Ryanair poll on vertical seating

Ryanair, the World’s crappiest airline, launched a poll on the 9th July to ask if passengers would stand on short flights if it meant they could travel for free or pay 50% less than seated passengers.

The “vertical seats” would secure the passenger in an upright position on flights of up to one hour.

As with many of Ryanair’s “offers”, “sales”, “deals” and “discounts”, any reduction in price is from the ticket value and does not include any of the ancillary charges that Ryanair add on such as taxes, baggage, credit card, online check-in, toilet, £10 coffees etc.

How can a 50% discount from a ticket that is being “sold” at £1 attract anyone?

The bottom line with Ryanair is that they will use every effort to extract money from you, regardless of how much you think you are paying for your flight. The best way of ensuring that you do not get shafted is to avoid them completely and fly with a reputable airline.


4 thoughts on “Ryanair poll on vertical seating

  1. “Boeing has denied being in talks with Ryanair. Moreover, Andrew Davis, Boeing’s Chief Communication Manager said that due to obvious securities issues, he was not considering making passengers stand during flights.”

  2. In many posts here and elsewhere about ‘Europes’ Number One Airline for Customer Service’ I have seen the word ‘cattle’ related to the word
    ‘Ryanair’, and indeed these stools are for the use of human cattle. The next step of livestock transporter Ryanair might be planes without windows and 300 of these stools on each plane!

  3. Boeing,

    Thanks for standing up to this greedy bully. They don’t care about passenger safety, only the almighty buck. Maybe Ryanair can stick with their rappy Airbuses.

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