Ryanair poll results confirm airline are truly hated

Ryanair, the World’s most hated airline, have had their shocking lack of popularity confirmed as our poll results pass the 12,000 vote mark.

We all knew that Ryanair are loathed, but the scale of the hatred towards them is amazing. We have had our “Do you hate Ryanair as much as we do” poll running for just a couple of days and the results demonstrate that Ryanair’s strap line of “The World’s favourite airline” is a load of manure.

At this moment in time, 12,309 people have voted and over 10,000 of them have stated that they hate Ryanair just as much as us.

We have received hundreds of Ryanair passenger horror stories and will start publishing these very soon, keep them coming in by emailing [email protected]

We are also launching a fantastic picture competition. The theme is “Customer Service”, something that Ryanair know nothing about. More details to follow but in the meantime we suggest you get snapping so that you are in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize!


13 thoughts on “Ryanair poll results confirm airline are truly hated

  1. So glad you have this website and will continue the great work. I’m an Aussie and RyanAir wouldn’t come out here, but wanted to give you kudos for working at keeping the bastards embarrassed.
    I’m in the midst of setting up my blog and will link to you (and email you to let you know when I’ve done it).
    - Raven

  2. I’m not surprised that they are hated, I’m surprised that there are still people out there who still want to fly with them. I won’t fly with them even if they pay me to do so or even if they are the only company in the world who still flies the planes.

  3. I’ve never flown this airline, but the CEO (whoever he is) has made a number of half-assed comments, such as flying with only 1 pilot, and charging for using the toilet, etc.

    This dude is only seeking attention/publicity, and to date he’s done a pretty good job of it.

    From all the comments I’ve seen, both on here and elsewhere, Ryanair is a pretty shitty airline. God help them if they ever have a fatal air crash….I hope it never happens, but they will be totally f***ed if it ever DOES happen.

  4. Having flown a number of times using the disgusting airline, I have finally decided that it’s a load of horse manure.
    I will never fly Ryanair ever again.
    And the way it treats it’s staff is similarly contemptable.

    I urge anyone to avoid flying with this outfit at all costs

  5. Monday 11th Oct – I started as a ‘supporter’ of Ryanair !
    Wednesday 13th Oct – I am a convert to ‘IhateRyanair’ having actually experienced the extortion and rubbish customer service.

    Specifically – I was ripped off and charged the £40 to print a boarding pass at Stansted for not checking in online 4hrs before the 0935 flight.

    Then on the return, having checked-in via my mobile browser in good time, I was charged £40 again at Dublin airport because I didn’t have a printer in my pocket!

    And no, they couldn’t refund the baggage fee I paid but didn’t need to use (surprise). Overall, this little trip cost £335. not cheap at all, and rubbish service. I won’t fly again by choice.

  6. And don’t try and book a Hertz car through the Ryanair site either – that is unless you are flying Ryanair or the rates charged don’t apply!!!

    Yes it is in the Ts&Cs but only right at the end and it is not made obvious in the booking process.

  7. What the f*** u people are complaining about!?
    All the things you are complaining about are clearly informed. Check in time, luggage weight, on flight service etc etc.
    I use RyanAir, not for the service but for the price. I pay less, so I know I also get less.
    So if you are not happy, stop whining and pay more!!!

  8. Simple, STOP using this shite half-assed company. Ryanair is aimed at cheap Eastern Europeans who want to come and sponge off the UK. If you have any self respect then fly with a decent company. It will normally work out cheaper and so what if it costs a few more pounds, treat yourself, your’re only here once.

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