online booking – easy to follow and understand and very efficient.
  2. Outgoing flight – airport booking-in staff – very efficient and apparently happy in their work.
  3. Outgoing flight – on board staff – again very efficient and couldn’t have been more helpful.
  4. Return flight – comments exactly the same as for outgoing flight.
  5. Flights [in both directions] were early at their destination – congratulations.

Same story as earlier, praise for what exactly? No example. No evidence. No name given. As for the list, well how about:

1. WTF, postings here on IHR indicate that this is not the case.
2. Not Ryanair staff in most cases.
3. Helpful? How?
4. Same as outbound flight.
5. Early? You give a scheduled arrival time 20 minutes later than the actual flight time will get you there. Of course you are going to be “early” you idiot.

I’m getting really bored now. What an absolute Joke Ryanair are. Comments if you can be bothered please.


15 thoughts on “Ryanair praise – what a crock of shit

  1. Does anybody else think Ryanair have some kind of scam going with their over-weight baggage thingy? Everytime i fly with them (and most recently in particular) i get done for being over weight on the way home when i have no toiletries etc and nothing else added to my luggage! How can this be possible? Their luggage allowance is ridiculous anyway as i packed for a week in the Maldives (bikinis, sarongs, not much else) and flew to London with Ryanair to meet my flight to Male. On the way out i was right on the limit!!!! Coming back with NO toiletries, less suncream etc i was 3 kilos over at a cost of £15 per kilo-i mean come on? Instead of giving them the money i went and bought a new hand-luggage case and carried the excess in that however, after the girl at check-in assured us the bag was perfectly fine we got stopped boarding the plane and told it wasn’t! After pointing out that we had only bought the bag on the assurance of other staff members they allowed us through but i can’t help wondering what they were going to do-make us leave the bag behind? They don’t seem to have a problem with bags full of perfume and toblerones purchesed in the airport or on-board so i can’t really see what the reasoning is?

    The in-flight service is awful and i even witnessed one of the stewards shouting at a passenger via the tannoy when he stood up to go to the toilet while the fasten seatbelt sign was displayed! The poor man didn’t realise and it was so embarassing!

    Flying with Ryanair was never nice, but it has now become a humiliating experience because they have gotten so greedy and unless i was only travelling somewhere on business, or overnight, or i was really desperate, i would rather pay a little bit more and enjoy the experience. It’s Aerlingus all the way from now on!

  2. I can’t stand the way everyone gives out about ryanair staff. Just because the staff follow the rules in their job like anyone else would/should do, almost everyone gives out shit about them and are seriously rude and obnoxious!
    To answer the weighing scales scam, the airports maintain and set the correct weight. Every airlines scales in the airport are the same!!!! some may give trouble at times so always check it says 0kg before you put your bag in.

    ITS ALL COMMON SENSE. You pay for 15kg, if you bring more you pay for that too.


    Is that, that hard????????

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Please could you provide some evidence to back up your claim that all scales are maintained by the airport authority?

    I don’t think it’s about whether or not it reads 0 before you put your bags on, it’s the fact that it then gives generous readings once the bag is on. A 15kg pre-weighed at home bag has, in my personal experience, read 18kg once at the airport.


  4. If you want evidence ring the daa.Ryanair often have to call them to come fix them and they do checks.if your wieghing your “15”kg bag at home u might want to check no one in your household whos a tad overweight didnt change the scales for themselves to feel a bit better lol.if the scales in the airport do not match other ones in the airport,that is not the airlines problem you need to go to the airport authority.

  5. Another solution is not to fly Ryanair at all, so that people will not have to accept their vicious and nasty terms and conditions. This especially applies to families, people from outside the EU and people going on long holidays, who will pay through the nose for their baggage. Steer well clear! I am an international member of an American based association and at the beginning of the summer holidays I warned the other members through the forum about the perils of flying Ryanair. I stated there that Ryanair conditions and terms are mean and petty and that they can be changed without notice. Any infringement of those conditions would cost them dearly and they even could be denied boarding. I added a special warning about the absurd Ryanair ‘visa check’ as well.

  6. Never again will I fly Ryanair. They SUCK big time. Their website SUCKS. Their hidden charges SUCK. Their whole operation SUCKS.

  7. Have you seen the top one now (dated 1th November 2009 – I kid you not). Look out for the line ‘The media just seems to have it in for your Company’. Yes, all of the media throughout the western world is biased against Ryanair and on the stength of two flights in August the unsigned customer knows better ! Interesting that they don’t seem to have received any complements of note since the 1th of November, whenever that was in Ryanair land.

  8. this ryanair left me, togheter with other 1 or 2000 people , spend the night in thairport of bruxell with no drinks no food no plunkets no bus service no accomodation provide , the day before cristmas ….. now I still far away from home and with flu . ryanair is a criminal company the EU rule state that the company is suppose to pay me 250 E but it is no true ryanair just will pay back my fly in noless than 1 month . this is the deal

  9. The best action:

    Send a letter to your local airport authority requesting that the airport allocate slots for the same destinations to airlines different than Ryan Air (Polish, Checz, Portuguese, Austrian, Scandinavian, etc..). They have about the same fares and do a much better job especially at check-ins and security gates. The seating and organization is much better as well.

    The aim is that Ryan Air has fewer slots in your local airport so you have a choice of good airlines for your destinations.

  10. Ryanair was late departing Stansted on 23 June 2011 and was too late to land in Faro, Portugal. They delivered people to a different country, instead – Spain and put them on a 6.5 hours coach journey through the night across two countries following an already delayed flight. ‘Put’ is mildly put as people had to find the coach themselves. No drinks, no food, no toilet. Arrived at my destination 11 hours late and not by plane I paid for, but by plane and coach, not in 2.5 hours, but in 15 hours. No compensation, no refund, nothing. People, think, before you book a flight with Ryanair – you may end up paying much more than you planned.

  11. I’m going on holiday today and i’m flying with ryanair so i thought i might take a look online as to what other people think about this airline and now i wish i would have done it sooner. I should have deffinetly chosen another airline. This is shit.


  13. RYANAIR IS SHIT, as an ex cabin crew can tell you that! its a shit from both sides passanger and a worker – nobody cares about anybody

  14. Fucking hate Ryan – what a fucking dump shit wank of a company. Will dance a happy dance when they fold …hopefully the same day Kissinger kicks the bucket.

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